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Ladt Part To Poem Momma Raised Me Tough

Can some translate this song in Spanish? dear mama by tupac?

cuando yo era joven, yo y mama teniamos problemas
tenia 17 anos y en la calle en aquel tiempo pense que no
la miraria jamas. no hay mujer viva en el mundo que ocupe el lugar de mi mama. suspendido de la escuela con miedo a llegar a casa. era un menso con amigos rompiendo las reglas

Tupac-Dear Mama Theme?

My 17 y.o. son is obsessed with Tupac, Dear Mama is a song that he realizes how hard it is to raise a man, although his mother did have a drug problem he still sees her as a queen because she did most of the time do the best she could. He just wanted to show respect to his mom, moms are humans and humans make mistakes sometimes. I admire him for giving her this respect.

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”?

I have a special love for the critters.
When there is an injustice done to us we have a voice & resources to air our complaints.
But the animals have few advocates.
We destroy their homes to build ours, we destroy the areas they hunt for food.
Then when they wander into our territory in search of food we call them pests & either kill or trap them.
When we lived in Alabama we had several acres in a semi rural area.
Across from us was a forest & our land was mostly forest.
One winter they began clearing the land for a subdivision of new homes.
It displaced so many critters; opossums, raccoons, deer, & even a few foxes.
We set up some feeding stations, one in the front of the property & one in the back & had many visitors every night.
In the Spring it was wonderful to watch the mama raccoons bring their babies to eat.
I do have a pup & a cat who I love dearly.
Sophie & Pixie.
Pix the pup is my baby, maybe part of an extended empty nest syndrome, LOL.
Sophie the cat is sweet to me but hates the dog, & I think sometimes might be plotting her revenge.
Have they awakened my soul?
I think it may have already been awakened.
Yet, I find it difficult to trust a human who is indifferent to animals & impossible to trust one who is cruel to them.
Many Blessings!

What is the rhyme scheme of this poem?

Do your own work. You will never learn anything if other people do it for you.

How do I deal with parents who fight all the time? My parents argue over trivial things. Mom has a temper, blames people, and controls everyone. She compares us with others, saying how good they are. Dad is too stubborn to apologize, and has an ego.

There is nothing you can do about your parents' fighting. Believe me. I spent years wondering what I could do.The only thing that you can do is get some space from it. It is not likely that their relationship is going to change unless they decide to change it. It's not up to you or your siblings to change them and trying will just make it all the harder for you to disengage from this very toxic dynamic in your family.It's time to grow more independent of your family and seek more sane and peaceful relationships for your own life. These dynamics have a way of creeping up into your own relationships simply because you have been in the midst of them for years. You need to know that and begin to become as conscious as you can about thinking about and having good communication in your life.Decide how you would like to proceed in creating a different energy in your life from the one that your parents have created. Get some help for this. Over time, you will create your own set of relationships that are based on healthier, more loving values. If that becomes your goal, you will begin to beat the stress and move forward in a new direction. Just don't spend your life getting stuck in their dynamic- unless you want to create such drama in your own life.

Where can i go to read "When I lay My Burden Down" by Maya Angelou?

Here is a copy of the poem!,%20When%20I%20Lay%20My%20Burden%20Down.pdf#search=%22maya%20angelou%20lay%20my%20burden%20down%22

Women by alice walker the meaning of the poem?

Ok, let's take it slow:

They were women then
My mama's generation about 1920
Husky of voice--stout of
Step proud, strutting women
With fists as well as
Hands worked & fought with hands
How they battered down
Doors doors of injustice, discrimination
And ironed
Starched white
Shirts many worked as manual (laundry) labor (maids) and in shops
How they led
Headragged generals used to tie their heads up for sweating
Across mined
Fields evaded traps set for them
Ditches jumped over obstacles
To discover books
Desks read and sought education when it was not an acceptable role for a woman (should have been satisfied to be a housewife)
A place for us
How they knew what we
Must know
Without knowing a page did so for future generations to raise them
Of it
Themselves. above themselves/ knew that economic independence would help all women


Tupac the greatest rapper of all time?

being the greatest rapper of all time isnt based solely on lyricism and wordplay...... its based on how much of an influence you had on society and on the music industry in general....... when tupac rapped, he set out to do something, he set out to not to only entertain, but to educate, and theres no denying that is something he accomplished. 10 yrs later and people still talk about him to this day, 10 yrs later and you can still hear tons of people bumpin his music in their cars...... im not sayin that those other dudes arent great because they are, but none of them had the kind of influence that pac had

let me ask you.... do any of those other rappers have classes of themselves and their poetry in prestigious universities? will any of those be remembered as much after they die like 2pac has?.........2pac is dead and he's still making millions of dollars. Youre just one of the few who believe 2pac isnt as great as most people say he is which only tells you that most do.......