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Kona Do You See Anything Negative Regarding The Health Of My Mother

Which of the following signs is more prone to self harm after a break up? A Cancer, a Scorpio or a Pisces?

Pisces or Cancer. In my opinion, Pisces is more likely to; they're so much more sensitive and have a great sense of self and are greatly in tune with their feelings.

Any and all of the signs can self-harm after a break up, though. It's a mental health issue, not a zodiac issue.

My Bengal cat won't stop biting me?

My Bengal is the same. He likes to chew on my hair. And, he loves water. I've learned to avoid petting him around the neck area. This seems to stimulate him very quickly, then he'll bite.
Yours is still a baby, the attacking when walking by, mine attacks the dog too. The Bengals are very smart. You've tried everything else so maybe it's time for a Thwack. I prefer anywhere but the head area or face. This can make them hand-shy. Decide where on his body your going to give him a thunk with your thumb and middle finger and stick with it. Now when mine comes up to me and I can see he's 'getting ready' all I have to do is form my 2 fingers at him and he quits. Every once in awhile he'll come up close. I can see the wheels working in his head. He wants to attack. But by now he knows what will follow. He comes in really quick for a bite on my ankle (not hard) and runs off very fast. I have to laugh. It's rare too.
Timing is important. You don't have to wait until she's actually bitten you. Take a moment from what you're doing and focus on watching her. You will notice when she's changed from just sitting there to getting ready for a bite. You can Thwack her mid stride. This kind of timing really takes them by surprise and is extremely effective. Imprints on them a long time.
Mine likes to play in the dog water bowl. If you don't have a dog just put a bowl or heavy pot on the floor. See what she does. Mine likes to deposit 'gifts' in the water. He carries off with milk jug lids, empty yogurt jugs, fake flowers.
Some Bengals like to play in slightly running faucet water.
Bengals are unique so it's not surprising they require things handled a bit different.
Sometimes mine talks to me. I'll say, 'PT, you bored?' He screams back, 'YEAHHHH' with a kind of meow drawl.
Good Luck!

Is the Vastu Shastra really important for living?

Basically, if it is seen as something to do with religion, the answer would be no.But, with the perspective of science added to it, yes, it is important.If we say vaastu, the first thing that comes to our mind is, a well bodied man lying in a yogic posture, trying to get fit into a square and further, number of squares are being formed in and around him.Like this,Actually, he is the vaastu purusha, the God of vaastu.The vāstu, takes the meaning of "the site or foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house". So, 'Vaastu sastra' is just the set of thumb rules for a better place to live in.Any home which has to be built is preferably to made to face in east. The science answers us by saying that the neurons in thalamus and hippocampus changes, to the position where the head faces and the East being the best.For instance,Kitchen is supposed to be in agni moola or kona or in the SE(South-East) direction and the cook has to face the east direction for cooking. This brings the significance of ventilation,that it lets out the smoke and also as the rays of sun which comprises of UV rays grazes the food, it kills the micro organisms which may cause harm to the food that we eat.There arises another question of why not in NE instead of SE. As the magnetic field is from north to south, the intensity will be higher, that may alter the fundamental chemical composition of the food.(As we all know, cooking is pure chemistry!)This is also the reason why we shouldn't have our bedrooms in the direction of NE. 'vaastu'tically, it is the most auspicious corner and scientifically, as our body's north (when we lie with our head on north) and the magnetic north repels one another, it affects the blood circulation causing transient ischemic attacks or strokes.The elevation in the NE should be lower than SE, as the groundwater flow is easier, without any external force such as bore wells or pumps, when it travels towards a lower elevation.Similarly, the number of windows must be higher on north and east,as it is advisable to have a controlled exposure of UV from the sun. Also, the cross-ventilation(thorough-fare) is better in this two directions.These are few of the examples, that can be easily explained with respect to vaastu. Similarly, we have lots of other advantages when it comes to designing with respect to vaastu.

Single Mom move to Hawaii?

Hello all,
I currently live in Chicago and have lived here all my life. I want to get away from the ridiculous societal expectations that this city offers. I don't want to live anywhere near rich people. I want to make a change. I have a six year old daughter and I feel all of what we are subjected to here needs to change. I want her to be able to walk into our backyard and look for lizards and frogs. I am currently in my fifth year of college. I am graduating in may 08 with a BA in Special Education. I plan on staying here through spring of 2009. I then want to leave. I plan on getting my grad degree while I am there. I first want to get a teaching position so my daughter and I am able to survive. I am a poor white woman, and my daughter is mixed with black and white, will we have any problems with race? I have heard that the cost of living is high, I don't really want to live the high life, I don't want to drive I rather take my bike or ride the bus. I just want to be happy? Help?

My dog(pit bull) bit my brother :(?

I have a pit bull he is one year old , very good and intelligent dog , he was sick yesterday so I called the vet and he came and saw him he said that he has some problems with his gut and stomach and he will bring some medication for him , I was playing with my brother (he is 13) and we were laughing and my brothers was playing with my hair and I was laughing when suddenly he dog attack my brother and bit his leg I was screaming and my mum came pull him and in that moment he through out ( but he did not ate anything only milk with some bread ) my brother is doing well we toke him to the hospital ! and my dog is fine the vet is coming tomorrow morning my question is that dog dangerous ? i love him and never toke him to ANY fights with other dogs am against that **** in the first place , but everyone keep telling me that your dogs is not normal because he is a pit bull . and I know that dogs became aggressive when they are sick , and maybe he was thinking that my brother is hurting me thats why he attacked him , please any advise am so sad and crying :(

What is unique about the flavor of Kona coffee compared to other coffees?

I’ve only ever tried Kona coffee, and it wasn’t necessarily fresh inventory but rather the kind that has been passed around various retail establishments and ended up on the shelf of Marshalls. . . I would often be pulled along into that store by my Mom before I had a vehicle, and would pick up various “gourmet” items such as coffee, tea, jams, and pasta. The Kona coffee was labeled ‘Blue Mountain’ coffee, and it wasn’t particularly bad.So basically it’s just a very smooth and mellow coffee without any huge character such as “fruity” or caramel flavors (though perhaps it depends on how well roasted it is) and is probably ideal for plain coffee where you don’t want to be surprised by the flavors. It’s just a well-balanced coffee.I honestly have never seen it anywhere else outside of the internet, and if I were to buy it now I would buy unroasted beans online and roast them in a Whirley Pop (which I consider an ideal roasting method. . .) I imagine if I were to roast it fresh and cultivate the Maillard reaction for increased flavor caramelization, I would be rather surprised by it, though the way I experienced it without much exposure to coffee early on, is probably too long a time period to reflect much on (I believe it would have been roughly 15 years ago, and though I have a good memory of what it was like, it is too far of a stretch to know whether it is particularly “special.” It’s good but the one coffee that I really like is Ethiopian Yirgachaffe (and of course I’ve had other coffee I really enjoy, and the best factor in enjoying it is fresh beans, roasted consistently and with attention to detail (you will learn if you take the time to learn the art; and trust me, it’s worth it.)

Is it sadder to watch your children or parents get older?

It sadder, in fact saddest to watch your parents get old. Parents are elder than us so we get to see their old-age. It is deeply saddening to watch them become weak, have health problems. We can help them to some extent but other changes are inevitable.We are older than our kids, so we see the transition phase from infant, childhood , adolescence and adult. Each phase they become stronger and independent. It sometimes hurts when they become too independent and unattached to us, but it's nothing when compared to aging parents.It is very sad to see parents in the last phase of human cycle.

What is the difference between Arabica, Columbian, French Roast and Kona Coffees?

Arabica is a type of bean - the best coffee beans are Arabica. Columbian, French Roast and Kona coffees can all be Arabica. French Roast is a type of bean, but also a type of roast. I've ordered Columbian beans French Roasted - which is a stronger roast than a regular roast. Generally, Colombian coffee is a medium strength; and Kona beans are very mild (too mild for me) - but you can get them mixed with French Roast beans for more flavor. If you buy beans that are just called French Roast, they should be very dark and strong, and can also be used for espresso ... Go to the website for California Coffee Roasters. They're a great source to buy beans online, and they have very full descriptions of all of their beans too

What is the effect of Saturn and Moon conjunction in the 4th house for a Libra ascendant? My DOB: 27 July ‘91, 13:47, Kolhapur (Maharashtra).

Hello,Here are the effects of SATURN/MOON conjunction in the 4th house:You are very close to your mother and care for her much more than anyone else in this world, but still, you have a problem in sharing your inner thoughts with her. There, is a huge difference in way of taking things from the same perspective. Better reconsider your equation with your mother, and do give her the time that she needs.You will have many enemies whole your life, but no one can do any harm to you ever.Healthwise you will get to know the defect beforehand, and will always have the power to rectify it in the best way possible. And can nullify the health-related problem to the core, just you have to give a little attention.You need to reduce your irritation level. Try to take the views of others in the calmest way possible, and do work on your tone of deliverance.Your professional life requires a bit more active participation and more focus on the goals that you want to attain.You are a sensitive and sensible person, though you prefer not to show your sensitivity to others.People think that they have made a fool of you, but in reality, its the other way around.Try to shift your focus more towards your life and less on others. And see that you attain all your deadlines on time.There will always be many unexpected good events that will happen in your life. Better be strong to handle it and never think anything negative about it.Lastly, control your useless expenditure, and save it for important events.Hope you receive your answer. But, if you still have anything else to ask related to this topic, then do feel free to contact me.God bless you always.