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Just Bought A Catahoula Leopard Dog Not Sure What He Is Mixed With Any Suggestions

How big will a Boxer and Catahoula Leopard Dog mix get and does it shed?

Those are both good size breeds and the possibility of a pup being up to 30 pounds is probably very low.

I am sure that by 7 months old it will already exceed your weight limit

As for shedding both breeds shed. I myself have boxers and can assure you that they do shed and a few times a year shed quite a bit. It may be short fur but it does shed. The Catahoula Leopard also sheds and am sure more than just a little.

All dogs shed to some extent and there is nothing that can be done about it except to accept and and just vacuum and dust more often

With the above being said and your listed requirements, I do not think that this pup would probably fit your lifestyle and what yo are looking for.

Better to make an educated decision than one due to how cute the pup looks. Plus I never recommend buying a pup/ dog on the internet as you have no way of visiting the breeder to see the conditions that the pups have been kept as well as seeing the Dam and Sire for size and temperament and lets not forget that you wil want to know if health testing was done on the parents and had passed them all prior to the breeder deciding to breed them.

Are Catahoula Leopard Dogs good family pet?

If your family is into hunting, hiking and playing location and retrieval games almost every single day…. Sure!Otherwise it is like a single, Urbanite who just got their drivers permit owning a huge empty “Escalade” just to show it off! It is pathetic to behold.“Yaay, look at me, I own a thing!” (Sorry bud, nobody is better for owning a shiny thing!)But it is an animal. A living thing. Too many people cater to their “Want” and not their “need”, lately the shelters are filled with working dogs who have gone crazy trying to please their clueless and lazy masters..Please get a dog that matches your lifestyle.

What do you know about Catahoula leopard dogs?

They are able to climb trees.Its official dog of Louisiana. They were bred from Louisiana first settlers herding dogs and native American breeds.They are up to 70 cms tall and weigh up to 40 kgs.They have beautiful colorfull coat.They have webbed feets, great for marshy areas.They are amazing working dogs, they love to work.They need strong leadership, but they are gentle and affectionate.They are low maintance and dont need much grooming.They have lot of different names: Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog, Catahoula Cur, Leopard Dog, Leopard cur, Catahoula hound and Catahoula hot dog.Watch my video about this awesome breed:

Could a Catahoula Leopard Dog be kept in an apartment?

In theory, you could have a Catahoula in an apartment, but you have to be willing and able to be able to provide them with the amount of exercise and mental stimulation they need. They have far more energy than a field bred lab...think border collie energy and intelligence. A couple of hour long walks a day will not cut it, and if they are not worn down enough they can have very destructive tendencies. I suggest you speak to a number of breeders and owners before you make the decision to get a Catahoula and really think on how active you are now. They may look pretty, but there is A LOT of dog in those packages.

Second...Catahoulas are curs NOT hounds. They are bred to bay large game, cattle and tree, so yeah, they make a lot of noise. Again you need to be willing and able to put the time and effort into training them to make them an appropriate apartment dog.

ETA: With the questions you're asking, I think you need to spend more time doing research. If you would like to talk to someone with a good amount of experience with the breed, feel free to e-mail me ( and we can talk. This is not a breed to take be taken lightly (not that any is, but you get what I mean).

What are Catahoula/Lab mixes like?

Any cross bred dog will have characteristics of both animals, but a catahoula/lab mix is probably going to have a pretty cool personality.Both Catahoulas and Labs were bred as working dogs. Some of that has left the lab lineage due to over breeding and breeding specifically as “pets”.Catahoulas, on the other hand, are still work dogs. They are natural herders and have very strong temperaments.What does this mean for a pet? Anytime you have a working dog as a pet you must provide plenty of stimulation and exercise for the animal. Chew toys are a must. Regular toys are a must. Space to move is a must. These are not apartment dogs.Catahoulas will require regular exercise. If you don’t exhaust them at least once per day, they will tear your house apart. Not because they want to make you mad, but because they have to do something with all of that energy.Plan to spend at least 1–2 hours per day exercising your dog.However, the loyalty, intelligence and love you will receive from a Catahoula is beyond compare.I definitely recommend an obedience course for these dogs. Unless you already know how to train dogs. Catahoulas are smart. They will learn to communicate with you, but you need to learn to communicate with them. They can be very stubborn, but if you earn their loyalty with proper care, they will always listen to you.Catahoulas can have very different personalities. One of my catahoulas was incredibly smart, very alpha, stubborn to her core and a bit standoffish with her humans. She loved us, snuggled us regularly, but that was not her “job”. Her job was to watch over us and make sure we were safe at all times. The other catahoula was still smart, but didn’t show it as much, not an alpha in any way, very snuggly, very loving and absolutely single minded about wanting to play 24/7. He didn’t worry so much about his “job”, he was just happy all of the time.Catahoulas are a breed that definitely require lots of time and attention. They are worth it. They are some of the most amazing dogs I’ve ever had an opportunity to own. But you have to be willing to give them the care they need. If you don’t, they’ll try to get your attention by ways you won’t enjoy.

Is a blue heeler catahoula mix a good dog?

Most dogs are good dogs.Now, whether a mix of two insanely high energy, free-spirited, wicked-smart, stubborn streak, tireless, working breeds is a good idea for you to own is a whole different question.The Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler, Heeler, Red Heeler, etc) was developed to move semi-feral range cattle thousands of miles across a very, very inhospitable continent. They don’t take “no” for an answer very easily and can easily become obsessively aggressive if they don’t feel that someone else is in charge and properly running things.The Catahoula Leopard Dog was similarly bred primarily to work with semi-feral stock, oh, and also to hunt dangerous game. They would herd cattle, goats, and sheep and to round up the mostly-wild hogs it is reported that they would intentionally start fights with them and then lead the enraged animals home chasing them. They were also used to hunt animals like wild boars and bears.Can you handle that much dog? Most people can’t.

Is a Catahoula mix a good family dog?

Here is a potential downside of owning herding dogs of any breed:While catahoulas do have a good reputation as a family pet, I’d be very careful about getting a cow dog if I had young children. In order to herd animals as large as cattle, dogs have to have a lot of attitude. Imagine yourself trying to force an entire NFL team into the locker room to get some idea of what I mean; cattle are many times the size and strength of any dog. Dogs that can do it have to have a lot of fight in them.As a rancher who needs a herding dog, I’ve got a McCallum border collie myself, which is an Australian line bred to work with cattle in hot climates rather than sheep. She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever seen, and she has a lot of attitude to boot. I can’t take my eyes off her when she’s around people; she has a bad way of herding people, particularly children, and then snarling when they try to escape her.Since the dog you’re asking about is only a mix, whether getting this dog is a good idea would depend on how strong its herding instinct is. Sometimes mixed-breed dogs will keep their herding instincts; sometimes they won’t. And this is true of families of young children who get such a dog. The dog will learn to be very protective of its own “herd” of children, but can exhibit the behavior I’ve described on visiting children. The good side is that while herding dogs can bite, it is less likely than with other breeds. But they can and do nip, almost always without breaking the skin.Bottom line: Before I introduced this kind of dog into a situation in which there will be lots of young children, I’d want to see how the dog behaves around them first. While chances are everything will be just fine, you’ve got a lot to lose if they aren’t.

Is my dog a Catahoula dog?

it is possible that it could be a lab mix or a catahoula.
catahoulas are a mix between like 4 different breeds so either was its a mix breed

but if your vet agreed with you then he is probably right

The foundation of the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog developed through chance breeding by the Indians who used their "Red Wolf" dogs to locate game. When Hernando Desoto came into Louisiana he brought with him Greyhound and Mastiff "War Dogs". These two types of dogs mixed with the Indian's Red Wolf. The Mastiff type of dog that accompanied DeSoto was probably the dog known as the "Alano Mastiff" of Spain and that type of dog is extinct.

Defeated by the Indians, DeSoto abandoned his War Dogs allowing those dogs to roam freely and interbreed with each other along with the indigenous Red Wolf. The mixed blood dogs were used by the Indians for hunting and became known as the "Wolf Dog." In the early 1700's the French had arrived in Louisiana and interbred their dogs with the Indians' Wolf Dog. These four canines formed the foundation blood stock of the Catahoula of today.

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