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Ive Just Found Out My Sister Whos 15 Is Pregnant And Now Her Bfs 17 So I Have No Idea What To

My sister found out I smoke weed..?

Last night my sister came up to me telling me she knew I smoked weed. I don’t smoke it much at all (about once a month), yet she thinks that this is going to escalate into me becoming a drug addicted zombie. I can assure you that this will definitely not be the case...I have read up and informed myself fully about marijuana and I know and understand the risks that come with it. She is pretty distressed about the whole thing and we talked it over for a good hour though I know I don’t want to completely drop it as I feel that it only serves as a recreational use at parties and the such.

Now here’s the real problem...she is threatening to tell my dad unless I stop smoking it completely, and if she finds out I’ve been doing it behind her back it will only be so much worse. Only recently my mother has suffered a stroke and has been in rehab for the last couple of months. Given the current situation, I'm afraid that if my dad finds out, my relationship with both my sister and father will be almost destroyed. if worst comes to worst I will completely quit it, yet I don’t see why I should as it is not inadversely affecting my lifestyle at all.

I ended up telling her I'll think about it and get back to her later. What should I do?

PS: I am 17 and am not interested in internet heroes telling me how much I'm ruining my life. Don’t bother posting your word vomit to my question. If you require anymore details just ask me in your reply.

My girlfriend got pregnant by her ex before they broke up and she found out after we'd been together. What should I do?

Respects to your girlfriend. As she has mentioned, it’s her problem and she has to deal with it.  First of all please realise that you are getting prepared to break this relationship or else you wouldn't have asked this question. All you want now is some solid base to break this liaison so that you don't feel guilty. It’s completely alright. because you don't have to be guilty. I really want to give you some facts to analyze. 1. It’s totally fine to date / marry a pregnant woman, but in your case you never knew she was pregnant it came as a total surprise. Sorry, it’s not going to work.  2. If she chooses to have the child and you commit to stay with her it’s a HUGE responsibility. It’s a life, it’s a little pair of fragile arms and legs and you are totally responsible for that innocent life. Are you sure to spend your blood, sweat and tears on some other guy's genetic offspring? Because once you commit you are NOT backing off. 3. Pregnancy leaves stretch marks, saggy breasts & C section scars. If only you love her with all your heart and soul you will be able to deal with it. 4. When building a relationship with someone we always want to be the primary focus of their life. It has to be you and her, with a kid you will never be the one. I am not telling it's a bad thing, it’s totally fine if you are okay with it.  5. There are chances the new born reunites the mom and dad. That guy might be a jerk before but once he comes to know that he is a father he might want to be an ideal boyfriend or "father of the year" nominee. In such case what will be your stand? Hanging stranded? No one want's to compete with some babydaddy. Do you? Please don't get fooled by emotions, if you fall prey for your feelings now and regret it later it will make rest of the life hell for both you & your girlfriend.  As she said, leave her. If you can, be a support, be a friend. Who knows she might be strong enough to raise her child by herself, she might consider a patch-up with her ex or in a long run she might even find someone who falls not only for her strength but also for her child’s innocence. Let her sort out her life.  If you still decide to stay, ensure you stay with them till your last breath, no matter what. Make sure your live as the child's dad, don't ditch her in between; don't make the child long for a man to call his/her own; don't break the childs heart after making him/her fall in love with you. Good luck.

What makes a teenage girl WANT to get pregnant?

Serious question...

I am 20 years old and 17 weeks pregnant. We did not plan this pregnancy, however we both have our own place, own cars, he is 29 and a college graduate and I am in college, we both support ourselves individually and financially, so I don't think it is all that irresponsible for us to have a child...

However, I read a question from a 17 year old girl asking for advice form other teen moms about whether she should move in with her boyfriend and get pregnant! At 17, I would have had a heart attack if I became pregnant! What on earth would posses a girl to go and get knocked up when she isn't even of age to be out past 1 am? How do you teen-wanna-be-moms plan to support your children?? Why would you EVER want that life and even worse, what would posses you to bring a poor child into those circumstances?? Some of these teenage girls are just sick in the head...

Should i let my BF sleep with my sister?

I like the idea! Yes, I am a guy, but sharing your bf with your sister is exciting. Your open mind to this could be very rewarding. Think about the afterwards part of it first and talk it over with both of them. Please don't allow a guy to come between you and your sister. If things work out between the two of them then you would just have to let them be. It is always better to have 2 types of protection, but it seems that sex can lose its fun if that is all your thinking about. Wow what an experience of being with your sister when she loses her virginity sounds exciting. Now asking him may take some seduction. Set the situation up with your sister and when the timing is right just ask him if he wants to do a threesome with you and your sister. As he looks floored grab him by the hand have your sister grab the other hand and lead him to the bedroom. By the way he is a lucky dog.

I slept with a woman 30 years younger than me. She's even younger than my daughter. Is this immoral?

I feel like I can have some pretty good input seeing as how my husband is 23 years older than me. But first let me give you some backgroundWhen I first met my hubby I was a hairdresser and he used to come in and have me cut his hair. I actually thought he was younger than he was, I was shocked when he told me he was 42. I was 19 at the time and thought, “well that's that, he's too old for me.”After a few more haircuts and him being stuck in my head no matter what I did I decided “fuck it I'll give him my number and see what happens.”We ended up just clicking and being inseparable after one time of hanging out at his house, yes we did have sex for those of you wondering and it was spectacular!neither one of us wanted a relationship. We both had our hearts broken and at one point or another and said our relationship was just a casual one. It broke my heart but I understood his reasons. Age wise I'm right in between his kids so you can imagine the anxiety that created for him.After seeing each other for a while we realised just how compatible we actually are and how well we balanced each other out. he told his kids and family about me and lucky me THEY WERE MORE THAN ACCEPTING. THEY JUST WANTED HIM TO BE HAPPY.Then came time to tell my mother, that didn't go over so smooth. In fact I ended up breaking things off for a couple of weeks because of my mother's reaction ( she loves my hubby now though) I was so broken, I immediately knew I made the wrong decision and ended up telling him that I missed him and just wanted to be happy so we got back together and it's been one great adventure and learning experience.So my answer to your question : NO IT IS NOT WRONG. IF YOU GENUINELY ENJOY EACH OTHER'S COMPANY KEEP ON KEEPING ON! You never know what you could be passing up!

Teenage mam pregnancy rights?

why is people going round calling young people whores that fall pregnant in theyre teenage years; tbh, i really dont think its right! im young, and pregnant and couldn't be happier my babys made me realise who i am, and not the dumb *** stupid whore i used to be! so why do people go round calling us? i love my bump, i love the little one, so why does everyone feel its there problem!! plus support from teenage mums would be nice! :D ..

My 12 year old Sister Got Raped?

Maybe your sister shouldn't be spending the night at anyone's house that has a BOY in it. Your sister needs to press charges against him. Call the police. When you get raped, you call the police. Get his *** put in prison! Seriously, people need to get control of themselves. Nobody has the right to lay a hand on someone else.

EDIT: To the answerer that said "abortion is wrong knock that out". Abortion isn't wrong when you have been raped. Why would someone want to carry a baby when the baby reminds them of being raped? Some women could carry a baby (that was conceived by being raped) and not have a problem with it. Some women are different. Some women wouldn't do well carrying a baby (that was conceived by being raped). Abortion would be ok in this situation. Someone that has been raped shouldn't have to carry the baby if they don't want!

So my boyfriends mom caught us fooling around..?

Thanks for the details :-)

Before I start im 15 so im not some old person who thinks teens are all dumb. So I can sorta relate to you.

I think his Mom is being protective of him. Alot of the time it's the guys that get the blame for the sexual stuff. If teens are having sex and the girl gets pregnant it's almost always the guys fault from the parents and law's point of view (even if he took all precautions) and the girls parents charge him for sexual assult or something. I think his mother is probley concerned about that.

I can understand that you guys want to make love because your in love. It really makes me mad when older adults say it's just a teen thing, or it's not "real" love. Well if you love some one you love them and you want to well ... make love with them!

What I would reccomend is try talking to his mother again, and if that dosen't work write her a letter. Sometimes that's even better and his Mom would understand how serious you are. Don't make the letter nasty of course, just tell her how you feel about him and that you don't want her to be mad at you. You could even say your sorry to her, although im sure your not (why would you be?) that's probley what she wants to hear. And then after that you could explain your feelings further.

If nothing works, just remember his mother can never stop you seeing him, or him seeing you. It's illegal for a parent to do that unless of course you harmed him or vice versa.

I also reccomend having sex or making love or kissing or just whatever when absoloutly no one will see you or find out.

Hope this helped :-)

Do you let your daughter's boyfriend stay over?

Have I?  Yes.  Should you?  Probably.A parent's job is to guide their children to responsible adulthood. That includes making sure they can handle adult activities like drinking, driving, filing income tax returns, and sex. Pretending these things don't exist is shirking your duties as a parent.If you know your daughter well, and are honest with yourself, you probably have already figured out whether she's having sex or not. Let's assume she is. Now you have three choices:Try to get her to stop. Assuming she's a minor, you could punish her, lock her up, or put a GPS tracker on her. This teaches her nothing about sex, other than that it's bad. When she comes of age she will move out and have to figure everything out through bad sexual experiences and relationships. You just made her life worse, both now and in the future. Minus one for effective parenting.Pretend it isn't happening. This teaches her that her parent is a hypocrite.  It also says that sex is some horrible thing that must be kept hidden. She can't come to you for help or advice. If her boyfriend is abusive, or forces sex on her, she may just keep quiet. You've abandoned her to figure this out on her own.  Minus two for effective parenting.Tell her that you suspect she is having sex. Remind her of all of the precautions. Tell her that you will help her with any advice she needs. Ask whether she's comfortable in the relationship, whether she's being treated well, whether she feels pressure to do things. You will have improved your relationship and you will launch a more secure adult.  Plus ten.If you choose #3, then there is no sane reason to forbid sex in your house.  Better there than in the park at night.There are some sane reasons to forbid sleepovers:Your daughter is not emotionally mature enough to have sex at all.  If she's way too young, or has become the town floozie, strong measures may be required.  But then sleepovers are not really the problem, are they?You have strict personal or religious beliefs such that allowing premarital sex would be a betrayal of your principles.  But that's not you, OP, because that person wouldn't be asking questions on Quora.The boyfriend is a jerk and bad for her.  Saying you don't want him in your house is perfectly reasonable.The fact that you asked this question shows that you care about your daughter. Use this opportunity to strengthen your relationship, and to help her move one step further into adulthood.