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Java Stopped Installing What Do I Do

"To use the "java" command-line tool you need to install a JDK. How do i make this message stop appearing?

i am recently running Mac OS X 10.11.1 and i get this pop-up a few times a day. i went and downloaded what they wanted but i'm on google chrome and it does not work for some reason. it doesn't seem that i need that app anyway. so how do i get this message to stop appearing

i also had some problems yesterday with the mouse not clicking on anything (i am on a laptop). i can finger tap with the track pad but not click
i also get a daily pop-up to do something with iCloud but i don't want iCloud on my system.

Problem with java. . . . how to install terminalio, i had it on my desktop and i dont know how to install it.?

Help in installing Java, please?

I'm using a Windows 7 laptop. I've tried downloading Java but I just haven't succeeded. I've downloaded the .exe file, but when it comes to load the installer, I'm told that i can't.

Title: Java (TM) Platform SE binary - Security Warning
Windows has found a problem with this file
Name: jre.1.7.0_06-c.msi
Publisher: Unknown Publisher

I've tried unblocking the original file, but no cigar. I've also tried both the on and offline version of the download.
I'm open to ANY relevant suggestions. Thanks you. :)

How do I fix the "broken package" problem with installing Java 9 on Linux Mint 18 when it says, “a dependency is missing”, but I can’t get it to install?

Here you find an Easy and Step-by-step Guide: Linux Mint 18 Fix Unmet Dependencies Issue Easy Guide

How can I install java to samsung SGH-E250 ? I have jar and jad file on other folder on memory card but ....?

I have jar and jad file on other folder on memory card but my mobile does not know them and shows a stop icon for jad and jar file . needs activation code for active java mode on mobile ? ..... Thanks

How do i download and install java for pclinuxos what the website4 told me to do isnt working?

Which website were you looking at for the download and installation directions?

What specifically isn't working? If you're getting error messages, please supply those.

--- Update ---

I'm looking at the website ... trying to figure this out ...

I use Ubuntu Linux. To update java, I just used this command:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

So ... I didn't actually have to go to the website to download it.

--- Update ---

I'm not sure what to think about the Java downloads I'm finding on It kind of looks like those downloads are for Linux flavors like RedHat, Suse, etc. I don't see PCLinuxOS.

It does look like PCLinuxOS supports the Synaptic package manager (which is a graphical front end to apt-get). So, I would suggest you use one of the two following options:

1) Synaptic package manager. You should be able to run the following command:

sudo synaptic

You'll be asked for your password, then the GUI will pop up. At this point you should be able to search for "java", and select it to be loaded.

2) Use apt-get. The command is:

sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

You'll be asked for your password, and some kind of verification that you want to load the package.

How do I install JDK? My PC says that another Java installation is in progress.

I don’t know why this error occurs if you fresh install JDK. But if this happens, simply go to Task Manager (by searching or press ctrl+alt+delete) and in process, just search any process related to javaw or java. When found, just end that process. Now, try your installation again….Hope this solve your problem ☺️

Can we install two java versions in same machine? If yes, do we face any problems while executing the program?

Yes you can install more than one java(Jdk/jre) in your system. It will take the java which you have mentioned in your class path.

Problem to install JAVA/SYMBIAN applications on Nokia E71?

That error message does not make sense! Are you translating it (badly) from another language or are you simply misquoting it? If you don't give the correct error message nobody can give you the correct solution.

Wallpapers, Music and Ringtones are not being installed, they are simply copied to the device. Only the applications, thruugh their complex nature require installation.

When I am trying to install NetBeans it stop at 20% of instalation and says "Java(TM) platform se binary has stopped working." What can I do?

It seems to be an issue with conflicting Java versions on your machine is causing the issue. Before answering would like to know a few things likewhat version of net bean are you trying to install?What java/jre versions are installed on your system?To know about if your machine has java or not visit Java + YouI would recommend removing the installed java versions using java uninstaller[1]Footnotes[1] Uninstall Index