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Last Alliance Studios How To Get That

Where can i download hekireki by last alliance?

The full version/Single is not out until the 4th March 09 according to CD Japan.

Best way to get the "TV Size" one is to download a video of just the opening off an anime torrent site then using a program such as xilisoft video converter to rip the audio into an individual MP3. or wait for Gendou to have it on their site (though of course I dont condone piracy obviously)

It's stupidly catchy as a song, have it on constant repeat. In my opinion the best opening of any of the Ippo series thus far. Well done to the new studio so for it.

Good luck

Broadway Artists Alliance? i'm a 13 year old girl (i would be 14 by the time the program starts) and i just have a few questions about the Broadway Artists Alliance summer intensives.

1. How competitive is it?
2. do the have an adult bring you to and from the studio and the hotel if you dont live in nyc?
3. do most of the kids stay at the recomended hotel?
4. how are the first and second sessions different?
5. is one major harder to get accepted into than another?
6. if you are staying at their recomended hotel with out a room mate or parent, what do you do for meals?

and any other info you have would be great!
thanks... :)

I Last Exile did Moran die in the end or not?

When Mullin Shetland meets Dunya from the Dysis fleet, he and Dunya fall in love with each other, climaxing in Mullin asking Dunya to go on the same ship together. Dunya accepts his request, as the operation to take back the ship's Claudia unit begins. The operation ends with Mullin taking the unit back, but being gravely wounded in the process, believed dead. The epilogue shows that he survived to be with Dunya and live on a farm alongside Dunya's siblings and some friends from the Silvana....

Is John Casablancas Model and Talent Agency a scam?

I have already gone throw their "acting school" and am a "client." I've paid off the money so that's not a problem but I've checked online and everywhere I look I hear it's a scam.

The one I'm a part of is originated in Orlando and they boasted that they were accredited by the BBB. I checked online and they've been a member since 1999!

They have an A+ rating with 3 complaints in the last 36 months but 2 were resolved and the other "Company made every reasonable effort to resolve."

I've gotten auditions from them but I had to go on their website to get them. My contract is non-exclusive so I can leave when ever I want. I'm so confused. I feel I've been betrayed.

After my contracts up I'm probably going to end up leaving, does anyone know legit agencies in the Central Florida area?

MARVEL: Spider Man - always the loner. Opinions?

Spider Man fans,

To date we have seen Toby McGuire with three films, then Andy Garfield doing the recently released fourth over a year ago!

We all witnessed last summer's epic Avengers movie on the silver-screen, complete with immensely popular characters, except of course a certain web thrower. Now, this summer we all saw DC re-release (Superman by way of) Man of Steel to praise and already he is slated to join Bat Man!

Q 1. Is Spider Man destined to be the lone star in all his silver-screen adaptations, forever carrying the show all by his lonesome against myriad baddies?

~ OR WILL Marvel Studios let some help** come his way?

** ~ help, as in another leading character to grace the screen with him