Kool G Rap Vs Mf Doom

RHH: Rapper vs Rapper?

P Diddy (don't really like either)
GZA (fairly obvious this one)
T.I. (Once again don't really like either)
Slug (Atmosphere is one of my favorite groups although I'd say that RA's style is very different to that of Slug's which makes it hard to compare)
Pharoahe Monch (Way better flow, possibly match each other on lyricism)
Mos Def (Made me think about this one, I guess just because Def is a veteran and Elzhi needs a bigger discography)
Common (Prefer his style to that of G Rap)

RHH: Rapper vs. Rapper?

GZA > Canibus
Posdnous > Q-Tip
RZA > Havoc (by preference)
Slug > Murs
MF Doom >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Action Bronson
O.C. > Edo G
Hell Razah > LA the Darkman
Kool G Rap >>> Meek Mill
T.I. > Mystikal
Del tha Funkee Homosapien > Aceyalone (by preference, both are great)
Raekwon > Prodigy
K.R.I.T. > Jon Connor (Connor hasn't proven himself enough yet. I'm not a huge Krit fan, but he has a more solid discography IMO)
Nocando > Vakill (tbh I don't listen to either of them that much, this opinion isn't entirely trustworthy)
Ghostface Killah > Cage

@Trylemma: What's your view on people dedicating shrines to you, and believing that Heaven is a place where you have enough time to listen to all of Moka Only's albums, and embrace your inner Trylem?

RHH: GFK vs Mos Def vs MF DOOM vs Andre 3000?

1. Andre
3. Mos Def
4. GFK

1. Jean Grae
2. Sage Francis
3. One.Be.Lo
4. Reks
5. Murs
6. Eligh
7. KRS One
8. Talib Kweli
9. Nas
10. Busta Rhymes
12. Eyedea
13. Blueprint
14. Joe Budden
15. C-Rayz Walz

very honorable mention to Aesop Rock

Which rapper is better?

The Game vs Drake
Big Daddy Kane vs Kool G Rap
Rakim vs Nas
MF DOOM vs Kool Keith
Kanye West vs TI
Kendrick Lamar vs Slim Thug
Murda Mook vs Cassidy
Jay-Z vs Eminem
Mos Def vs LL Cool J
Rick Ross vs Lil Wayne
Common vs Black Though
Hopsin vs Logic
Ice Cube vs 2Pac
Z-Ro vs Canibus
Scarface vs 50 Cent
Lil Kim vs Lauryn Hill

RHHL Out of these rapper's, who is better?

Rap has now greater to a level no longer considered in Tupac's time. There at the instant are many sub-genres of rap, each and every with their own "maximum suitable rappers." Tupac became your all-around champion of his time, yet many rappers in recent times are especially much as good or greater suited of their own appreciate. Ludacris has creative and comedic lyrics, Fabolous has super style and lyrics, Twista is the quickest, Eminem is the grasp of acid rap, 50 cent has perfected Gangsta rap, Lil John has mastered the paintings of screaming "YEAAAYAH" without actual including any fee to songs that he's on, Missy Elliot is ever the innovator, Talib Kweli and common are the countless maximum suitable organic lyricists in the business enterprise, Dr. Dre has the main suitable beats.... the record is going on. So, in certainty, a lot of those rappers have attributes that set themselves aside from others and that lead them to much greater suited than Tupac. What maximum of them lack is the accepted acceptance that Tupac enjoyed the two for the duration of his existence and posthumously. this is why many human beings nonetheless evaluate Tupac to be the main suitable rapper, besides the fact that his raps are neither the main state-of-the-paintings nor the main creative.

RHH:Rapper Vs List (Part 2)?

Big Boi ... Slick Rick has the most annoying voice in hip hop... (Yes, more annoying then Kweli)

Kool G Rap
1 rapper vs a group of 2 ?
Rapper vs producer? wtf?

But Madlib's a producer mostly... He rarely raps.

RHH: Rapper vs. Rapper pt2 -(Moose Def)?

1. Big L vs. Kool G Rap
2. Mos Def vs. Elzhi
3. Gift of Gab vs. Pharoahe Monch
4. Ghostface Killah vs. Andre 3000
5. RA The Rugged Man vs. Aesop Rock
6. Talib Kweli vs. Guru
7. Kool Keith vs. MF DOOM
8. Biggie vs. Big Pun
9. Nas vs. AZ
10. GZA vs. Canibus
11. 2pac vs. Mac Dre
12. Kendrick Lamar vs. Lil Wayne
13. Jay Z vs. Rakim
14. Blu vs. Joey Bada$$
15. Common vs. Black Thought
16. Capital Steez vs. Earl Sweatshirt
17. Lupe Fiasco vs. Immortal Technique
18. Ice Cube vs. Scarface
19. Q-Tip vs. Big Boi
20. Eminem vs. Drake
21. Hopsin vs. Ab-Soul
22. Kool Moe Dee vs. Melle Mel
23. Posdonus vs. One Be Lo
24. Treach vs. Prince Po
25. MC Ren vs. Andre Nickatina