Just Got Over Tonsillitis A Week Ago And I Think I Am Getting It Again

I keep getting tonsillitis again and again?

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How come I have tonsilitis again after 3 weeks?

A sore throat is one of the most common complaints  that patients go to see a physician.  For any suspected infection a clinician looks for three things, redness, swelling and the presence of pus.  Any infection can reoccur.  You could have tonsillitis every month for years. An accurately diagnosed case of the most common type of tonsillitis is caused by a bacteria called Streptococcus.   Even if you do not treat you're infection, the vast majority to the time you're own immune system will cure it in five days.   The proper use of antibiotics within the first two days will greatly hasten recovery.  It will also prevent some of the rare possible complications that will occur without treatment; Rheumatic fever (which can harm one's heart valves), a type of inflammation of you're kidney's called glomerulonephritis), and an abscess in you're tonsil which might require an emergency surgery to remove the tonsil.  The first two complications almost only happen in children.  If you have children they can harbor the strep bacteria without having any symptoms.  They can reinfect you.  I am going to assume that you're first case of tonsillitis was resolved.  If it wasn't it could have been caused by other types of bacteria including gonorrhea from oral sex. If you keep having tonsillitis, you might want to consult a specialist in ear, nose, and throat to consider having you're tonsils removed.  You will be surprised how fewer sore throats you have the rest of you're life when you're tonsils are removed.  People with recurrent tonsillitis tend to have very large ones.  They can cause you to snore.  Any obstruction of you're breathing at night not only will disturb you're bed partner, it can hurt you're long term overall health.

Tonsillitis coming back again?

I've had tonsillitis SO many times, must be over 15 now. I'm getting them out soon though.

I'm doing an artificial snowboard instructor course which begins on Wednesday and lasts for 5 days (9am-5pm every day).

Over the past 2 days i've been getting the feeling in my tonsils that i get before i get tonsillitistus. They are painful and it hurts to swallow (no puss and not swollen-yet). Then yesterday i felt really ill and had to spend the majority of the day in bed. I feel ok now but am worried i'm going to be ill for my course-i can't miss this course!!

Should i go to the doctor and ask for antibiotics?? The last couple of times i've had tonsillitus they've told me to try my hardest not to take antibiotics because i've had so many this year.

But just this once so i can get through the course? Think the doctor would give me any? It's the only opportunity i'll have all year and i need the qualificationion to get this job i want...
I can just tell i'm about to get really ill and can't afford to wait for that to happen.

What harm can too many antibiotics do anyway?

Any advice?

Am I getting tonsillitis again?

If you are running fevers, it's probably not a cold. If you are feverish you should go back to your doctor. Some lab work might be in order--a throat swab, blood count, etc. If you're not feverish, supportive care for a cold is the way to go. Get plenty of sleep, drink lots of fluids, especially warm stuff like tea & chicken soup (it's not called Jewish penicillin for nothing!), warm salt water gargles, saline nasal spray or a Neti pot, and OTC meds to treat your symptoms. Ibuprofen will help relieve your sore throat, guaifenesin to help with getting rid of the phlegm, and the like. Sometimes an allergy medicine can help relieve some of your symptoms. If you run a temp over 101.5 F, it's truly a fever and you should see a doctor. A full course of antibiotics should have knocked out any sort of bacterial infection, unless it wasn't the right antibiotic. Feel better!

Why won't my tonsillitis go away? It's been over a month and a week and i still have it..help!?

Ive had tonsillitus about 7 or 8 times before but have never gone to the doctors for antibiotics because it usually gets better after a week. On Feb 20th i got it again and deided to go to my GP. The doctor gave me 250 mg of penicillin 4 times a day for 7 days and took a throat swab. The penicillin seemed to work and by the end of the 7 days i felt OK but then a couple of dayslater it came back so i went back to the GP who then gave me a futher 4 days of penicillin and said the swab came back with strep throat which was sensitive to penicillin. Then after these four days i felt ok again but got ill a couple of days later and went back to the GP who then gave me 250mg of penicillin to be taken 8 times a day for 7 days. The same thing happened..it made me better then a few days after i finnished the course i got ill again. I went back to my Gp and am now on erythromycin stearate but nothing seems to be happening. Why wont it go away?If i hadnt gone to the GP would it be better by now?

Why are my tonsils always getting sore? What can I do about it?

Hello CassandraThanks for the a2aChronic tonsillitis, in my opinion, is what you are experiencing.Even in children, if they experience tonsillitis, but then again, real tonsillitis, not just a sore throat  because they've been breathing through their mouths while sleeping or because of the common cold, should be investigated properly and the tonsils surgically removed if they experience it more than 3-4 times a year.What you are describing  is bacterial infection of the tonsils, thus real tonsillitis, occurring rather frequently, maybe even more frequently than described above.The problem with chronic infection though, is that it is not only limited to the organ involved. Because of the chronic "hyperimmune status" it starts to involve your blood vessels, kidneys, liver, lungs and heart, leading to various other diseases.I would, though I'm the last person to recommend surgery, advise you to consult an ENT surgeon, be properly evaluated and have a tonsillectomy done asap. Actually, the tonsillitis is the least of your problem, it's what chronic infection is doing to the rest of your organs that will decide your fate!Have a good one!

Swollen tonsils for two weeks?

So at the end of August, I got strep really bad, and it turned into tonsilitis. They didn't remove the tonsils, just put me on medication to reduce the swelling, and get rid of the strep. Both happened and I was fine.

Two weeks ago, I noticed that my tonsils were swollen again. I looked at them with a flashlight, and there appeared to be a little white spots, which is common with strep. I thought I'd gotten it again. Before it got too painful, I decided to see a doctor. She did the rapid strep test. It came back negative. Happy to not have strep, I went home and took some ibuprofen.

Currently, the tonsils are still swollen. The white stuff is gone, but the tonsils are huge. They don't hurt, they just feel kind of swollen. They affect the way I speak though, I sound different. They also affect the swallowing of saliva. Doesn't happen so well.

What do you think this is?

Tonsillitis, please help! It keeps coming back even after 3 lots of antiobiotics...?

I'm allergic to penicillin.
I had it 3 months ago in Europe, they put me on enthromycin (? strong antibiotics) but that made me feel like throwing up for days. I kept taking it and eventually it went away.

2 weeks ago it came back. I was put on Roxymycin (?) as they're not so strong (so I can go to work) - each lot is 5 days worth, I had 10 days in a row. Then 3 days after I'd finished those 2 lots, it came back, so I got another lot of Roxy. I finished that lot 2 days ago, and it's back again =((((

Does anyone know what I should do? I can't have any more time off work =(

Will the doctor give me a 4th lot of antibiotics? I'm afraid that they'll tell me to go home and rest and not give me anything to cure it. I can't have my tonsils out right now I just can't take the time off work.

Please help. Thank you in advance for your time =)