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Just Worked Up Or Minor Panic Attack

Panic attacks?

i really need help. i have panic attacks regularly (well, more irregularly but on a regular basis if that makes any sense...) and they are making my life so hard. i just started a new job that i LOVE and today i had to drive an hour away from my work for the orientation...which wasn't bad, i had a few minor attacks while there (it was an 8 hour session) but nothing really notable...until the ride home and i FREAKED out. i felt like i was going crazy...i started to cry and i couldn't hold it in any longer and i threw up and i kept making my co-worker who had driven our agency van, pull over and i ran away from the van and laid in the snow wishing i could just get hit by a i have 2 more days of training and i'm not sure i can do it...i can't go back to work. i made a fool of myself. she was really understanding but that doesn't make it any less embaricing...i guess my question is...what should i do? i'm so scared of being scared. the only thing i haven't tried is meds.

Had a minor panic attack during hypnosis, problem?

I was hypnotized yesterday to help rid myself of anxiety. During the induction, my heart started racing and I began to worry about it, but I continued to keep my eyes closed and eventually the feeling went away and I was able to be hypnotized. I, being anxious about just about everything, am now worried that I could have messed up the hypnosis somehow and embedded anxiety attacks into my mind or something like that. Probably a crazy thought, but I just have to know. The session was very good other than that, and my therapist used only positive statements like "you will not be bothered by nervousness or anxiety" and "you will wake up happy and ready to engage the day". Stuff like that...

Weed brownies/panic attacks?

haha yep god damn i was havin a **** day then thought yay brownies will help me ended in the anxiety attack hahah it sucks but thats what happens when u mix sadness n a drug that is a natural downer (that is what they say it usally makes me happy) hahaha

How To Stop Panic/Anxiety Attacks While Driving ?

I'm 34 years old, and, throughout my entire life, I've had minor panic/anxiety attacks.
But, 2 years ago, I went into kidney failure, and the panic attacks became so bad that I wanted to kill myself, it's hard to describe, but, I was in an almost constant state of panic.
The attacks have lessened now, I "only" get them while I'm driving. Which is, obviously, a problem, because it puts me as well as other drivers at risk, and it prevents me from leading a happy life. I wasn't able to attend my brother's wedding because of my attacks, I'm not able to drive to the amusement park that is an hour from my house, and I can't even visit my parents who live less than 5 miles away. I'm somewhat okay as long as I'm driving on a familiar city street, but, I'm unable to drive on highways, I haven't driven on the highway in over a year. I have become basically a hermit, I only go to work and church, otherwise I won't drive anywhere.
And, if it's someone else driving, it doesn't matter, because I have this irrational fear - and desire - to jump out of the moving vehicle if the person I'm with is driving on a highway or interstate. It sounds funny, but, if I'm a passenger in a vehicle, I actually sit on my hands so I won't try to jump out of the car.
My mother has suggested I join a support group or go for counseling, but, I don't see how it would do any good. My doctor has recommended anti-anxiety medicine, but, with my kidney disease, there aren't many anti-anxiety meds that I can take, and what I CAN take, I've tried, and the meds don't help me.
Now, summer is almost here and I'd LOVE to be able to go to the amusement park, or drive to the beach (3 hours east of me), or even just spend some nights out in the country where my parents live, but, I can't do any of that due to my panic attacks while driving. I DON'T have panic attacks at any other time, only while driving. I HAVE had a few car accidents in my past, but, it was never anything traumatic which would cause this terrible fear of driving. And it was NEVER this bad before I got sick. I used to LOVE driving. I used to love speeding down the highway at 90mph. Now I can't even drive on the highway going 10mph, I feel like I'm going to faint every time I try.

Marijuana and nicotine panic attacks.?

I've had the exact same experience exept I just smoked weed (no nicotine) and I had a panic attack. At that time I just thought I was dying or going crazy, it was the scariest thing that I have ever experienced. I too was taken to the emergency room. And of course all it was was a panic attack (thank god). After that I smoked pot 2 more times and both times I had panic attacks, the other two times I didn't go to the ER because I knew what was happening and I just tried to relax and go to sleep. I haven't smoked since then because I know what will happen. I am 21 now and when all this happened I was 16. The thing that sucks about this whole experience is that now I will get panic attacks out of no where and I have also been put on depression medication ever since then. I was diagnosed with depression and high anxiety. It's hard to deal with but I'm kinda used to it now. Anyway, I just thought I would share that with you. Oh yea, and when you have a panic attack just know you CANT die from it. Just keep telling yourself that and try to relax, it won't last long.