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Kik Faded D Vs Solid D

Is faded D on kik means I'm blocked?

I know that solid D means the message is delivered and faded D means it is delivered but the recipient did not open the app yet (esp iPhone). Doesn't it mean I'm blocked? :/
Please help me :(

Faded 'D' on kik?

I've sent a message for like 6 hours to someone on kik, but it is still a faded/weak 'D' next to the message? Why? They are on the social media, I'm not sure if they're on the phone tho, but it has stayed like that for long..

What does it mean when a faded "D" on Kik turns into a bold "D" repetitively?

It’s obviously an iPhone or Windows phone user. If it’s constantly doing that, that means that the user is opening the app and yes they should see your message(s) but if you’re not getting a response whatsoever, it’s a high possibility that they are reading part of your message through the small preview on the chat menu (sorry, I’m very guilty of this!) and another possibility that they might be ignoring you…because they’re acknowledging your text messages and also disregarding them, if that’s the case try to see if the person also has you guy’s conversation on mute!

What does the faded D on Kik mean if me and the person I sent the message to have Android phones?

The faded letter D means that the message that you sent has been sent but has not reached the recipient Kik yet. When it turns into a bold letter D then the message has been sent to the recipient Kik but that person has not opened the message to view it.

What does it mean if I Kik my friend and it stays faded D for 10 days? Did he block me or something? Any idea?

Thx for the A2A Ilya, I actually had to ask the question to the KIK help desk because a ready answer was not available, the following is a email response they sent in less than 30 minutes;Kik Support (Kik Help Center)Nov 16, 22:03 ESTHey there,Thanks for your message. If you're seeing a 'D' beside your messages (even a faded 'D'), this means your message has been delivered. A faded D means that your messages were sent as a notification to your friend's device but they haven’t opened their Kik app. Depending on how your friend has their notifications setup, they may see this on their lock screen or home screen.In the mean time, you'll find information about what happens when you've been blocked posted on our Help Center. Check out this FAQ:!The Kik teamHope this gives you the help you seek.

I messaged my boyfriend on Kik and there was a faded D for a few hours, I checked again and now there's a solid D. Does that mean he opened the app?

Faded ‘D’ could mean the message is delivered. And if the message is probably short enough to be seen without actually opening your message, then it’d become a solid ‘D’. Only if one opens the message, it would turn ‘R’For eg:If you have messaged saying ‘Hey, or Hi, or how are you.’ It’s pretty easy to read it without actually getting into your message by opening it. That way, it will only be as ‘D’ and not as ‘R’Hope this helped.

Will I still see a faded D if I`m blocked on Kik messenger?

Will I still see a faded D if I`m blocked on Kik messenger?

I sent to someone a message on kik and a faded/gray D appeared next to the message? I know what faded D means but will I still see a faded D if Im blocked or a solid D? My friend owns an iPhone that`s why but if he blocked me will I still see a faded D or a solid D?

I know that Faded D means that they got a push message alert about the kik message so please don't tell me that!

All I am asking is that when I'm blocked will I see a faded D?

I see a faded D next to my messages. does that mean I'm blocked?

Or if I was blocked would I always see a solid D and not a faded one? thanks

A faded D appears on Kik and I get a message that says the phone is off or disconnected for a while at the same time. What does that mean?

Not to worry. The faded ‘D’ only means that the message has not bene received by the occupant as they are currently signed out of kit or haven't opened it in a while. As soon as the occupant opens kick the message will become a ‘full coloured D’. The ‘faded D’ is usually just another version of the ‘S’, but only available on iPhones.Here is a guide to the kid symbols:S- Means the message has been sent to the occupant, but they haven't opened it, but they haven't opened kik in a whilefaded D- Means the message has been sent to the occupant, but they haven't opened kik in a while. (Exculsive to iPhones)D- Means the message has been downloaded on the occupants phone, and they have opened the app. But they haven't opened your conversation.R- Means the message has been read by the occupant.