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Is This The World According To Liberals

Is this world becoming too liberal? Would there actually be a time where being “ liberal” and possessing basic rights become completely distinct different things? Is being liberal negative, such that it is being manipulated to suit one’s desires?

Are you a billionaire? No? Then the world isn’t becoming too liberal.Do you want to work sixteen hours a day in a dangerous factory and be required to buy all essentials, including food from the company store? Does that sound good to you? No?Then you’re a liberal.Do you want the police to break down your door, steal your stuff, possibly shoot a family member and then bill you for the raid? No?Then you’re a liberal.If your house burns, do you want a private company to ignore you because you didn’t pay your bill and then extort the neighbors so that their houses don’t burn down as well? No?Then you’re a liberal.The reason that these things don’t happen anymore is because liberals fought (and sometimes died) to make things better.Being a liberal means using our collective strength together to make the world a better place for each other so that bullies, be they government or corporations, don’t control our lives.Personally, I think we need to work together more, not less.

What is the place of violence according to a liberal’s view of the world?

Violence is justified in self-defense.

Exactly what is the "Liberal World Order" that the Trump movement is being accused of tearing down?

Their is no “Liberal” in that context because Liberalism is not what people hear when they hear the word Liberal. The establishment media has narrowed the term, and has defined it by cultural association, rather than by those who accept Liberalism. So we see by this proper definition, both Classic Liberals (“Conservatives”), and Social Liberals (“Liberals”) are part one one Liberalism. This is how the term is understood is more democratic systems, where a larger spectrum of political discourse occurs.Now what is this world order? It is the Neo-Liberal world order, this should help clarify what the term means. Is it a right-wing, or a left-wing term? Neither, it is an accurate description of the global political establishment. Does every propagandist use it as I did? No, establishment propagandists will intentionally divert from this understanding, as they wish to obfuscate the actual purpose of their own politics.This Neo-Liberal World Order, is also known as The Washington Consensus, or Globalism. This is our ruling class, phony left/right conflicts are a smoke screen for the maintenance of their present order.

Which country is the most liberal?

Sweden is the most liberal country in the world according to the World Values Survey, and also the least racistic country in the world according to the same survey. Sweden ranks 2nd in the Democracy Index, the Best Country to Grow Old and also the Fragile States Index, 3rd in the Corruption Perceptions Index, 10th in the Press Freedom Index and 38th in the PISA test, slightly worse than Russia. The murder rate is 0.7 per 100,000 inhabitants, about 85 % lower than in USA Java Training in Chennai  | Python Training in Chennai

What would be an ideal society according to liberals/progressives?

I’ll not presume to speak for the others. IMHO, an ideal society is one where the people work together to resolve their conflicts. Some of this “working together” is done individually (between individuals and small groups), some is done collectively (with the government) to do those things that we cannot do individually.This idea, of course, assumes that people are capable of cooperating. I do assume this is true, and I have seen it work sometimes well, sometimes with difficulty.The great impediment is the few people who take excessive wealth and power for themselves and thus corrupt the social process so they can have special privileges that others do not. Such people are generally called aristocrats.The best way to deal with the aristocrats is to leave them alone, but deny them the wealth and power for which they lust so feverishly. They, of course, cry that this is “unfair,” while they see their predations as both fair and reasonable — by virtue of their exalted position.

Are the most powerful and smartest people in the world liberal or conservative? For the most part.?

The question is, who is more evil?