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Kind Sir Why Are The Brits I

How, why, and to whom is the title of “sir” given in Great Britain, and what is so significant about this honour?

Here is the section of a wiki editorial for one possible answer for your question.The title Sir is given by the monarch of the United Kingdom as a way of respect and appreciation to people who have served the society. Some people who have received the Sir title are Sir Elton John and Sir Alex Ferguson.For another probable answer, which I guess you asked this qiestion in the first place, check this:

Why do brits call a car trunk a "boot"?

London police are called "bobbies" after Sir Robert Peel, the father of the Metropolitan Police. At one time they were also known as "peelers" for the same reason - and that was back in the days when they all wore tall top hats.

As for the other, I have no idea.

Are the brits getting tired of the royal family?

i heard that kate middleton not working. if she is not can you tell me what her schedule is like? everyday what does she do? is william working. to me the queen is the only one who work. someone told me not so, princess anne is the worker. i heard anne used to get down and dirty and do her job. at one time prince charles did the same thing, i heard. someone said no one is working. lolol

are the tax payers paying for these non working royals? im not trying to be nasty; im just asking. ok. what do they do? i might want to live like them lol. how can i do that if i dont know what they do. someone said they do openings, walkabouts, unavailing artwork,seminars(shaking hands with people)(they call that work:) what else do they do?

are you brits getting tired them?

Good evening Brits Wish y'all a good weekend?

Why is it that whenever Ray speaks "his wisdom" I can hear THIS in my head:

Somehow I imagine this is what Ray and his family (all intermarried) look like when they're having a hoe-down. . .

Yee haw . . . . NASCAR . . . chick'uns . . . incest . . . etc . . .

What is the origin of the quote, "Good day, sir. I said GOOD DAY!"?

I’ve seen this question asked so many times before and I’m always curious as to why it continues to intrigue people. Essentially, the phrase is a parody of how a posh English person might say, ‘fuck off’ without the vulgarity. It’s also a phrased derived from how American screenwriters have derived how posh English accents are phrased.The expression itself is used for the first time of note by Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka character in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It was used ad nauseum by Jon Stewart on SNL.It’s dismissive, in intent and phrasing and, I imagine, intriguing for its phraseology - people rarely say, Good Day although Good morning, good evening and goodnight remain common parlance. Throw in a haughty, stiff upper lip, nose in the air and disdainful gaze and hey presto, instant Brit toff, Hollywood style.