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Job Interview Today Really Nervous

I'm Really Nervous About My Job Interview?

Well, those were some great tips from GOGreen.... I am an old guy who has had lots of jobs in my life and at different times I was either the manager the owner, so I interviewed many people too. Look at it this way, you are interviewing the store and manager too.... can they offer you acceptable salary, treat you with respect, conform to the labor laws....Ok, then take the job (thinking this way will help you relax, but don't say anything about it, just think polite, and your probably smarter, (than a older person who can only aspire to manager level of local retail store) so it is like your interviewing them in a secret way.

So please just let me give my perspective....

First the job is in a department store.... if the interviewee ask you questions like GOGreen has suggested....then RUN LIKE H*ll ! You would not like to work for such tight end that takes her self importance over the top. (if you know what I mean) you would be miserable because you could never please them in your job. Most of those questions would be asked for higher level career jobs.

Department stores want to know, .....will you be on time, come to work everyday your scheduled, won't steal from the store, and can count without the use of your toes.
Honestly, they know your a student, they will not expect too much from you...of course they won't pay much either.... but if the manager really does ask you those other questions...just ask politely. "what was this position for, again?" then say, "I'm just a student, I'm a good person, honest and diligent. I think this job would be good to gain some experience. I plan to be a Doctor one day" (fill in the blank if not a doctor)
I know my advice might sound a little off-beat...but I am an Electrical Engineer, 4 time Business Owner, with a 30 year career, now I own a business consulting firm and a restaurant in the I guess I have experienced a few things.... Smile, be polite and dress conservatively, no ragged jeans, bare stomach tops, or chewing gum. Good luck to you.

I'm really nervous about my first job interview today, advice?

Not sure if you've been yet, but either way, bear in mind in future, everybody bricks it on their first few interview's. So many people have this thing about taboo's and interviews.

It's simply practice, if you can retain all the questions your interviewer asked today, remember them as it's likely you'll be asked the same kind of questions in future interviews.

Also a good tip is to think and write a short list of what your Strengths & Weaknesses are, as these are key questions, you can find lot's of information on where to start for good strength & weakness answers.

A high percentage of the interview will be on assessing your personality anyway, so if you're nervous then it shows the employer you're keen for the job, it's better than being too relaxed!

Good luck

I have a job interview today...I'm nervous!?

Relax and enjoy yourself. It's a two-way street! You are interviewing them, too. Will you be comfortable in their environment, with those people, doing that work?

Get prepared. If they have a Website, be sure to visit it! Even if it is terrible, it should tell you something about them, and the fact that you bothered to visit it should impress them.

Come up with questions to ask them (remember that you are interviewing them too), but don't ask things like how much vacation do I get and how often do you give out raises (those are important questions, but for later).

* If they haven't given you a job description, ask them what happens in a typical day for the person doing that job? What are the daily, weekly, monthly, ad hoc duties of the person in that job?

* Are some times of the week/month/year crazier than others? Why?

* How will your success in your job be measured? How will you get feedback from your boss? How often? Is there a formal performance review process?

* Do people transfer around inside the company (assuming that it has more than 20 employees)?

Would I get hired if I'm nervous in the interview?

When we were desiring to add someone to add to our staff we usually had the candidate sit separately with three or so staff members for interviews. Prior to the interviews the staff usually discussed what we were looking for in the candidate. Aside from subject knowledge we were always looking for someone that could successfully fit in with the group, i.e. friendly, kind, curious and honest. We also would always discuss how to work with a nervous candidate, for that was to be expected. We usually found that starting the interview with a joke, or explaining that we understood the candidate was nervous and that it was okay — and then offer a cup of coffee and a few questions about where they lived and whether or not they had difficulty finding the office — soft questions with a lot of smiles and encouragement.We never conducted stress interviews because we found that extremely unproductive. We worked on encouraging-type interviews to get the candidate to open up. We would do this by complimenting and expressing interest in what the interviewee had accomplished. We really tried to make it a fun experience. That way the interviewee would start gushing a little telling us more and more about their history and accomplishments. Then we allowed them to ask questions of us.If an interviewee was really nervous, we sometimes walked them around showing them the coffee bar and the restroom and where key people were worked, and sometimes sticking our heads into the office of the next person that was going to interview them.“Hey John, this is Melinda who is going to be talking with you in a while. I am showing her the place.”“Well Melinda, if you are following Jerry around he is bound to get you lost. If that happens just holler, ‘I’m lost’ and I’ll rescue you.”Laughs. Smiles. Followed by a much calmer and relaxed interview.In my opinion, being nervous is okay. Any decent interviewer should work to calm the situation so they can find out if you are indeed a fit withing the organization.

How to not be nervous at a job interview?

#1 dress well, when you look good you exude confidence. #2 don't be late get there early so you have ample time to fill out paperwork and even relax and get some coffee/ read a magazine. This will calm you down. #3 DON'T GO IN BLIND. know about your company and have questions ready so that you feel more confident when you answer.
#4 MOST IMPORTANT: smile and breath. If you're gonna get the job it'll be because you deserve it, if you don't it's because it wasn't meant to be and THEIR LOSS (you don't want to work for a bunch of idiots anyway)

Im nervous about my first job interview?

The questions asked during an interview vary depending on the company that someone applies for. But they usually ask you:

"Tell me about yourself"
"Why did you apply here?"
"What are your strengths?"
"What are your weaknesses?"
"Why do you think we should select you instead of the other applicants?"

A job interview is about selling yourself. You want to make it sound like the company needs YOU. In other words how can YOU help the company?
Those are just some of the questions that you could be asked. You always want to keep your responses POSITIVE. They always end in the interview though with:
"Do you have any questions?"
ALWAYS ask questions at the end. It shows that you're interested in the position and what it will involve doing.
NEVER ask what the job pays. Let them tell you that and sometimes they can negotiate. Although we all know that people work in order to get money lol (that's the honest truth), whenever you go into a job interview you don't want to make it sound like you're there just to hear what the job pays.
Most importantly just relax. The first interview always gets you nervous. But as you continue to do them you get used to it. Also remember that an interview is just talking about yourself. So be yourself but act professional.

Good luck!

What job interview made you very nervous and why?

Thanks for the A2A, Hallie Nirvana.It was a job interview for a law-related internship.I knew nothing about law when I applied, only that it seemed related to my interest in writing and speaking.Two days before the interview, I even ran into my interviewer at an event.He asked me if I was ready. His stare cold and piercing. As if he knew my secret - that I knew nothing about law.Of course, I tried to save face by saying I was ready.He asked why.I rambled out a response. I spoke so imprecisely and inarticulately that day.He gave an approving nod and walked away.I had made a bad impression already.The nervousness and anxiety that stemmed from knowing that I had made a bad impression lasted until the interview, which itself commenced as an awkward affair.My interviewer’s first question?“Why law?”

Is it okay to tell an interviewer that you are nervous?

Yes it is. But do it with style.If you find yourself speaking in a rushed manner or tripping over your words, you can simply smile or slightly laugh and say “I am sorry I am a little nervous. I usually don’t get nervous at interviews but today I am. Smile, take a deep breath and continue…… So where was I? Yes, so I worked xx years at blah blah blah. . ..It might actually help you feel less nervous to state so. It’s probably okay to do this with HR people. I recommend to feel it out if you are speaking and interviewing with someone that will be directly managing you. I don’t know that I would hire someone that is nervous just conversing with me about their work history.Better to get to the location super early, find a quiet spot to do stretching and deep breathing and tell yourself all will be fine.Yesterday I did a phone interview and sounded like a complete and utter idiot when she asked me to tell her about myself. I had written a 2.5 minute piece and read it on the phone. I READ IT ON THE PHONE!!!! I have no idea why I was nervous about the call. I never get nervous on interviews. I don’t have much practice on phone interviews. I admit I did not prepare in the time I had, which was two days, and I wrote my piece about 2 hours prior to the call in between meetings.Be less nervous with preparation and relaxation techniques.