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Is This Normal Thing To Do For Your Cat

Is it normal to talk to your cat?

My cat, Door, has always been super chatty. She cooes like a pigeon (no joke) on a constant basis. Lately, she wails, howls + cries for her currently lost little sister. It's heartbreaking. Her pitches, lengths all vary depending on what she wants to convey. I don't always know what she wants, but narrow it down.When I get home I scoop her into my arms + ask her how her day was. She always responds, it also always varies. I always wondered why she was so chatty + strange until discovering she is part Siamese. It would be wrong not to communicate with Door.Naturally, times come up when I have to chase her down to stop doing something. She knows her name, come here, are you hungry? + do you want water? She also responds quickly + stops when I just go, “Yo!” Or “stop it.” I'm not under the illusion she understands the rest since when she pushes my buttons, there is simple name calling that she responds to as naturally as anything else.How could one not talk to such a sweet cat? Talking to your cat is quality attention since they meow simply for attention from humans. If you think about it, your friend + you simply have a language barrier that only sounds + actions can break through.

Is it normal for my cat to meow while sleeping?

Hahahaha! My cat does the same thing. But like some of the previous answers have noted... Your gf's cat could be having a bad dream so what I do whenever I see my cat doing this is that I will start stroking him lightly and gently and he will stop it. I'm not saying that this is a bad dream but it could be. But it's completely normal :-)

My Bengal cat is unmanageable! Is it normal and what should I do?

You do know that a Bengal is pretty close to a wild cat right? Wild cats are energetic. They are curious. They are smart.Do some research into what you are getting yourself into when you decide to get ANY cat. Did you just read some people say cats are low-maintenance pets, so you decided to get one? No young living being is ever low maintenance.Biting your toes, wanting to go out, jumping about.Are you even reading what you write? Let me enlighten you.YOUR CAT IS BORED OUT OF HER MIND.Let that sink in. And alsoYOUR CAT IS BORED OUT OF HER MIND.Your cat needs exercise, your cat needs stimulation. Do you exercise her? How often?This cat is less than 1 year old, we’re talking a kitten, the prime of energetic.You’re going to want to to exercise this little girl, after waking up in the morning, before breakfast, before dinner, before sleep. That’s 3–4 play sessions a day, around 10–15 minutes each. We’re talking minimum here. Ideally you’d want to squeeze in 1–2 more play sessions at this age.What sort of play sessions? You get an interactive toy, and you make her run, jump, climb. You make her ambush that toy. If she gets bored, grab a different toy. Make sure you put the toys away when you’re not using them so she doesn’t get too used to them. Cats, especially young kittens, will get bored of playing with the same thing all the time, so essentially you’ll want to have several to use on rotation.You can train her to do tricks or solve simple puzzles with clicker training coupled with treats. This will keep her mind stimulated. If you feed her kibble, subtract some of the kibble from her main meal and put it in a puzzle feeder. *Or if you have many high perches around the house, you can hide some of the kibble around those spots, so she has to climb/explore to get a treat. That way she has to expend energy to get food even while you aren’t around.A bengal cat is energetic and requires a lot of attention. If you are not willing to invest your time, this cat would be much happier if you found someone else to look after her.Did I mention: YOUR CAT IS BORED OUT OF HER MIND.==============================================Edit: Added a possible solution (*), realised there was one I have been doing recently that I forgot to add.

My cat keeps trying to climb my door frames. Is this a normal cat thing to do?

Being so small cats love to make use of vertical space by climbing. It's good exercise for them, gives them a better view of everything going on around them and keeps them safe from ambush attack. If your cat is indoor-only then she's simply looking for an outlet for climbing.

Cats have remarkable balance so she's unlikely to hurt herself, but if you're worried you can try offering her an alternative like cat shelves.

My cat is drooling puddles. Is this normal?

He's about 2 years old, and a few days ago I notice that on the spots he usually sleeps there are water stains. So I looked at him, and noticed he's just drooling rivers! He hasn't stopped. He's acting normally otherwise. running around, playing, sleeping. Cat things. He doesn't smell bad either. I don't know if I should be worried or not.

Why does my cat pick things up with his paws?

I have noticed that my cat doesn't paw at things like a normal cat. He picks things up with his paws like a human. Also he when I call for him its like he knows his name, he will look back at me and meow, not just one meow like normal cats, its like he is trying to talk to me with a series of different meows with different pitches and certain lengths in his meows ,I can honestly say that my cat trys to hold a conversation with me. Back to the topic at hand, He will pick things up with his paws and use his cat thumbs as well to get a good grip on them. A friend of mine said its because he thinks hes a human because of how i treat him, I let him sleep in the bed with me as well as when i go to eat a meal i make shure he has his food before i start. I want to know if this is even possible, can a cat think he is a human because of how i treat him?