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Just Wondering If Someone Were To Get Their Nails Completely Removed Why Can

Probably. This is strange. You’re doing something healthy to feed an unhealthy desire .Yes, quit social media. You’ll be happier and more productive for it. You WILL be more mysterious…One girl (mutual crush - bad timing) quit social media. The only people who know where she is or what she’s doing is her and close friends/family. She just became even more exciting and mysterious. Like we all should be. Instead I actually know what food my ex is taking camping this weekend (snapchat is one I still use). Like fuck should I know that?!However. DON’T get caught up trying to inspire your ex into thinking about you.What you want your ex to think about you, who you’re essentially trying to appear to be, is the opposite of the person you’re being right now - that person does not think about any of this. It’s all counterproductive and thingy things.I’m not having a dig, sometimes we just keep trying to seem like something instead of being it. Living our own lives. Thats’s whats attractive and thats what’s best for us.*Do take time to improve yourself too, like you said, but do it for you and don’t look at it as temporary.

Just wondering everyone's opinions on people who Troll in the dogs section, why do they do it?

Haha so just got reported for calling someone out as a troll LOL

Which made me think. What possesses people to make up stories about things like animal abuse, or that they are trashy puppy mill owners, or crazy stories like about how their kid bit someone's dog and the dog batted them and they think the dog should be put down. I mean some of them are so obvious "my dog peed on the floor so I shot him, should I buy another dog?" crap like that.

What is the driving force behind people making up these negative stories in your opinion? Are their lives that boring? Are they maybe twisted and are writing out their sick fantasies? Do they get off on the reactions of good people who love animals? I mean what is it?

Also what is your favorite troll question LOL?

What is this? Someone please tell me how someone would get this so I can make sure I don't!?

Looks like a fleshing eating disease, or some type of acid burn. Actually I hope this is fake. It could be someone got their fingers caught in something, and they had their nails removed. It looks like their nails will grow back. An extreme version could be Meningococcal. Prevention: Vaccines are effective for the control of epidemics and are currently recommended for college students and military recruits, as well as travelers to certain parts of the world

How much does it cost to get a cats nails removed?

You know how much torture your putting your cat in. How would you feel if someone remove everything up to your knuckles because this type of procedure is often compared to amputating all a human's fingers to the first knuckle.
You are also removing their way of protecting themselves, their comfort blanket, and if you do this your cat will develope a behavorial problem that you would regret for the rest of your life.
This procedure will most likely scar your cat for life if this is done wrong. A very dangerous procedure.
I dont know what else to say but please (begging) do not do this to your cat.
Your mother's arm will heal.


Psychological and Behavioral Complications

The trauma of declawing can lead to a feeling of defenselessness as well as ongoing pain, resulting in various emotional and behavioral complications. Often, after surgery, cats' personalities change: outgoing cats can become introverted and withdrawn, some become nervous and fearful, others develop aggressive behaviors (biting). Jean Hofve, DVM, states that scratching, for a cat, is not only a natural act physically, but a psychologically necessary one as well. Cats mark their territory visually, especially in multi-cat households, as a way of determining rank. Scratching is an essential element of cats’ communication, problem-solving, health, and security issues. Some cats associate the pain they feel in their paws when trying to cover their waste with the actual litterbox, so they will avoid the litterbox and seek a less painful place, such as the carpet, the bed, or piles of laundry. They may spend most of their time in out-of-reach locations (high shelves, the top of refrigerators) because they feel safer.

Hi! I'm just relating a personal experience here. When I was very young I constantly had ingrown toenails on both big toes. They were very painful and sometimes I couldn't wear a shoe. At the age of 14 (I'm 59 now) I had an operation, done on two different days so that I could walk, that changed everything permanently for the better. The operation consisted of completely removing my big toenail and a little bit of skin around the top of my toe. A plastic toenail was inserted in place of the real nail in order to “train “ the new nail growing under it to grow in the correct direction. As I said, this operation was done separately on each foot about a month apart. This was the best thing that ever happened to my feet!!! I have never once had an ingrown toenail again!! If this operation still exists, I reccomend it very highly!! I hope I have been able to help you and good luck!!

How long do nails have to be to have acrylic one put on?

The age old debate fake tear up your real nails. In reality acrylic nails do not hurt your real nails, they dehydrate them ( if done correctly when removed you should not be able to see any difference in the nail plate. Unfortunately their are very few nail techs who actually do a good job. The acrylic doest hurt your nails the nail tech does. I get so irritated that so many people are allowed to do nails and all they care about is how fast to get someone in their chair and to make money. You rarely ever find some one with integrity and knowledge Too many techs are careless,uneducated and use improper technique. If you ever sit down at a nail techs table and they pull a drill out get up and run away. Never let anyone drill your real nails.
There is a relatively new product on the market that is organic and is awesome its called bio sculpt. Try and find someone who does it. Of course finding someone that does it and does it well that is a different story.
Kourtnie Donihoo
12 years nail tech