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Koren Clothing Stores In Montreal

Chinatown, Koreatown and Japantown?

In addition to the very obvious answer that has already been given.

SF's Chinatown is the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. There are lots of shops, restaurants and bars that are facinating and welcome all comers. Most of the shops are places that sell food both fresh and imported from China or other goods produced in China. Restaurants offer food from many different regions in china and there are also a Kosher restaurant or two. Chinatown is located in the center of the oldest part of the city.

Japantown is home to both Japanese Americans and African Americans and there are shops that sell Japanese imports such a manga, food, books, music and clothing.

There is no real Korea town but SF does have Little Saigon which is home to lots of great Vietnamese restaurants.

Would a Uniqlo ultra-light down coat be warm enough for winter in Boston?

NO. I grew up in Maine and live in NYC. I love Uniqlo and the I have their ultra light down vest and jacket but they are defiantly for Spring and Fall seasons only. However they do make great layering jackets. Pair this with a heavy wool coat or even a wind & water resistant shell you may be able to get by.However the best jackets are the heavier down jackets. Uniqlo does make a Warm tech Down Jacket for $150 which probably will keep you almost as warm as any high end park like a Canada Goose. I own a Canada Goose Langford that now retails for $900! Bought it for $700. Regardless this thing is the Rolls Royce of winter jackets and is total overkill but is extremely warm but not water resistant.If Canada Goose is too much than a Patagonia, top of the line North Face, or even LL Bean/Lands End coat will be just as good in most cases and save you hundreds of dollars.

Why do women/girls wear bras?

Women wear bras for two main reasons :Support. Breasts are masses of fat and milk glands, held in place by a sac of skin. There are no bones, ligaments or muscles there to help hold them in place, so they tend to flop and bounce as their owner moves - the bigger they are, or the more vigorous the motion, the greater the movement. This can hurt, a lot, and over time, the combination of jiggling and gravity, with a dose of loss of skin elasticity for good measure, can make them sag. A bra can't prevent all of this, but it can go a long way to reducing the effect.  Modesty. Breasts and nipples tend to be very triggering to people, particularly males, as they are by far the most visible of secondary sex organs between the genders. An uncovered breast can have nipple visibility through colour contrast (dark nipple and areola under light coloured clothing) or through prominence (erect nipples from excitement or cold, or simply large nipples). A bra minimizes the visibility of nipples and areolae, through covering up the colour and compressing the nipple.There are secondary reasons for wearing bras, including:Fashion. Bras come in a variety of colours, fabrics and cuts and can be an important part of an outfit, either from how it shapes the wearer's breasts or enhances the look of the clothing directly. Self esteem. Bras can be an important part of how we present ourselves to the world, and can be used to enhance (enlarge or lift/separate/create cleavage) or reduce our breasts, depending on whether we feel that they are too big or small. And they are cheaper than surgery. Sex appeal. Bras can be an important part of seduction, even fully clothed. The way they shape our breasts, or simply how they are seen (down the front, from the side or even just a "misadjusted" strap) can be provocative in a public setting. When we are getting undressed, a pretty bra can make us look even better than we already do, and the sexiness of concealment can't be overstated.