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Is To Clean A Problem

I have a problem with Clean Getaway mission in GTA4 PC?

please help after stealing the Gray Balista i have to take it to the garage but when i get there, the door wont open,, please if you know the problem please hlp..


OCD problem. I am a clean freak?

I also have ocd clean, clean; clean. My daughter and granddaughters moved back home and she complains about it. The only thing worse than living with ocd is living with people that do not have it. I am getting better because I am getting a bit old and starting to wear down. Some health issues keep me from doing as much, but it still bothers me when things are not just right in my home. Just let it be, have a cleaning day once a week and don't be a slave to your house, remember life is short and all the fun stuff you could be doing.

Math-Carpet Cleaning word problem.?

A carpet company charges $75 to clean the first 200sq ft of carpet. There is an additional charge of 25c (cents) per square foot for any footage that exceeds 200sq ft and $1.40per step for any carpeting on a staircase. A customer's cleaning bill was $253.95. This included the cleaning of a staircase with 13 steps. in addition to the staircase, how many square feet of carper did the customer have cleaned?

How can we solve the worlds clean water shortage problem?

There is no water shortage. 70% of the world's surface is water. There is a potable fresh-water shortage problem. It can easily be solved with energy, by converting salt-water to fresh water (multiple methods). We still have an energy access problem to do this, but energy is also abundant (sun, nuclear etc - hopefully one day fusion). Bottom line: This is absolutely a problem that can be solved through technology.

Stoichiometry Problem.. how long can clean air be generated for each shuttle mission?

First, write down the balanced chemical reaction:

CO2 + 2LiOH -> Li2CO3 + H2O

Next Calculate the moles of LiOH available:

moles LiOH = (25,000g)/(23.9g/mole LiOH) = 1,044 moles LiOH

Next Calculate the moles of CO2 available (breathed out by astronauts):

moles CO2= (7 astronauts)*(20lit/min/astronaut)*(time)... CO2/gAir)/(44.0g/mole CO2)

=(0.127 moles CO2/min)*(time)

Next, from the balanced chemical equation you know that two moles of LiOH are needed for every mole of CO2 so:

moles LiOH = 2*moles CO2

=>1,044 moles = 2*(0.127 moles/min)*time

=> time = 1.044/(2*0.127) = 4101 minutes = 68 hours = 2.85 days

I hope this helps

Need help solving this problem:Etch clean graphics uses one cleanser that is 25% acid and a second that is 50%?

a + b = 30

.25a + .5b = .4(30)
.25a + .5b = 12
.5a + b = 24
b = 24 - .5a

a + b = 30
a + (24 - .5a) = 30
a - .5a = 6
.5a = 6
a = 12 <-- number of liters of cleanser that is 25% acid

a + b = 30
12 + b = 30
b = 18 <-- number of liters of cleanser that is 50% acid

Cleaning the Trouble Board Game?

Hey i was just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, but ive gone through 3 Trouble board games because the pop-o-matic gets dirty and i dont know how to clean it, does anyone else know how? After a while it gets to the point where u cant read the Dice anymore and then its basically unusable. But.. is there a way to clean it? Thanks

Math problem about windshield wiper?

You are right about the approach.

Figure out what's left when we subtract a smaller circle (arm)
from a bigger circle (arm + blade):

28^2 pi is the whole circle if arm were part of the blade.

10^2 pi is the part covered by the arm.

So we start with 28^2 pi - 10^2 pi = 684 pi.

Then multiply that by 110/360 or 11/36

11/36 * 684 pi = 656.593 sq in.

Why is access to clean water a significant problem in developing countries?

Access to clean water is expensive. Wells have to be drilled, water treatment facilities have to be built, pipes have to be installed to distribute the water from the treatment plant to nearby villages or towns. Nothing is free. Often the governments have other priorities like basic survival to fund so it’s not easy.Of course you could just boil it to kill the germs and microbes but that doesn’t remove the other contaminants like heavy metals, and even leaves and sticks. Sometimes boiling doesn’t even kill all the parasites if you don’t boil for long enough. Also, not everyone lives within easy distance to water.I have a friend who works for a multi Billion dollar mining company with mines located throughout the world in remote locations. He has told me that in several of the mine locations getting water is an all day event. The people would travel to a lake or river several miles away, gather their water and then trek back home. He mentioned that one of the first things his company would do in a new mining location would be to drill deep water wells to provide water for the local population.