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John Kerry Said The Reason For Going Into Syria

Was John Kerry drafted?

John Kerry enlisted and went to Appomattox...Bush got drunk with Cheney...

Since Kerry, Obama and Rice were 100% wrong about Syria removing its chemical weapons, could they be wrong about the nukes in Iran, too?

No doubt! Iran will be soon a nuclear power Shiite Muslims state thanks to and blessings From United kingdom, France and Vatican city! Pakistan is a Sunni nuclear power state.Trust me Israel is not a declared or undeclared nuclear power,Catholic Vatican city against the Jews and will never give permission to Israel to possess Nuclear weapons nor the real owners of the so called Jewish state,will permit Israel to possess Nuclear weapons and becomes a Nuclear power state. Pakistan and India have not direct control on theirs Nuclear power weapons,but directly controlled by London!

How did John Kerry switch from dove to hawk so quickly?

He came out of Vietnam committed to keeping America's military out of every possible foreign engagement, and now The Secretary of State (America's top diplomat) is beating the war drums. How did he switch so fast?

Are you disappointed that John Kerry went from a Vietnam War protester to a warhawk?

Actually, yeah, I kind of am. Unlike the Republicans, I'm not afraid to criticize anyone. This just goes to show you that republicans and democrats aren't the solution to anything. They are extremely similar parties with a tremendous amount of overlap. I have to tell you, I'm starting to get really sick of both of them. Just look at who funds their campaigns. Its so obvious that they don't actually care about the Constitution or what the founding fathers stood for. Just look at all the rights we are losing because of them.

Why do people criticize John Kerry? What's the deal with his Vietnam War record, and why is he so disliked by a lot of people in the US?

I an not an American so perhaps my observations are a bit (or perhaps entirely) incorrect.But I remember that his critics regarded him as someone who was out of touch with the common people. Kerry was/is a very rich man who married a Heinz company heiress. As far as I know he was member of the rich American elite all his life and he never had to take care of common people's worries. He always gave me the same impression as Hillary Clinton; that they're detached, not genuine and that all the smiles are fake. It's not like that they're sociopaths or anything like that. But to me it seems like they're both trying to understand the problems of common Americans but because of the privileged life they have they can't. They truly tried but it's not believable. Just like some actor in a movie who is doing some bad romantic scene; he is saying the lines, the music is playing but the chemistry and the feel that he truly believes what he is saying aren't there.George Walker Bush or JFK were also members of the American elite but at least they had some true down to Earth charisma and they gave the impression that they truly understood the common American. Or perhaps they were just better actors.But as I've said; that are just like my impressions from Central Europe and perhaps I'm completely wrong.

Is John Kerry right that Russia's support for Bashar al-Assad is "profoundly ill-advised"?

No.Maybe Mr Kerry should tell us which of the “moderate” groups that they are arming should world support ?The Free Syrian Army “moderates” who were threatening to kill US troops ?US troops 'forced to flee Syrian town' after FSA rebel threatsAmerican commandos 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebelsFSA rebel eating the heart of a government soldier.The “moderates from Nour Din Al Zinki who beheaded a 12 year old palestinian boy ?The photographer of the famous picture of the injured boy Omran hanging out with the Din Al Zinki child beheadersMaybe we should start arming the brave White Helmets to fight the evil Assad regime ?White Helmets cleaning up after an Al Qaeda execution.Maybe Ahrar Al Sham ? They look like a very moderate force, don't they ?WARNING! GRAPHIC IMAGES BELOW.Civilians massacred by Ahrar Al Sham.During the peace peace talks, the US refused to stop supporting and arming the Jaish Al Fatah (formerly Al Nusra-Al Qaeda in Syria), so maybe the US should start arming Al Nusra ?Interview of Al Nusra: Yes, the U.S. supports the opposition, but not directly. They support the countries which support us.Rebels of Al Nusra with US made anti tank missiles.So which of this “moderate jihadists” should the world support? Do you still think that supporting Assad and the Syrian government is “profoundly ill-advised” ?

Why do many Americans think that Assad is bad and Syrian rebels are good?

The latest polls show 91.4% of Americans believe we should not do anything in Syria. I agree with this. There are far too many other issues; high unemployment, people losing their homes, the national debt, and etc...

To add to this rationelle, according to US News, Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., states the Obama administration has manipulated the intellegence to make it's case for war.

I just read, just now, even the Pope is against what Obama and Kerry are trying to do. The Catholic Church is known the world over for having the best intelligence (by far) than anybody or any government.

Unfortunately, the mad dog Obama appears to be foaming at the mouth, drunk with power, and dead-set on diverting the American peoples' attention by "Wagging-the-Dog" out of all his scandals (Egypt, NSC, IRS, the nation debt, the high unemployment rate, falling race relations, and so on and so on...).

Secretary of State, John Kerry (Mr. Heinz Catsup, as many folks refer to him as because he married into this money), has made a half-century career bad mouthing the US Military ("Baby Killers" and etc...(see his congressional testimony and many interview given)). There are so many folks that served with him in the US Navy that believe he should have been tried for treason (Swift Boaters). Now, just a few months after Obama annointed John Kerry into his new position, John Kerry is doing everything John Kerry can do to get the US into a war with the very same US Military he has spoken so badly about to assist his boss, Obama for political reasons.

Many if these two were truly doing this for "Humanitarian Reasons" they would have done something in the Congo where at least 4,000,000 people have been killed.

It is interesting these very same folks that were so against any war under Bush are now doing everything they can to get the US into this war to protect their man Obama. Problem is that the "Generation X and Y" folks that voted overwhelmingly for him, now are expected to go to war for him. If they do not, watch the draft come back... so if you are between the ages of 18 and 40.

Good luck.