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What are good starter clothes for a crossdresser?

OK, first you need to get up your courage and make an appointment with the manager of the store that you plan on shopping at. If you are slim and on the smaller side, then you might try Victoria Secret. If you a larger man, then I highly recommend Lane Bryant, Torrid or even The Avenue. Explain to the manager that you need to be measured and fitted for bra, panties and lingerie. The manager, usually a female, will understand, she has had many male customers before. Usually she will have you come to her store about 15 before closing, meet you and show your around a little, meanwhile the store gets closed and the doors locked. She will take you into the dressing room and have you strip down to your briefs so that she can get your measurements and then help you decide what style and fabric panties you might like. When trying on the panties, find one that you will definitely buy and wear that while trying on other panties. She will ask you what size bust you plan on having, b, c, or d cup and will get a sampling of bras in the size required. Try on several styles of nighties while you are there. You might even be able to purchase falsies to fill in your bra cups there. All of this is free, BUT she will expect you to purchase at least a handful of panties and a couple of bras . Trust me, it will get expensive buying from scratch, so get what you can afford and go back when you are ready to buy more. She will appreciate your business, especially after spending all that time assisting you. Once you have your panties and bras and lingerie, all which can be worn under your normal everyday clothing, if you want to go further into cross dressing, go back to that manager and ask for her assistance in buying the outer clothing. Good luck my dear, wearing panties and lingerie can be addictive!!!!!

What's a good rule of thumb for determining how many yards of fabric go into a certain size of a dress?

I had this problem when shopping for silk in Thailand.  So many choices!  How much to bring home?If you see some fabric and fall in love with it, without any specific plan of what you will do with it, then buy:4 metres (5 yards) if it is a wide width (150 cm aka 60 inches)or 6 metres (7 yards) if it is narrower, like 45 inches (120 cm)  [1]If your vague plan is for a floor length gown or a two-piece suit, then 6 meters of wide  fabric, or 9 meters of narrow fabric.  That should cover most  eventualities, with left overs for your memory quilt.  You can certainly make something nice with a piece like that.However, if you have grander schemes you should buy more.  If you are planning a very full skirt or train add two yards.  For long sleeves, add two yards, one for each sleeve. Any kind of fancy seaming, like pleats will add at least two yards.  If the fabric is not plain and has a printed design, add an extra yard per 5 yards, just in case.Image source [2]For example, this particular dress would easily fall within the original easy-to-remember guidelines I gave above, with a yard or so left over.  (Did you remember?  Short Dress 4 or 6; Long Dress 6 or 9 that's meters)  Note that this one has no sleeves.  For dress A (the short dress) you need at least 5 yards x 60 inches for all sizes from 2 up to size 18.  Or 6 yards x 45 inches.For B (the long dress) you need at least 6.5 yards x 60 inches for all sizes, or 7.5 yards x 45 inches.  Don't think you can get away with less fabric for smaller sizes, it doesn't really work that way.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------[2] Vintage (circa 1957) Vogue Misses' Dress V8866, republished[1]   Note that handloomed fabrics are generally much narrower than 60 inches  or even 45 inches.  Thai silk is generally 36 inches (1 meter) wide at  most.  In these cases, just double the estimate for the 60 inch (1.5  metre) widths.