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Is This True About Hell In Islam

Is it true that if I don't accept Islam, I'll go to hell?

He is trying to scare you in the name of religion to start following Islam and brain wash you into believing such stupid things.Don't fall in his trap..This is how only people of this community and the so called “Religion of peace” convert people to increase their population.I can't believe people as educated and rational as you fall in these traps to doubt your own beautiful ideals and beliefs given to you by your parents since your childhood.Obviously ma’am you were right in the beginning..World praises only those people who have done good deeds.Did Albert Einstein,Isaac Newton or Mahatma Gandhi went to hell for not following Islam?Hell no!!!But is there any proof that they went to heaven as well?Hell no!!!God made everyone equal and this concept of “religion” was introduced by people only.And those who scare and divide people on the basis of such false ideals are doing a sin for the purpose of their own benefit..It's just a propaganda.So don't be a fool and a stupid to believe in such silly things and kick your friend away.He is a MONSTER.

What are the 7layers of hell in islam?

I need to know the name of each level, what type of person is sent there, and the punishment in each level please. Please give explicit detail. 10 points for most detailed and accurate answer! Thank you.

Is it true all Muslims go to Hell?

I'm actually Muslim, and I have also read the Quran. I will keep this short and simple, Muslims do not want to go to hell, but after they die go to heaven. It's odd how the videos showed every man and woman going to hell, oh well. But yeah they want a place in heaven not hell. Hope this helped :) honestly i just reccomend you to read some verses of the Quran online or something maybe that will help you:)

In Islam, is it true that anyone who is not a Muslim is going to hell?

No. This is a topic that was discussed going back to the classical period in the context of Divine justice. The consensus is that divine justice would demand that at least some non-Muslims would be saved. There is an agreement that at least some non-Muslims have legitimate excuses to not have followed Islam. There are differences over who has a valid excuse, but the classical clear cut example is those who lived and died never having heard about Islam. Another group that many would say are excused are those who have maybe heard of Islam, but had no reasonable chance of getting a proper, unbiased knowledge of what Islam is all about due to there being so much conflicting information and propaganda about. They hear a bunch of things about al-Qaeda and ISIS on TV and have no actual Muslims around. Or there are Muslims around, but they're Wahhabis or some other group that give a bad image. Or there is a mosque in the town, but it only does programs in Arabic. OK, Quran translations are in many bookstores, but try reading it without proper context. A person can only reasonably be faulted if he got properly introduced to Islam, knew it for what it is, and then rejected it. Someone who didn’t get that didn’t “choose a faith other than Islam;” such a person didn’t even get a chance to understand Islam as an option.In reality, the question of salvation comes down to the individual weighing of a person's intentions, deeds, and repentance for past misdeeds. People shouldn't be making sweeping statements. And a proper Muslim should worry more about his own state than trying to tell others they are hellbound.Here's a good piece about this subject from one of the great scholars of the 20th century, Murtadha Mutahhari. It's the last chapter of his book Adl-e-Ilahi (Divine Justice).Introduction

I dreamt I was going to Hell? - (Islam)?

Salaam to everyone. I am a thirteen year old girl who had this dream a while back. I am Muslim and truthfully have been feeling a bit disconnected from Allah (SWT) and I'm ashamed to admit this. I come from a religious family and go to religion classes every Friday, but I also deal with depression. In the summer months, I clearly remember this vivid dream and woke up crying.

I dreamt I was going to Hell. Basically, it was Judgement Day and my turn to be judged. I walked to a weighing machine like object, and my bad deeds weighed in heavier than my good deeds. I remember not seeing Allah (SWT)'s face, but he was so so disappointed, and I believe I saw Prophet Muhammad (SAW) (PBUH). He was crying and shaking his head out of disappointment, and so I began crying. God told the Angels to take me to Hell and I was being dragged away.

At this moment, I woke up and began crying. I felt like a horrible person. I know that not all dreams have a meaning, but this one I can't seem to forget. Can someone please help me? Let me know what it could mean, if anything at all?

Thank you and may God bless you all.

What is the concept of Heaven and Hell in Islam?

Yes, there is virgin, beauty men, rivers from wines, everything is describe in physical and full of happiness..

Not all Muslim will enter heaven and not all non-Muslim will enter hell...

The decision is in the hands of Allah alone...


Is it true that a daughter would drag her father to hell in Islam if she sins? Is he responsible for her sins?

I have never encountered anything that shows that that is true. In Islam, no one bears the burden of anyone else’s sin (unless they were a factor in the other person committing that sin):Say, ‘Shall I seek a Lord other than Allah, while He is the Lord of all things?’ No soul does evil except against itself, and no bearer shall bear another’s burden; then to your Lord will be your return, whereat He will inform you concerning that about which you used to differ. The QuranOn the other hand, daughters (and raising them well) can be a way for people to go to heaven:The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever has three daughters, or three sisters, or two daughters, or two sisters and he keeps good company with them and fears Allah regarding them, then Paradise is for him.” Sayings and Teachings of Prophet Muhammad (صلى الله عليه و سلم)

Is hell in Islam eternal like the Christian one?

I read that all will be granted paradise in Islam EVENTUALLY.(there is a temporary hell). Islam is so much better than Christianity(this is coming from an atheist).

Tattoo's and Islam?

Is it true that if you get a tattoo, you will go to hell because it invalidates wudu so if you pray, your prayers won't be accepted? Also, is it true, if you get a tattoo you will automatically go to hell, even if your a good muslim? How can the rest of your life be thrown away for 1 sin? Can you still go to heaven if you have a tattoo? and also what if you get a tattoo, but you like it, so you don't really feel true regret in your heart? THANX!