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Just Found This What Is It

I just found a baby bunny. What do i do?

A cat had a baby bunny. It isn't wounded but it is really scared. we put it in a really big dog cage for the night and i gave it 2% milk and smoe grass and really small bits of carrot (like four bits about the size of a BB or pellet (like for a gun) And some grass. should i take that out NOW?? i want to call a animal person tomarrow but will it be ok through the night?



Well, if Demi is what you were calling her/him, I see no reason to change it, espically if he was answering to it. Ever read or see the book/movie Little Women?? When the oldest daughter, Meg, gets married, she has twins. Boy and girl. The girl is named Margaret, after her mother, but nicknamed Daisy, and the boy is John, after his father but nicknamed Demi -- short for demi-john, a small container. He remained Demi until his father died, I believe.

So if Demi works for Louisa May Alcott, it could work here. Demi doesn't have to mean Demi Moore. Kinda like the name Leslie -- thought of more as a girl name now, but Leslie Howard was a famous actor -- Ashley in Gone With the Wind, among other roles.

If the kitten isn't really answering to it yet, though I supposed it could be changed, and really, as long as kitty knows you love it, and you feed it and take care of all it's needs, it probably won't care what you call it, as long as it isn't called late for dinner!

Don't forget to have your baby neutered as soon as possible -- male cats do spray/urinate to mark their territory, and getting then neutered early prevents this!

I just found out or I've just found out?

I've means I have. So both are correct. I just found out. I have just found out. I think the first one sounds better. Read them out loud, that usually helps me when editing my own papers.

Just found out im pregnant?

Eat healthy
Start thinking of saving money
Think of names
Get pre-natal vitamins
Drink lot's of water
Make a list of questions you'd like to ask your doctor on your first visit.

Just found this name Kenley and Kensley?

I like Kendra Leigh, it sounds really nice. Kendra was never much of a popular name, my Grandma's friend's daughter is named Kendra. It seems to be gaining a bit of popularity, though.

I like Kenley, it's really cute.

I don't like Kensley, though, I think Kenley or Kesley is prettier.

Kinsy is cute, but, I like the spelling Kinsey better.

My friend just had a daughter a few months ago named McKinley and she calls her Kinley.

I just found out my crush is gay, how do I handle this?

Rejection hurts. No getting around it. As for him being gay, you can still have a crush on a gay guy, and know it’s not going anywhere. It’s okay and there’s nothing to feel bad about.Luckily, you’re far, far away, and if you stop obsessing about it, you’ll feel better shortly.In the meantime, get out, meet new people, make new friends, explore your new home. There’s plenty to keep you occupied.