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Secrets to asking for donations door to door?

In most places, it is not cool to go "door to door", for security and legal reasons.

However, if you must, stick to areas you know, never go alone and always, always, always, have an adult with you or let them
know where you are, how long you'll be there and when you will be home.

As for the solicitation of the donations, never start by asking!
You need to be personable, let the people know who you are, where you are from and why you need donations. "Hi, My name is "John" and I live on "the next street over", I go to "the local high" school, where I "play Softball... I have always enjoyed playing and this year we did really well, we have a chance to go to the championships". Then, make it personal to them, "I am really hoping for some support from "my neighborhood" if they like you, then you did your job and more than likely they will donate.

If they don't donate, it is okay, they may not have the money or they just don't donate as a rule. However, don't miss a beat and "thank them anyway and ask them to wish you luck on winning the championship or attaining whatever it is your goal may be". If it is an event that is being held locally, invite them to attend...

You never want to alienate them, they may change their mind.
They may also tell other people and those people may donate and in the future you may not have to work so hard because you have just started a "network".

Safety should always be your main concern, and never,never,never enter someone's home, no matter how nice they seem.

Good excuses include, "Thank you but I can't, I want to try to "visit" as many folks as I can before I head home, and my parents are expecting me by "6PM" Then "thanks for the donation, it really helps alot" or "thanks for your time, and I hope I see you at the game"

I hope this helps, and just remember always be honest, forthright and sincere. Rejection is not personal and as long as you do not alienate the potential donor, they are still potential future donors.

Build your "network"...

Do you have to be licensed to give marital or relationship advice in the state of Texas?

For years I have been known to give great counseling and advice to individuals and couples about sex, marriage, relationships, etc. I have helped many relationships and marriages to stay together. I was wondering if I started a website and gave advice and charged for it or asked for donations would that be illegal. Especially if I added on the website that I am not a licensed Therapist.

I could have a statement that says "I am not a licensed Therapist, if you feel that you need other help seek professional help", or something close to that statement!

Husband wants to donate his sperm and I find this disturbing? Advice?

The fact is if he donates sperm which results in a life being created he does have more children. The whole anonynimity thing is no longer when it comes to egg or sperm donation. These children will have the right to seek him out in the future.

The whole area of donation is fraught with the ethical implications. Has he actually thought it through properly? Does not sound like it to me. This would also mean that your existing children would have siblings out there.

If he does not give one iota about your relationship then what is this sperm donation thing all about really? An eago trip? A way to impregnate other women and sire off spring to leave his gene pool scattered? I don't know but do agree that I certainly would nto feel happy with the situation as it stands.

What to do? Well not sure really but communication matters and if he is not prepared to communicate or consider you at all then ask why are you hanging around for more of the same?

Do charities wash the donated clothes?

Practically speaking, you must wash them...But if you are not in the mood, then it's just ok if you won't clean or wash them..if I were you, i will wash those clothes before handing them to the charitable institutions because i believe, i would feel much happier and proud if i did a lot of effort for my fellow humans..God Bless!

What should I know before donating blood?

Drink lots of water to keep your blood volume up.

Eat well and avoid fatty foods a few days before you donate. It makes it easier for them to test your iron levels.

Have a list of medications you take with you so they can know whether or not your blood is okay.

Stay healthy - i.e. do not go if you have been exposed to cold or flu because your blood cannot be used if you get a cold or the flu soon after donating.

Help and advice needed?

The fastest and easiest way to gain weight is to eat lager meals less frequently. In other words, it is better to eat a large breakfast, a large lunch, and a large dinner, than to eat 6 small meals throughout the day.

As for what kinds of foods you should eat, try sticking to the carb groups as much as possible, without putting garbage into your body. Eating lots of rice and bread will make you gain weight faster than anything else will. Oh and another thing that really makes you gain weight fast is eating just before you go to sleep. If you pig out and then sleep right after, you will put on those 7 pounds in no time, regardless of your metabolism.