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Jobs For 15yr Olds Help

JOBS for 15 year olds?

im turning 15 in september nd i just got my cell fone taken away nd need a job to pay for one that im gna buy with my own money nd be able to keep paying for it.... also start saving up for a car. but some people are telling me its not worth it, becuase of child labor laws.. you only get to work for a little witch means your pay obviously is very little....

do you know any good jobs for 15 year olds that the pay is sumwhat reasonable???

oh and btw i live in new jersey... if this helps. haha??

What are some jobs for a 15 year old?

Some that come to mind:  Do a twist on babysitting by being a "kid escort":  Some parents would like to have their kids go to the local park, on a neighborhood bike ride, to play in the schoolyard, even to church, but aren't sure their kids are quite old enough to go alone.  Of course, you'll be walking or bike riding, not driving.  You could make sure they get back and forth safely, and hang out on the fringes to make sure they don't misbehave or get into trouble.  You'll need to make sure you know what the parents want and don't want their kids to be doing.Another concierge service could focus on senior citizens.  Many people would be glad to have a visitor look in on them for a few minutes every day, or to have someone look in on their parents.  There's a kid in our neighborhood who takes out the trash and brings in  the cans for elderly people.  He charges each house $10/month to come  twice a week and $2/can to scrub them out.  He gets their snow shoveling, weed pulling, window washing, and other jobs, too.Do you have talent?  Teach kids to sing or dance or play simple songs on a guitar, recorder or piano..  Design low-cost art projects to be done at your house or theirs, inside or out.  These can be especially good options when kids are stuck inside.Dog walking, tending, exercising,  especially in rain, snow and hot weather. If there's a good place for playing with a dog off leash in your area (or in your yard or a  neighbors' yard), lots of people might be willing to part with a few  dollars to have you exercise Fido.  If you're good at it, you can also  offer to teach them tricks and games.Tutoring in reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history or any other subject you're good at, being a "homework helper" or helping with projects might offer parents some welcome relief.  If you're good at sports, you could offer lessons one-on-one or a few kids at a time.  You can even teach chess or video games or computers to beginners.New babies generate a lot of laundry, and new mom's could use a hand.  Offer to do the washing/drying/folding at their house.  How do you get customers?  Look around your neighborhood, and see who could use some low-cost help.  Talk to people who go to your church/synagogue/temple about the business you're starting.  Ask your teachers to write recommendations about your character. Ask your parents for their input on your pricing, hours of operation, what they're comfortable having you doing.

How do I help my 20-year-old son find a job?

PLEASE DON’T!Recovering Helicopter Mommy HERE!So, I spend the better part of 19 years helicoptering over my son! I made sure he did everything, fought with his teachers for him, argued over grades and assignments with them, babied him when he was hurt by friends, etc… Know what it got me? A 19 year old that was used to having his hand held and had no idea how to advocate for himself in college! It’s taken him almost a year at college to break through some of the harm I’ve done to him and it will take more time to fully get it. I created a child who was solely dependent on me for everything and now that he’s expected to do things as an adult, he’s lost.Your son is 20 years old! He needs to be able to stand on his own, fight his own battles, advocate for himself, and find his own job- or deal with the consequences of not finding one. Other than talk to him about how to set up a resume, how to fill out an application, and where to search for jobs- he needs to do this alone! Let him make his mistakes and learn from them. It will be better for you all in the end!

Jobs hiring 15-year-olds?

In the US at 14 or older you can work in an:
Grocery store,
Retail store,
Movie Theater,
Baseball Park,
Amusement park, or
Gasoline service station

Businesses such as Publix, Kroger's, Food Lion, Sonic, Chic-Fil-A, McDonald's, Winn-Dixie, Krystal's, Dairy Queen, and Burger King along with smaller local businesses that are in the same genre tend to hire those your age.

Fast-food and grocery stores are willing and able to train new employees but........................
Minors tend to have many issues that affect their ability to work such as tardiness, absenteeism, and numerous schedule requests, poor work-ethic etcetera.
I am NOT implying you will have those issues but the fact that many your age do makes it more difficult for you to get an opportunity to prove your worth.
Because of this you must be able to show through words and actions that you are reliable, dependable, punctual, detail oriented, trainable, coachable, punctual, mature and team oriented. You will also need great references since you don't have work experience. Talk to teachers, counselors, clergy, coaches, club sponsors, and directors of places you have volunteered or people you have done casual labor for and ask them about giving you a reference. Get accurate, current contact information for them and ask them to be ready to get calls for references from potential employers.

Most businesses are individually owned and operated so it is the owner’s policy and past experience with minors that will determine if they will hire you. Apply everywhere you can, the worse that can happen is they don't hire you.

For information concerning hours you can work, jobs that you can do (there are many others) and work permits for minors (not all states require permits) go to:
US Department of Labor

Help ! What Jobs Hire 15 YEAR OLDS? in Kansas City, Missouri?

I really need a job! doesnt matter if its all year or just summer, please help me. I'm the type of girl who likes the finer things in life, but doesn't like asking my parents for money all the time. So I really want a job. Please comment and help me. I live in Kansas City, Missouri

Can you help me find a decent job for a 19 year old girl?

Without knowing more it’s difficult to pick a good job.If your brave you or you and a friend can teach English to kids overseas. In Taiwan, Korea and Japan you can make 700$+ a week no taxes teaching different age kids English, they usually train you. You need a passport, a plane ticket and 1000$ OR look for a job on Tealit-com or Aharon-com. It’s adventorous, exciting and a great adventure if you got what it takes which is English as a first language and some courage!Also try Nanny for people living overseas or in America. Pay can be good, no real room for advancement except to be noticed by people and drafted because your one of the family into their or a friends business. Lots of fringe benefits from using the car, possible free room, free food, overtime.Waitressing is for the young, usually one of the best paying jobs but no future and very little advancement except to get a job at a better rester-auntAny retail can be a learning experience and if done right it has decent promotion opportunity. The pay for unskilled young people is not good but learn how to sell, how to work with customers and learning all about electronics or fashion can be fun if it interests you. Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Supermarket, Narshalls.Cleaning houses is drudgery. But the money can be good, can listen to headphones and with a car and a friend can start your own business on the side fairly quickly. Same with lawn care, house painting, most manual labor semi-skilled jobs.Fast food actually pays well now. It’s hard fast paced fairly gross not-glamorous work but advancement is there. 5–10 years you could be running this McDonalds.Find a local Real Estate Agent, Law Office or Car dealership that needs a gopher or office help. Dress nice, pay is OK and you can move up to office Assistant.Phone work either surveys or selling in the phone is safe and you can sit there. Pay depends on how you sell or how helpful you can be. Great job for really good looking people because no one notices and that can be a problem/crutch for some young ladies , or the opposite because no one notices on the phone.

Jobs with Horses for a 15 year old?

So I want my own horse in the worst way!!!! I've been riding for a few years and I love them! We looked into adopting a horse and my mom said paying to buy the horse isn't the problem but paying for everything else is, like the boarding, and vet, and everything else and she just doesn't have the money. I understand the money problem but It still made me upset. I volunteer now at a stable too where I take care of the horses which is the place I wanted to adopt from but can't and for boarding there its 750 dollars a month. It's only volunteering so i don't get paid. Do you think there is any job with horses that I can do? I'm 14 now and gonna be 15 in October. I was thinking of maybe taking care of someones horse when they go on vacation but do you think I can do that at 15? I just wanna try to earn some money so i can show my parents that I'm serious about this. Any ideas? Thanks!

What are some online jobs for a 15 year-old?

Hi-ya!Oh the days I wish when I was 15 again… nevertheless, don’t waste you time!One of things I got into when I was 15 was website design and website marketing. You can easily setup a website targeting a specific keyword, build your traffic and start a PPC campaign (Google Ads). You get paid per click of these ads, with each ad varying in price.You could also incorporate affiliates i.e. advertising a product on your website, if someone buys something through your link, you get paid a commission. What I’ve mentioned is a long journey, but the return of investment can be great - who knows, you might enjoy it and become an expert in the field!Some other ways you can make money online are: surveys, website reviewing and market research.Sites like Toluna, Research Opinions and Swagbucks pays $X amount for every survey you complete. With Swagbucks, you have the luxury of receiving giftcards for different websites e.g. Amazon. They can take a while to build a decent sum of money and sometimes they require you reach a certain amount before you can pay out i.e. Research Opinions requires you to reach £8 before you can receive that money. Research Opinions also offers a market research section - you go and do research for a company and get paid. I did one on the 21/07 and got paid £40 for testing different flavoured sparkling water. It’s super easy!Website reviewing is super easy and fun to do as well. I run a site called and we offer £8 for every website review you complete. It’s free to join and takes 5 minutes to complete the screening process. Once that’s complete, you can receive paid reviews to complete. We also offer a referral program - for referring 5 people, you’ll receive £5, refer 15 you receive a £10 Amazon voucher and refer 60 people, you’ll receive £40! Definitely worth taking a look at.I really do hope this helps you out! Let me know if you require any additional information or just fancy a chat. Cheers!