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Is This True About Senior Citizens

Do senior citizens masturbate?

Oh hell yes we do

Is it true that Sweden has the poorest senior citizens of the whole EU?

It is not true. You can look it up here: Compare your country - Pensions at a GlanceThe figures here are relative. That is, the incomes of pensioners are viewed in relation to the average income in that country. By that count, Sweden has the fifth highest number of senior citizens in “relative poverty” in the EU, at 10%. The highest is Latvia at 26.5%; the UK has 13.8% and is about to leave the EU which will leave Sweden in 4th place. The US, for comparison, has 20,9%, so the US has twice as many poor senior citizens as Sweden.If you instead view the senior citizens as a whole, they have an average income of 85.9% of the average income of all Swedes. That’s roughly in the middle of the EU countries.You also have to take into account the fact that Sweden has the third highest average salaries in the EU (info here). So a Swedish senior citizen living in “relative poverty” might still be better off than a Portuguese or Polish senior citizen who does not.So no, whichever way you measure it, the statement is blatantly false.One interesting thing, though. French senior citizens on average earn more than people who work. How do they manage that…?

Is it true that a senior citizen can be punished under the Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007?

Thanks for A2AAmongst the Hindus, the obligation of sons to maintain their aged parents, who were not able to maintain themselves out of their own earning and property, was recognized even in early texts. And this obligation was not dependent upon, or in any way qualified, by a reference to the possession of family property. It was a personal legal obligation enforceable by the sovereign or the state. The statutory provision for maintenance of parents under Hindu personal law is contained in Sec 20 of the Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956. This Act is the first personal law statute in India, which imposes an obligation on the children to maintain their parents. As is evident from the wording of the section, the obligation to maintain parents is not confined to sons only, and daughters also have an equal duty towards parents. It is important to note that only those parents who are financially unable to maintain themselves from any source, are entitled to seek maintenance under this Act.The Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Bill, 2007Under Clause 5(1) of the Bill, a senior citizen or a parent may apply for maintenance under Clause 4 of the bill. (A senior citizen is an Indian citizen who is at least 60 year old. A parent could be father or mother, whether biological, adoptive or step father or step mother, whether or not the father or the mother is a senior citizen). If the senior citizen or parent is incapable, any other person or a voluntary organization authorized by the senior citizen or parent can apply for maintenance on their behalf.So a Son/Daughter can be punished under this Act

Is it true that many senior citizens are living in vans and cars?

Yes I've heard that's been going on a lot more than you ever seen it, and it seems to be the problem is that there's funding for all types of people, except the elderly. There is funding there for them, but nothing like a 25 yrs old mother of 3, which don't get me wrong I'm certainly glad there is funding for single mothers but there needs to be a part for the elderly also, it's sad that it's run that way, but it is, I met a couple on section 8 housing benefits, and because they had it for so long they were allowed to buy a house and section 8 paid their mortgage, which to me is mind blowing, it's almost like it's setup for people who don't want to work, I get highly unimpressed with the way it's run, but trying to get it changed or even trying to get assistance from them, is like trying to get away with robbing a bank vault, your chances are real slim if you ever worked, I could never understand this way of things, but I don't try to anymore.

Is it still true that senior citizens have a harder time getting a job?

Jobs seem to be available for seniors that are basically entry level - especially in roles where younger, less committed employees are prone to tardiness or calling in sick. These jobs could be stock clerks, retail floor personnel, desk attendants, lot attendants, security guards, caregivers, greeters, Quick Service (QSR’s) and Fast Casual restaurant workers.Seniors are simply not in contention for any roles in the high-tech industry. Yet, the high-tech industry might be creating opportunities for independent contractors and entrepreneurial types with outfits like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, HomeAway, Etsy, etc., that wouldn’t register in the employment statistics.

Is it true that senior citizens eat wet cat food on a regular basis?

I've heard of this and some people (not only seniors) have resorted to the pet food due to their monetary means. Many people need to live on a budgeted amount, so they go for the cheaper animal food. It might be that their taste buds have failed also along with their memory. I would rather eat mac and cheese or tuna if it came to that.

I was purchasing a few Beneful stew type meat meals for our dog for a trip and an older woman, seeing it in my carriage asked me where I found it. She was looking for it to because it looked meatier and yummy. She also asked me how I prepared it. I told her I fed it at room temperature to my dog and she looked at me like I had two heads and ten eyes. I don't think she realized I fed it to my dog and did not eat it myself....I let it go at that rather then to embarrass her with any further comments.
It is a sad commentary on the state of some people in this land of plenty. Now you have me down for the day~~~

Do very elderly senior citizens cheat on their wives?

“Do very elderly senior citizens cheat on their wives?”This is the most bizarre true case I’ve ever been on as a licensed private investigator.A wife from Indiana called me in Florida to hire my agency and me. She explained that she and her husband own a winter home in Florida, but they always go back to Indiana when the weather is warm.But this year was different. Somehow, her husband insisted on staying alone in their little Florida cottage house –even when the weather in Indiana was warm. She wanted to know “why.”I imagined that this elderly man (somewhere in his mid 70’s) had met a little blue haired woman at bingo and they were enjoying each other’s company at the local Denny’s.I was wrong.Two of us (two investigators) worked on this case.We watched the husband for almost a week with no activity, no results, whatsoever.Then came Friday night.He took out their little Winnebago RV and went out on the town. He ended up picking up a very skinny African American woman in the drug section of town where meth and crack are routinely manufactured.Upon further research, and further surveillance, we discovered that this anorexic-looking young woman was his girlfriend. They were manufacturing and distributing meth and crack on the weekends. They were also using the Winnebago for prostitution.A week after hiring me, I called up the wife and told her I had a lot of video footage to share with her.She said, “Well, my daughter from California is also on the line. Can you please just tell us what you found?”There was an awkward silence on my part, but after several beats of silence, I told her what I had discovered.She remained very quiet on the phone. Very quiet for a long time. Her daughter also remained silent.Finally, the wife replied, “Are you sure you’ve been following my husband?”“Yes, I am sure,” I reluctantly told her.The next day, when she received the video footage, she filed for a divorce and also got a venereal test.Her conservative husband was retired military and had worked diligently at the same professional, white collar job for many decades.They had been sweethearts since high school.Polka Queen

Why do senior citizens get discounted prices?

We are not really getting a discount They are just over charging you

Ocean Park, HKG, senior citizen Free?

is it true Senior Citizens 65 years old and above are free of the entrance fee/s in Ocean Park, Hong Kong?
ive read it in 3 different websites, OP official site is very slow so I opted to view other Hong Kong Sites..
Telephone: 852 2580 9092

Opening Hours: 10am-6pm from Tuesday to Sunday and until 11pm in summer. Closed on Monday.
How to get there: Special Citybus 629 leaves from near the Star Ferry Pier (Central MTR Exit K) in Central and Admiralty MTR Exit B. Or take green minibus 6 from the Star Ferry Piers in Central (Monday to Saturday).

Fee: Adult $185; Children ( 3 -11 years) $93; Free for children under 3 years and senior citizens aged 65 or above