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Last Chance To See My Mom But It

If you have a chance, what will you say to your mother?

Mom, I can’t believe you’ve been gone 29 years.Hope you saw that we kept a good eye on Dad until he joined you.Your beautiful granddaughter is married to a nice man and doing well.And you have three more grandchildren, twin boys and a girl, born soon after you passed. They are all great kids and are learning to find their way in the world.As for us, your kids, we have all had pretty good lives. One has retired and the other four can see it on the horizon.We’ve had great successes as well as some pretty big challenges. I’ve always felt you near me during both.Even though we are spread around the country, we have kept in good touch, and even though some of us see each other here and there, we make it a point to all get together as a group each year.Just like we all gathered with you and Dad for the holidays and Sunday dinners.Well, I guess I have caught you up a bit on what you’ve missed all these years. They would have been so much sweeter if you had shared them with us.I hope you see that all your hard work, worry and sleepless nights have produced a family I hope you are proud of.As Dad would probably say-”You done good.”

If you were given a second chance to relive your life, would you choose the same path or choices or would you choose differently?

I would have chosen a different path:I would have told my Mom not to go to a foreign county for a surgery.I would have spent more time with my Mom in case she decided to go anyways.I would have been way more assertive to my former abusive step mother and defended myself more.I would have enjoyed my friends more before I had to disappear to the US in order to avoid a hit placed on my by my former abusive step mother.I would have dated sooner to enjoy the company of a beautiful women whom I also cared about.I would have not messed around with an affair I had.I would have spent zero time playing video games to learn more about what I am trying to become now.I would have dropped out of high school sooner to finish online.I would have not given a s*** what people thought about me in my previous job so I don’t get fired.I would have bought Bitcoin and Netflix shares.I would have opened a Quora account much, much sooner.Thank you Quora community for keeping me motivated and learning something new everyday :)

Should I just listen to my mom or should I listen to myself?

Ok, so you might know the whole ordeal with my 12 year old sister smoking, well, I decided to give her a third and last chance, but she messed up again. I told my mom the entire story, my mom took away her laptop and her phone. She lives with her phone. It seriously is under her pillow when she sleeps. So she's all sad and kinda sulky/liverish, but she has dance lessons today.

My mom is never really angry for a long time, but she does enforce the rules she sets. My sister is not getting her laptop and phone back anytime soon. But she is allowed to do her daily activities.

My mom is... well, she's just a busy businesswoman with a supertight schedule so she's in meetings all freakin' day, my stepdad and step siblings are visiting a dying aunt back in the UK, so I'm taking care of my sisters for now. No problem there, but my mom actually wants me to take my 12 year old sister to her dancing stuff, which is a half an hour drive.

I don't wanna do it. I don't feel like I can trust my own little sister after the ordeal with her smoking and all. I know that sounds harsh, but she Ŧυcкed it up! (excuse me for the language)

Mom says: Bring her and pick her up later
I say: No way, she'll have to ask a friend to get a ride this time.

Should I listen to my mom and actually do my little sister a favor again? Or should I be selfish for once?

I had hoped on a relaxing day doing nothing, but it's now 9 am and I'm worrying about my freakin' sister. =\

Sorry this is long again..

Today I found out my mum might die from cancer. Right now I am an exchange student in New Orleans until May. Should I stay at school or go home for what might be her last few weeks or months?

It looks like most of the answers here are advising you to go home, but I will take the "Devil's Advocate" position because I believe there's a chance that going home MIGHT be the wrong decision.In your mom's eyes, your studies in New Orleans may be the most important thing in her life, something she dreamed about for her son or daughter.  If going home meant that the value of those studies might be lost (You mention you're an exchange student: would going home stop you from getting a degree that is only this one semester away?) then going home might truly devastate her emotionally: she'd feel that not only was she losing HER life but that she was destroying YOUR life (and her hopes and dreams for your life) because she "went and got cancer."If it's simply a matter of you being "off to school" and being able to go back there and pick things up the following semester without a problem, then yes, go home.  But if that's NOT the case and if your mom KNOWS that that is not the case, then you really do have to take her feelings into serious account: you might hurt her a lot more by going home than by not doing so.- MJM

Should I skip my mom's funeral for my 21st birthday party?

So my mom passed away on Sunday and the funeral is on Saturday. Unfortnately, it falls on the same say as my 21st birthday party. I officially turned 21 on Tuesday, but I wanted to celebrate it on Saturday. All of my friends are expected and I don't really want to postpone it because I will only turn 21 once. I am thinking of ditching my mom's funeral and go ahead with my fabulous 21st birthday. My family is mad at me because they think I'm being selfish. I told them that's what happens when you schedule a funeral on my 21st. They told me to wait until the following week, but I would be 21 for 11 days and that kind of takes away the excitement of turning 21. So what do you think should I blow off my mom's funeral for my 21st?

My mom is literally so rude!?

My mom told me that she would trade me and new phone ( 5c) for my 5s that the screen was falling off and had a crack and water damage so i was like i dont know and she was like now is your last chance no trade backs. so i took it. and today ( that all happened last night ) i noticed that it wasnt turning on it was just a black screen glowing with nothing else on it and when i told her the phone wasnt working she was like " you didnt ask if it worked when you took it " , what do i do?!