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What does A on pretty little liars do with that needle?

It went by so fast, but I caught the label on the bottle, it's BD-7. BD is the label for insulin for people with diabetes. So if you're not diabetic, it can cause serious illness and death. A was injecting the syringe into (I also assume) Emily's lotion so to make her condition worse that she cannot perform well and get her scholarship.

Here is the BD company that makes insulin:

What are the last names of the girls in Pretty Little Liars?

I'm writing about my favorite book, Pretty Little Liars, but I can't recall their last names. Can you please tell me what the last names of


Please I need them. What does Minor characters mean??? Who be Minor Characters????

Who is Vanessa Ray in Pretty Little Liars?

*spoilers if you haven't watched/finished Pretty Little Liars*Venessa Ray plays the character CeCe Drake, Charlotte Dilaurentis, and Charles Dilaurentis(but she is actually Charles Dilaurentis) (Alison and Jason’s older brother who disappears (a.k.a he goes to Radley) when Ali is like 1 or a couple months old. He also converts his gender and becomes a girl) she is also A. She is A after Mona. Also, she is the one who Mrs.D was protecting, because she thought that Alison was Bethany Young because they where wearing the same outfit. So CeCe “kills” Ali by grabbing a big rock and smashing it against the back, middle part of her head, then to protect CeCe Mrs.D (because she watched CeCe hit Ali from the window next to the front door of the house) buries Alison alive, thinking that she was dead. Also once the Pretty Little Liars finally find out who A is (CeCe) and corner her on a roof (well CeCe is actually going to commit suicide) they try to help her. Right, so when the show comes on for its 6th season it turns out that CeCe is dead because (you find out on the second to last episode of the 7th season of PLL) Mona killed her by accident. Also Ali and CeCe new each other but Ali didn't know that she was her sister and of course CeCe new Ali was her sister. So CeCe was also Red Coat, because Ali and CeCe were friends so Ali asked her to help her out and be Red Coat; so she was “helping” Ali. I think that’s about it, but I would love to tell you more if you would like/need it.

Pretty little liars hilton head?

The hilton head tag on spencer's sisters new husbands bag brought back memories of when Allison came back from visiting her "grandmother" in Georgia but Spencer was suspicious because Allison had a tan and also had the same tag from Hilton.
If you remember from the end of season 1, there was a video on someones computer of Allison talking to a boy about kissing her at the kissing rock. The camera turns around and Spencer's sisters new husband was the boy she was talking to.

I think ABC Family was trying to create the sense that Spencer is beginning to unravel something to Allison's death.

Did Hannah die on Pretty Little Liars?

No,thankfully hahahah I love Pretty Little Liars! Hannah didn't die when she got hit by a car. She goes into a coma and and loses her memory for a while. A is Mona and Hannah found out so Mona hit her with her car because she going to tell her friends. Hannah finds out when Mona accidently txts her from her own phone and put -A at the end. If you are wondering how Mona knows all there secrets she finds Allisons diary on the curb of Mia's house. Please respond if you want more info haha

Any clean episodes of Pretty Little Liars?

i do not know any really but you could watch the season 2 finale with your mom, it really didnt have any bad content in it. I watched it with my mom and she loved it. and if you see any bad content coming up, you can distract her by saying something about the last scene or ask her who she thinks the killer is

Should I binge watch pretty little liars?

If you intend to watch the entire series, don't. I'm a serial binge watcher. But I ended up skipping lots of episodes especially in the latter seasons. The series is simply not engaging enough to binge watch . I love the concept of the show , and the whole ‘ A ' drama , but after the shows first few seasons it lost its element. The first season was incredible . It was gripping and definitely worth watching. If you want to , you can binge watch the first three , maybe. But personally , I couldn't binge watch the entire show. Also ,if you really like the show and the characters you should definitely check out Pll fanfiction. I personally think it has the best fanfiction stories.

Is CeCe from Pretty Little Liars a guy or a girl?

It's not hard to see why you are confused, it certainly was not an easy episode to follow! Basically, Cece is transgender. She was born a male, named Charles, but always wanted to play dress ups and wear dresses. Her father did not accept this, and sent her to Radley Sanitarium. She grew up there, and with the support of her mother, decided to dress as a girl. Eventually she decided to become a female altogether, and took the name 'Charlotte'. Charlotte was out of Radley for a day when she met her brother (who didn't know of her existence) Jason. She knew that if Jason told their mother that he had met a girl called Charlotte, then she would know it was actually her daughter. And so Charlotte took on the nickname 'Cece', and it all began.