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Jobs For Young Adult Not Interested In Restaurant Or Front End Retail Work

How can I get away from my retail job to do video freelance work (that I love) in this economy?


Make a list of all the types of businesses that could benefit from using your services. Once the list has been made, contact those companies directly. I would suggest you walk-in and introduce yourself and have a portfolio ready to show them of the quality work you can do.

It's important that you DO NOT SELL YOUR COMPANY - but rather SELL THE BENEFITS the customer will receive/obtain from utilizing your video services.

Things like 'annual income', 'return on investment', "sales conversion" etc., etc, are all important to every business, so if you can address those issues and show them how they can achieve these things, your age won't be an issue.

Personally speaking, a person's 'age' means nothing, as long as they prove to me that they know what they're doing, can prove to me that my business will grow from using their product/service, then I'm all for it!

As an additional suggestion, head over to
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I know for a fact that many internet marketers are always hungry for anything they can use in order to help increase their own business. So, your very services can definitely be an added value for those in the Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale areas...and beyond.

Hope this helps?

How do you write a resume to re-enter the work force after a 4 year abscense to be home with disabled child?

First things first, use Google and put in How do I write a resume? or Examples of resumes. That should get you a start on what to say and how to format it.

As for going back to work after years of not working...
I was married 7 years. My husband did not allow me to work. We got divorced. I had no money, rent was coming due, a quarter a tank of gas and no food in the house. Sitting on my front steps my neighbor asks why I am crying. I told him just what I told you. He said "you are good with computers right"? "Come in for an interview where I work tomorrow". I got the job. When they asked about the big gap I was honest about my husband not letting me. Hired on the spot.

I would go to the employment office in your area and try to get a referral from them. I am sure you have a skill. Maybe even try to work with kids at a daycare I am sure you could get that kind of job. Good Luck hon!

If you work in retail, or have worked in retail before, what was the 'one' thing you truly hate about it?

People that demand your attention right then and there and then talk on their cell phones while you wait for them to end...I walk away. I was taught it is rude to listen in or interrupt someones phone call. If they get offended **** them. Your time is valuable as well and it is more important to be well mannered than rude. No boss will fire you for being polite and you can help other customers,

A couple of others is people that want special treatment because they "spend so much money" here.

And let us not forget people that want you to break the rules and possibly lose your job in the name of getting "the hook up". Friends won't want you to lose your job.

Name droppers.

The list goes on and on.

I honestly think everyone should make a schedule for a staff for a month(try to accommodate every ones needs, child care, other jobs, transportation limitations etc. and still meet the needs of the business), work in retail during the holidays, and work in a restaurant for 6 months, I think they would treat people in those positions differently.

I'm 19 and me and my friend really wanted to get into the night club business, How do I start??

If you've never worked in the Food/Beverage/Entertainment industry, I'd suggest you find someone who currently is to apprentice yourself and learn from them, even if you have to work for free. There's no substitute for actually getting your hands dirty and seeing what it is like on a day-to-day basis. It's not all fun and games like you'd think.These types of establishments have the highest rate of failure of all small businesses - sometimes it's just not enough to have an academic education or to be a "people person", you gotta live it to know how it is. As for your start-up capital requirements - these types of places usually have a relatively high up-front small business investment requirement - $50K or greater. This money is going to help you with the prep for the opening and then to carry your business operating expenses through your first years, which will be lean profit-wise, I guarantee you, especially if you borrow from a bank. Contact your local Small Business Administration office for more info or go to

Question for working moms with school age children?

Having been a working single mom and now a working married mom, I can tell you there are no good options for your situation.

I have always relied on daycare. Like you, I did not have any family around, the few that were work full time as well.

-if your kids are sick, you either stay home (regardless of the consequences at work) or you send them to school sick and tell them that if it gets too bad to call you (easier to get out of work for sick kids when you get a phone call to come and get them)

-plan all your sick and vacation time around the kids days off. When there are days off and you don't have any more time off avail at work, you have to take it unpaid, send them to daycare, or find a friend to watch them.

-for some days there is no daycare or school, you have to watch out for those days and make sure you use your time off carefully to cover those days first.

-if your kid forgets to bring lunch or an instrument and you are at work they are SOL.

It really sucks, but I am just being honest here....

You could get a job at the school or find one that has short hours during your time slot which is hard to find, change your 14 yo's schedule if possible so they are home by 4 pm, put them in daycare, use your network of other moms to find someone's house they kids can go to before or after school, etc...there is no ideal option here.

I would not leave a young child w/ 14 yo's all day...they will go stir crazy.

One thing you can do is work from home....the only legit work from home I know of is transcribing and the pay is crap. If you have to pay to work for a company it is not legit...

Sorry there is no easy solution.

**add on** Just thought of this, would you be interested in starting your own home daycare? Low start up cost, some home modifications, possibly some additional training, research on laws and such. You could be up and going in 3 months.....there is a HUGE need for daycares in most areas.

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What can I do with my management degree when I graduate, and when I don't have any management experience yet?

you're in an exceptionally annoying organisation at a touch annoying time. the appliance organisation is approximately as delicate and profitless an business enterprise as all of us would desire to locate, and that they desire good salesmen extra desirable than they desire an green supervisor. the best-controlled concerns make you artwork on the floor till you be attentive to a thank you to do each little thing. It teaches you concerning the human beings: shoppers, sales team, and each and all of the conflicts and issues encountered via a storekeeper. no one taught you a thank you to handle a shoplifter, a hearth inspector, a unethical worker or a drunken, infuriated client in history of economic institutions type. Your present day activity will do merely that. evaluate it an front examination, and study all you may from what you spot and hear. if your organisation is clever--and that i somewhat anticipate that they are, having stayed interior the toughest organisation exterior of a foodstuff shop for some years--then you certainly'll finally end up in administration after some years. And what you would be doing then is telling some youngster who thinks he discovered to administration a shop in college that he has to check to do inventory and wait on shoppers first.

Depressed and Jobless.?

I agree with some of the above -- pop a vitamin pill and especially B vitamins for mood. You need B vitamins to make serotonin and dopamine. You need lots of B vitamins for energy (Kreb cycle). You even need B vitamins to break down B vitamins (and so you may be flat out)! I take B vitamins that are already in their active forms that the body uses so that they can be utilized despite any deficiencies or genetic problems I might have. Here is the one I take:

Good nutrition is important. So is exercise (endorphins). Eat a healthy diet and leave off colas and junk food as these will sap your energy and they require B vitamins to digest (they are a drain on your resources w/o resupplying the nutrients they use).

I think you should certify in something to get a job. See if your parents will help you. Here are some programs:
or you can get cd-rom or online IT training by topic: or and this guy lists FREE web tutorials on Java:
another popular IT topic: (SQL training)
(The goal is to be Microsoft certified in the top 6 categories asked for in job ads in your local area -- look on or something for the ads). It costs $300 per certification test: