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Kids Played With And Broke My Phone How Do I Fix It

I’m too scared to tell my parents I broke my phone. What should I do?

If the phone is visibly damaged, set it up to take a fall somehow in your parents presence. Like, and this is awesome, wait till a parent or sibling gathers up some mail or whatever and puts it away (wherever that is). Then slip your broken phone into the pile of stuff and then complain that you can't find it. After a drawn out public search for it pull out the pile of stuff and let the phone drop to floor. Even better, get someone else to shift the pile of stuff and it falls as a result. I set up a portable CD player back in the day to fall when someone opened the refrigerator. Not only did my mom apologize for knocking it of the fridge, she somehow 'remembered' putting it up there with my schoolwork.Similar options, leave broken phone in outer backpack pocket and leave it by door, oh no somebody must have kicked it.Or… just suck it up and tell them you bobbled the thing. Maybe it can be fixed.

A kid on the flight broke my phone. His parents claim that I shouldn't have left my phone on my tray. Is there any way I can claim damages from them now?

Some of the other answers here are talking about taking responsibility for your own phone, and I agree with that to an extent. I don't agree though, that if a kid damages someone else's things, that parents should just blame the other person. What kind of message does it send to the child? It says it's OK to take other people's property without asking. It says it's OK to treat other people's things poorly. Worst of all, it teaches the child not to have the same self-responsibility that you demand of the person asking this question. How you handle the child-parent aspect is up to you, but in terms of the parent-stranger aspect, unless there's some extenuating circumstance, the only correct course of action is to apologise and compensate the phone's owner.I understand that even the most angelic, well-raised kids can have tantrums and off-behaviour, but that's the test of parenthood, being able to deal with these issues. Let's imagine the question-asker was dozing, and awoke to realise the child had reached over and taken their phone. They calmly ask the child to return the phone, and the child ignores them. The parents don't seem to be intervening, so the phone's owner starts to make more of a scene about it, to no avail. The child begins, say, bending the phone. Now, at this point, only a very fringe minority of people would argue that the owner has justification for using force to retrieve their phone - I don't think people should get into physical struggles with other people's children except for life and death emergencies. Once that child has the phone it falls to the parents to take charge of the situation, and if they fail, to demonstrate responsibility to their child by putting right the damage caused.Put simply, here's my understanding of the deal: All adults are collectively responsible for the safety and welfare of all children - if your child is threatened I will intervene, and expect others to do the same. In return, each child's parents or guardians have a duty to teach their child to behave properly towards others and take responsibility when their child has a blip.

If your child who has anger issues broke another kids phone on purpose and got beat up, would you involve the police?

First, I assume that you, as the parent would already be aware that your child has anger issues. You have not stated how old this child is but I am going to also assume that this is someone who is old enough to know better. You as a parent have failed at obtaining whatever your child needs to control these angry impulses. Most children will go through the frustration of wanting to have their own way and will try everything they can to achieve their goals. This is when they begin to exhibit temper tantrums, screaming, kicking and crying. Most parents get a pretty good handle on this by simply not giving them what they want. The child will learn different skills better suited for everyone. But if a child is allowed to continue to rage and they find no boundries set by their parents they will become more and more angry and out of control. If they are not stopped they will then go after other people and their property. This will only get worse.Call the police? Not unless this was an out of control beating. I would suggest you as the parent, get to the parents of the child with the broken phone and replace that phone immediately. Let the other parents know that their child did indeed beat up your child, but under the circumstances you would rather leave this as it is. Then replace the phone.You need to get yourself and your child some help. You failed in your duty to help before , do not do it again. Your child is out of control. You allowed this to get this bad. The next time he destroys something he may not be so lucky. Get help for the both of you before it's too late.

My friend's child broke my phone. Should I ask her to pay for it?

Not enough information given.Did you take all reasonable steps to protect your phone? How did the child have your phone? Did they open your bag, sort through your belongings, remove the phone and break it?Then possibly. But was the bag somewhere sensible? Is the child a toddler, who you know is prone to doing so? If so, probably your fault.Did you give your phone to the child? That would make you to blame. Unless the child is old enough to, or your friend on their behalf offered to, take temporary custody of the phone, with the agreement they should look after it, then it’s probably on you. It’s your phone, it’s your job to protect it while it’s in your care.If you can justify why you believe the phone was in the care of your friend or their child, and it isn’t because you’ve offered a child who isn’t old enough to look after a phone the opportunity, then you might have a reason to expect compensation.But don’t hold your breath.

Neighbor's kid broke my window - how can I get paid for it?

well, your insurance should cover it. I had the same thing happen to me at about $1000 damage.

If you want to get the money from the family, you'll have to take them to small claims court.

I ended up dropping it. The kid was actually a good kid that was hanging around some bad kids and got pressured into doing something he wasnt supposed to, and the mother was a single mother working 2 jobs. She punished him by making him work off the money instead of playing baseball that summer. I felt bad and knew it was an accident, so I let it go and instead had him help me around the house that summer. I think having a "big brother" made more of an impression on him than having his mother fork over the money. I understand that your situation might be different though.

I just broke my daughters cell phone.?

I have had it. She has been suspended atlease 10 times this year. I get calls from her principal and teachers every week. She is 13 and has already snuck out the house as i was sleeping. She talks back to me all the time. This morning i ask her..If she can please take the trash out she says wait, I am busy (On her phone). Every morning i say "Good morning" she says whatever. If i ask her to do something she says "whatever i Will do it when i feel like it". I am to nice and after all of the above, never once grounded her. This morning i had just had it and took her iphone and smashed it. now she is crying and Will most likely call my mom and make it seem like i am the bad guy. Was i wrong here?

My 5 year old, broke my friends tv plaing wii. now thay want me to pay1000.00 to fix it it was an accident?

I do not see your question hear... but I agree! Where was the Adult supervision, and besides... A THOUSAND DOLLARS?????

What was it? Some super fancy pansy TV?


Someone broke my house window, what should I do?

I was at home & it was kind of late, it was dark outside. I hard a sound of breaking glass & I was scared to go outside, but I heard neighbor kids playing. I think they might have thown a ball or something. I saw today, with the day light, that my front house window is broken. Like I said I believe neighbor kids did it while playing ball. What should I do? Should I call cops? Or should I talk to my neighbor & get them to pay for the window? Should I call house insurance? Please help!

Anyone broken their childs toy out of anger?

It happens. I've done similar.

It's not right, but you can tell your son you realize you weren't right, and then strive to change how you handle things from that point on. True his behavior wasn't right either, but as parents we are supposed to be a model of how we want our children to be. Address his behavior too.

It's a work in progress. All parents have weak points that need to be worked on. You're not a bad parent or a bad person. You made a poor decision, but you can change how you react from that point forward :)

How do you fix a broken promise with your child?

There are variables at play of which we the readers do not know.But, assuming breaking promises to your child is NOT an on-going problem and IS a rarity, the best you can do is the following.Treat them with respect and ask if you can talk. Tell them you know what you did hurt them and that you are sorry. Let them know that you love them more than the “?” that took place that created the circumstance for you to break the promise and that because you are a flawed human, you can’t promise you won’t disappoint them ever again, but you will do everything in your power to keep that from happening.Allow your child to express themselves and do not judge or criticize their feelings. Just listen and then apologize. (Then hug and tell them you love them.)