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Just Got A Dog Need Help On How To Train Him

Need help potty training Maltese.?

Don't let the dog back inside until he goes outside. While many folks like newspapers or training pads, I have found these only encourage the dog to go inside, and makes it harder for them to go anywhere else.

First and foremost, when you cannot watch the dog, i.e., at night or when you are not home, the dog needs to be confined to a crate or very small area. A dog will not soil their “home”, as they don’t want to be near it, either!

As soon as you get home, or when you get up in the morning, put the dog on leash, and walk them outside to a spot where you want them to go. Always go to the same area. This will become their potty spot, and will make things a lot easier for clean up. As you go outside with them, tell them to “go potty”. They will soon learn what this means, which will help in the long run.

As soon as they go outside where they are supposed to, a lot of praise, petting, and an occasional treat. This will reinforce that you are happy with them. Do this praise immediately, as a dog’s attention span is very short and if you wait, they will be happy you are praising them, but they will not know why you are praising them.

If the dog makes a mistake and goes in the house –
If you are there and see them start to go, tell them “no” in a firm voice, immediately take them outside to their potty spot.
If you do not see them actually in the act, then do nothing. Scolding the dog after the fact will not teach them, as they will not remember what they did and will not know why you are angry.

Do not give the dog food or water within 2 hours of bed time.
Get the dog on a schedule as soon as possible for feeding and potty times. The dog’s internal system will soon learn this schedule and they will be able to wait until their scheduled time.

My dog is scared of strangers. Help?

I have a small mix breed dog that barks at strangers. People want to pet him and he with bark or try to bit them.I don t know what to do. He barks at my roommate that we ve been living with for a month. If he doesn t change I might have to get rid of him which worries me because the way he acts he probably won t get a new home. But other wise he is a very sweet dog

I need help training my dog?

k, first of all: to teach your dog some basic tricks, you have to have food. after he has really learned obedience it wont be necessary but for now you will need it.

to help your dog understand the system 4 learning, start with this basic trick:down laying down is really a dogs bread and butter. you will need a clicker, meaning something that makes a quick noise. there are official clickers but many household items work.
one very important things is a motion. a common "down" motion is a straight arm pointing skyward that you lower to point downward. dos learn better from motions then sound, but will also use a vocal command.

when you have the food, your dog is likely to start trying Various things and will eventually lay down. if he doesn't, you May GENTLY push on his back to give him the idea. be patient with your dog.

when your dog successfully does the trick, immediately use your sound maker. your dog will quickly learn this means "good job". reward your dog with the food by putting it Between their paws and not by letting them gobble it out of your hands. this teaches good eating behaviors.

you can congratulate your dog vocally, but do not pet him till you are completely finished with your training session. to a dog, being petted means Business is over and playtime has begun.

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Please help me with my dog!!! I want to un-paper train him.?

i got my min pin when he was 9months. he is now 3 1/2. he was previously crate trained. when i got him i let him roam free when i was home and kept him in the kitchen when i was not. i am gone sometimes for 10 hours so i started putting paper down. now he is paper trained for when i am not home. he never goes on paper if i am home, he will tell me he needs to go out. how can i stop him from going on paper when i am home????? can he hold it for 10 hours? he is 20lb. is this too much to ask of him? i have thought of just stop putting the paper down but figured he would just pee on the floor. should i put less water down? should i start putting him in a crate when i am not home? please help me! i clean up pee almost everyday.

Does anyone have any well-proven training how to stop my dog from chasing my cats, please?

I just adopted a black lab that has a little pitbull in him. Hamilton is two years old. He is not neutered but will be getting neutered on the 29th.
He chases my cats and so far I have been able to stop him before he harms the cats but it's a disaster waiting to happen, I'm afraid. I don't know if he just wants to play, but I am not going to find out the hard way.
I need tried and true suggestions to train him to leave my cats alone, please.
I thank you in advance!

My dog won't get excited about anything - how do I train him?

I have an awesome dog. He never gets into anything. He never barks or jumps on people. BUT, when I need him to get excited - in order to train him - he never gets excited. For example, he passes on treats, numerous different kinds. He wouldn't even get excited about tennis balls soaked in beef broth so I could try to teach him to play fetch.

He is a dog who was rescued by the pound. He spent time living on the streets of Mexico City and was hit by a car. He also is about a year old.

Question - how do I train him? I really only need to teach him to play. Fetch would be great - for extra exercise. Any help is appreciated.