Is This Weird Or Creepy

What is the difference between "creepy" and "weird"?

Creepy implies that you would have difficulty trusting the person not to do you harm, but no harm has (yet) been done. For example, if someone was to follow you, no harm has done, but in your mind, the perception that person will do you garm has increased. That's why many girls don't like guys staring at them - the guy hasn't done anything wrong, but their behaviour implies that they have the potential to do harm.Weird tends to mean eccentric, or not following the norm. For example, to many people in certain first world countries, not owning a television would be considered weird - they are acting outside societies norm in a harmless way.

Would this be weird and creepy?

A girl at my work who I don't know if I like her and have no idea of what she thinks of me. Anyway, she seems really nice we have talked a few times well I guess bland exchanges e.g her" could I give this to you or someone else who will know what to do with it. Me" I can take it. And she opened the Door for me when I asked her to when I was lifting something. Just crap like that. I guess I like her personality and she has a really nice voice and I don't know about her looks I have seen her but I don't know. Would it be weird if I ask her if she wants to hang out or go for a coffee? Or even if I start to flirt with her like stare at her for a long time and get really nervous around her even tho I'm a tiny bit nervous?? I don't consider her a true crush I just have no idea? I just don't want to come of as an idiot and creepy peice of **** around her I case I get deeper feelings for her. What should I do??

Is this weird or creepy?

I like this girl at my school and I'm pretty sure she might know because last time I was at school I caught her and her friends staring me. Anyways the thing I kind of regret is when we were both walking through the hall, we passed and I saw her looking at me. I was looking at her to but I kept looking lol. I zoned out and had no idea what was happening until it was all over and now I think I ****** everything up.

Is it weird/creepy for a 19 year old to date a 17 year old?

I wouldn’t say it’s weird or creepy. Two years isn’t a massive age gap for older teens, especially if they are only one year apart in school. At my high school, we were allowed to bring dates to school dances who were 19 years old or under. So the couple might be able to attend homecoming or prom together, depending on the school rules.The couple should be fully aware of the age of consent and statutory rape laws in their state if they plan on having sex. In some states the age of consent is 16, but in other states it’s 18. Some states have a “Romeo and Juliet” exemption to statutory rape laws that allow teens close in age to have sex without it being a crime. However, depending on the state, this exemption may only apply if both partners are minors under age 18. It’s important to know the specific laws in their state to protect the older partner.Keep in mind, too, that long distance relationships with one partner in high school and the other in college don’t tend to work out. I knew a few couples from my high school who were a year apart and tried to keep their relationship going when the boy went off to college and the girl was a high school senior. They all broke up by Christmas break. College is a transformative time of life and the rush of living away from home with so many new friends and opportunities can be consuming. People change a lot when they start college and often find they don’t have much in common with their high school girlfriend/boyfriend anymore.If the high school and college student live/attend school in the same town however, the age gap isn’t a big deal.

Will a girl think im weird or creepy if i say hi to her?

First of all, no guys really know how girls think.
But even that statement is false on its own.
To say that girls think a certain way, is like saying all blacks think a certain way; or handicapped people think a certain way. It's a mistake to assume if you found out how one girl thinks, you know how all girls think. You're a guy, and you think, right? My screensaver has a pick of an old acquaintance. Do you know what I'm thinking now? But it's not about proving my point. It's about projecting a mood, because people react to them.
If after you introduced yourself to her, and you consistently said hi to her, she will think you are a personable person.
If you make eye contact with her and then look away and don't say anything, she might think you are shy.
If you did that a little too often, she might think you are creepy.
If you never say anything to her, she might think you're a snob. She might also think that if you only acknowledge her and no one else.
People who are successful in social interactions, are ones who treat everyone alike, respectfully, and politely.
Think about how you deal with people who you aren't shy or nervous with, and talk to girls the same way- just use etiquette. There's a difference between shy and scared. Shy is how you come about to everyone. Scared is how you come about to certain people, and like both of them, those people can detect it.
Being this late in the school year, and sharing that much classes with her, and you not talking to her at all, kind of puts you in the negative. She might think your weird for not talking to her.
But also remember you're in high school. Everything you do is judged by each of your peers. Though a lot of high schoolers like to tell their parents that they aren't kids anymore, just look at how politics in school affects your every move. The fact that if you associate with an unpopular person will make you look bad, is proof in the pudding.

Is it weird or creepy to say hi to a random girl?

So let me get this straight.

You like meeting people that you have no idea what they like or anything about them. THAT'S what's creepy.

Haven't you figured out yet that Facebook is primarily used against you? Oh you did, that's why you don't put anything up for anyone to get to know YOU. Yet you're "interested" in them. What - from their pics? Play fair or get left out!!

Whatever you would put on Facebook is what she's supposed to know about you first. Then you can say "hi, it's me, (my name) on Facebook." Take that chance and you could actually go somewhere.

Of course, since you're trying to meet girls you don't have any clue about, you're probably more shallow than notebook paper. I leave the social networking to myself and use the computer for business.

Is it weird/creepy to have your crush’s wallpaper on your phone?

To gain the correct answer, you need to show your crush your phone to see how she or he reacts. Start a conversation with this person and tell him/her you want to show them something on your phone. Not the wallpaper - a picture on Instagram or something from FB or a calculator result for a math question. It can be anything - but in the process of opening your phone to share this other thing, make sure he or she sees that you are using their image as your wallpaper. Their reaction to that will tell you what they think of you. If they freak out, you’ll know they feel creeped out. If they smile real big, you’ll know they feel flattered.If this is too uncomfortable for you, if you don’t have a close enough relationship with this person to have this conversation, if even speaking to this person is beyond normal occurrence, you have your answer. He or she will likely find it weird that a virtual stranger is using their image. But if you’re already friends and showing them your phone wouldn’t be a big deal, then no, it wouldn’t be all that strange.