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Just Need A Little Advice To Calm My Nerves

I get nervous around guys, any advice?

I think this is actually sort of funny.
I have the same problem but not with guys. With everybody else..
SO what i do is i just think before i talk. This way it gives me a little time to calm down and try to settle my voice.
Another thing i do is i pretend that they are someone i've known for a while, this way i'm not so nervous to talk to them,.
A way to get over your shyness is to not panic when a cute guy walks by. Something that really helped me is to nod or wave at them when they walk by in the hall way. It makes me feel more confident. ( That probably sounds silly)
And when someone talks to you just focus on what they are saying, not that you're talking to a really cute guy.

I hoped this helped. !!

How can I calm my speech nerves?

I'm the same way. A few things you can do:

I'm not going to say imagine the audience in their underwear because it's trite and doesn't really work. Instead, find a friend in the audience that you can focus on--someone that will smile and rally for you. Focus on them and pretend there's no one else in the room and you're giving your speech to only them.

Break up looking at the audience by looking down at your notes occasionally or looking up at the powerpoint.

If you get really befuddled and need a moment to collect yourself, take a sip of water from a bottle or glass you happen to have sitting there (I use that trick a lot with parent/teacher conferences).

Keep your hands busy by holding onto something like a paper clip or stone. That usually calms you down.

Have confidence by knowing your speech inside and out. Memorize it. Practice it in front of the mirror. Then practice it in front of friends. Then more and more friends until there's a group.

Starting my new job as a cashier. Im nervous and need advice/tips?

Today I finally get to work on the cash register after shadowing my coworkers for two days. I'm a little nervous as I suck at counting money because I'm slow, and also I'm afraid I might come up short on cash at the end of my shift. Advice for a new cashier with no experience? How do I stay calm with all these crazy customers?

What would you advice someone who's nervous, just before their interview?

Job interviews, for me at least, are always a source of stress. You constantly worry about the outcome, the questions, your appearance. Thousands of questioning thoughts usually float through my head before the interview.What if the interviewers dislike my answers?What if they ask me a question that throws me off guard?Here’s what helps me deal with the stress of job interviews.Prep: Prepare for you interview. Write down all of the potential questions the interviewer could ask you. Have a friend or family member give you a mock interview, or practice answering questions in front of a mirror. Unless you’re a seasoned interviewee, you’re gonna be caught off guard by at least one question, which is likely to spike your stress levels during the interview.Exercise: For example, running is my go-to way to release stress. Find some physical activity you enjoy, and do it the day before. Swimming, weightlifting, soccer, basketball, and yoga are all great ideas.Eat a nutritious meal: Go into the interview with energy. If you don’t eat at some point before the interview, you’ll likely be jittery. Don’t eat too many carbs though—you don’t want to feel like you’re gonna snooze.Pump yourself up: Positive self-talk—I can’t say it enough. This may be the most important point. Encourage yourself, be confident. Know that you can do it! Your mood can make or break the interview. And if you practice positive self-talk, you’ll go into the interview with the right attitude.Best of luck! Remember: be confident!

I'm so nervous to get braces Im going to throw up, How can I calm my self down?

Hahaha its okay! When you get your braces tightened there will be a little strain, and maybe a little pain, but it should be fine! The reason why you are probably so nervous is because braces are unfamiliar. There are plenty of articles online for info on braces. I have braces now and I actually enjoy them! You can make them unique by changing the color bands every time you go back for an appointment. You even get plenty of ice cream when they are sore! Just enjoy them and they will be off in no time!:)

Why do I become little nervous in front of the girl I love?

Thats very normal my friend, happens with everyone in this world. The key to is make ur mind and heart believe that you are confident and then do what you do or want to do, confidently.The confidence that you build up makes you look better then others. Confidence and smile are best thing that anyone could wear.Being nervous in front of our crush or the person whom we love is very natural, its human tendency, and will go with time, u just need to be confident and need to open up to that person. Interact with him/her as much as you can. Get to know her, give her attention, by this you will develop confidence, faith in him/her and a long lasting bond. That is all that matters.Good luck to you bro.P.S.: Confidence is the key, it has got me alot of love in my life (i hope you understand what i mean).

I need advice please. . . I have a karate competition tommorow and i am freaking out.?

It is a good thing to be nervous before a fight because it lets you know your human. Best thing to do is relax and don't stress out over little things like them being bigger or older because that has nothing to do with skills. Another thing is it has nothing to do with being a girl. I did the same when i was in competition and I'm a guy. You should be proud you are skilled enough to spar against black belts. Just take deep breaths before the match and relax. Just remember it's just mind over matter.

How do I calm my nerves for my all state orchestra audition?

Maryland, it's next week :0

um.. if your a judge, I was also wondering how picky you are with tempo.. because right now I am having trouble playing it fast enough. Would you rather hear something played ok up to speed or better when it is slower?

also, is it ok if I change bowings in the excerpts slightly? The printed bowings are a little bit impractical at times.