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Is This Normal For Sadism

Is There A Cure for Sadism?

I m not a psychotherapist, but I have been in therapy for many years, I am a researcher, and I have a special interest in aberrant psychology. I m really troubled by the prior respondent s assertion there is such a thing as "healthy" sexual sadism. Sexual sadism is a condition in which the "partner" is inherently dehumanized and abused, and that is VERY different (IMHO) from light BDSM, A sexual sadist cannot achieve a sexual release without hurting another human being, and for many the hurting escalates quickly to killing. I don t mean to insult or cast aspersions on you the questioner, but I am dubious there is a cure for such a condition unless it is caught VERY early in one s psycho-sexual development. I praise you for recognizing that you need to get better, and I would strongly recommend you seek out a cognitive therapist who is familiar with EMDR. I am uncertain of how much good they will be able to do you, but you are worth the effort! Good luck.

Do I have Sadism Disorder?

It is not as important to find a label for what you have as to find a solution for you to be able to experience happiness and excitement and joy when others are experiencing it--rather than experiencing fun and excitement when some one is in distress.

Recent studies show that compassionate acts--doing things for others for their good, not necessarily for yours--light up the brain areas usually associated with pleasures associated with great sex and food. (tested with brain wave studies) If you are not finding a pleasure response except through the discomfort of others, it sound like you are really missing out in life. What to do: see a really good therapist who can help you. Best wishes.

Am i sadistic? Is this normal?

Perhaps you have a desire for sex that is too deep to express through words and affection. There's nothing abnormal about that until it becomes so extreme that you border on criminal behavior. That's rare, however. Most people are arrested for drugs, not this.
You might find it fulfilling to be more personal with your sex partners, rather than treating them like a sex object. Your relationship is more with the sex, or this fascination, and less with the person? It's similar to someone who loves alcohol, so they find a girlfriend who will always drink with them. If she stopped drinking, he may dump her for one who will. His relationship is more with the alcohol, and the person is just a convenient supporting figure in the whole thing. The person is often considered replaceable. You are not abnormal, but you may want to experiment with love so you can compare how you feel about love to the way you feel about sex, or this urge you have. Personally, I think that your urges are more about the contrasts between power and powerlessness than sex. I think you are fascinated with the power issue. Sex and power often create similar highs. Either way, you may want to experiment with love so you can compare- just for your personal growth and awareness, nothing more. Take care.

Is Sadism to this extent Abnormal or perfectly normal?

How can I find the act of killing a human so sexually exhilarating -not saying I have done so-? Its like seeing a person you find highly attractive stand naked in front of you when you are in the mood. Just thinking of asphyxiating a human to death gives me an orgasm or simply turns me on a lot. I find that I am quite sadistic in how I act during intercourse. Even though I am a female, I am more dominant generally.

There's one reoccurring fantasy that I have. It is where, I sneak into someones house and bash them on the head, chase them up the stares and knock them to the floor. After that, I would stab the **** out of their face and pelvic area before cutting them open, along the middle of their torso. Then take all the insides out carefully and possibly place them about the room for fun.

Another one is, I stalk some random person and smash them to a pulp with a bat wrapped in barb wire. And jab it in their mouth. I love the sound of people screaming.

I wish I could do it, but I stop myself. Its like I have urges to go through with it. I believe that one day, I will go through with it as I will no longer have control over them. I even bough a blade, leather gloves, latex gloves, and a ski mask.

Why do I want to do this and how can I be sexually attracted to such things? I am so drawn to it. I can smell the blood as well as feel the warmth of the blood and flesh. Also the blade. Its the best feeling ever.

So far, to relieve the tension, feeling...I hunt and brutally kill animals. I like using shot guns when hunting. Me and my pals are great hunters.

Why do I feel this way? Is sadism normal? Even at this extent?


Please, only mature and serious answers.

Is this a normal fantasy?

I'm a female who has never been abused, raped, molested, or any of the sort, and I do feel pity for the women who had to go through such things. Although, I fantasize about being hit and abused because it turns me on. I'm being genuinely serious. I have a boyfriend and I told him I like being hit on the face and to be raped, and well he's only really slapped me across the face, not because he's abusive, but because he knows I like it. But he's never left any bruises or anything, and he's only really done it jokingly.
Is this wrong and disgusting? I mean I'm sure I'm not as gross as people who do it with horses or something, but I'm sure this isn't normal.