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Its Ok To Leave A Puppy Under Rain

Its ok to leave a puppy under rain? (n2)?

Dont lose your minds fellas. Like in my earlier question! Ill never leave my dog under rain! THE THING IS WE CANT CONTROL RAIN.. so lets say it started raining suddenly! Will the puppy know to hide under a shelter fast!

And yeah i keep my puppy outside in the morning! Isnt that better for him to play and run. Not just sitting or sleeping indoors. With weather like this. We re not able to tell if its gonna rain or not. Its not cold or warm

Is it ok to leave the ac on during rain?

It has no effects unless there is a electrical problem of burnt insulation, uncovered wires, or loose wires. That could lead to shocks or electrocution.

Is it okay to leave a dog outside in the rain?

Dogs can suffer from exposure -- to rain, sun, cold, heat, etc. -- the same as people can. Not only is is cruel to keep a dog confined without proper shelter, it's also illegal. The cost of a simple dog house will be much cheaper than the fine your family may face if you're reported. In some areas, even jail time can be involved.

Have a heart -- let the dog inside, then get him a proper dog house.

Do I try to rain check my friend, or do I go and leave my puppy with people who don’t know how to watch a puppy?

Watching a puppy does not necessarily require previous experience. Any intelligent responsible person can watch a puppy if told the basics. The most important is to watch the puppy at every minute or put him/her in a crate if they must be left unwatched. Make absolutely sure there is no way for the puppy to escape. Someone may open a door at any minute and let the puppy out possibly into traffic. If you are unsure keep the puppy on a lead at all times until you know their habits. Do not leave a puppy alone on a lead as they can strangle themselves or chew through it and escape. Do not trust a fenced yard unless you know for a fact that there are no small escape routes and that there are no predators.

Leaving a dog outside when its raining?

Hello there, i go running in the morning and around the afternoon and its been raining the past couple of weeks and everytime i pass by this one house theres a dog tied up while its raining and freezing cold. Is this considered animal cruelty ? It has no dog house or anything. I really want to call the police but i dont want the dog to be taken away from its family? I honestly dont know what to do and its been keeping me up all night.

Is ok to leave my cat outside in the rain all night?

Cats can find shelter. Mine used to get caught in the rain and would wait for it to stop before she came home. Even if home was just a few feet away.

Is it okay to leave outdoor furniture cushions outside in the rain?

Depending on the fabric (sunbrella, acrylics, spun poly)... you should be able to keep your cushions out in the rain if you're just talking an occasional sprinkle or light rain. They should be stored indoors during rainy seasons though.

Is it wrong to leave a stray cat outside in the cold and rain?

It depends on you as a person. There won't be a good definitive answer that's black or white yes or no.There are bits of information missing to truly say yes or no.Was the cat willingly at your door crying for attention. Did it let you get near enough to pet it? Was it hissing or growling at you at all?I am am a total animal lover and I wish I could help all of them that are stray and in need but, the fact of the matter is that we just can't save them all. And as hard as it is for myself to accept, it is true. For me in that situation, if it was cold and rainy and the cat had been friendly enough for me to pet it and was following me to my front door, I would find it morally wrong if I didn't do something to help. Now if your a fellow dog or cat mom you know not to bring the stray in the same living space as your own pets. There are many things that a stray might be carrying around that we do not want to infect our own babies. But if you have a garage space that you could let the cat in until it warms and dries up a little bit outside then let the cat back out. If you have even a dry patio that you can put a box with a blanket inside would be enough to help kitty stay warm and dry till the rains gone. But, if that is not enough you can bring kitty into a bathroom leaving the door shut to keep pets and kitty separated, just do not go in there and spend too much time with kitty. Not too sound cold or mean but once you do that your just F*****! Because then you have already become attached and it makes it very hard to let it back outside. My mom has done this so many times in my adolescent life and I have done the same once in my adult life. And the kitty I let in my home and heart is still here by my side 12 years later.But there are are folks who say don't talk to, don't feed and don't let them inside when it comes to strays. I don't think they are evil or cold. We are all just people who are taught different things. So like I said it really depends on you. If you feel it's morally wrong then it is and vice versa. Hope that helps. Take care

Is it okay to leave dogs outside when it's 60 degrees F?

Is 60 degrees Fahrenheit too cold for dogs? I was just wondering because I'm watching my friends dogs and I'd hate for something to happen to them for leaving them outside in weather like that for too long.

Animal neglect? Neighbors leave dog outside in the rain?

My neighbors leave their husky out in the cold rain. We live in Cali so not used to cold weather and rain. She s been crying a sad and pitiful cry for hours. She s soaking wet and alone in the dark. She has a "shelter" a dog house and a tarp, but she isn t under it because she s at their back doors crying to be given attention. Her fur coat is soaking wet and she s a husky so that isn t going to dry in his weather. I went over and talked to them and told them they can t leave their dog out in the rain. All they did was tie her up so she was stuck under the tarp. Still in the dark, alone and wet. She is fed and has water but I still feel like this is extremely cruel of them. Can I still call humane society or police or will they not do anything? She s been crying for hours and it s just heart breaking to listen to.