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Left School With No Qualifications

Can You Start A Business With No Qualifications .. Honestly?


Im looking at setting up an event management business, me on my own freelance. I left school with no qualifications at all and although this makes me sound dumb i have a good knowledge of computers, people and have a knack of finding excellent suppliers, and well i feel i have the nessecary criteria to make the business a success.

Do i really need a proper qualification or do you think with a sucessful portfolio and positive feeback i could build up a good rep/ promote the business on this alone.
I obviously know the benefits of a recognised qualification but just curious.


I might get left back in school?

For the first time I might get left back in school (sophomore). I know it's from my own stupidity and probably should have had second thoughts from the beginning, but I don't know how to exactly have my parents know. Last year I just about passed since I guess I worked my way up, and honestly thought I'd get left back, but this year my out look changed on everything, and I can't really care less. I'm almost to the point I want to drop out or get kicked out somehow.xD I know I'll regret it, but it's just stupid. We don't need this although people make it seem like we do.

I haven't been doing homework even though I told my parents I did it each time, and in some classes I don't do much. It's like I don't really feel like anything is going on and sometimes forget what happened through the day what I did and don't really know what I would have for homework, so I guess that helps along. I know it's not an excuse though. Since I might actually get left back for the first time, how do I really tell my parents to a reason why if they get that upset at me? I'm going to be ready for the outcome so I just need to know how to have my parents accept that fact too. I know they'll be pretty p*ss*d off at me.x) I got my progress report today and I'm in danger of failing 3 subjects. I'm a failure.

I left school with no qualifications. Can I do an access to higher education course and then an aviation degree to become a pilot?

The other commentors are much more knowledgeable about this field, but I have to at least share this link with you to try. These folks know all about any qualifications you may need for flight school, and anything about pilot licenses. Check them out and I’m sure they’ll be able to answer any questions you may have! Best of luck, man! Airplane Lessons & Pilot Training | HillsboroAeroAcademy

Im 16 and just left school, and can't afford anything. I really need advice?

Im a 16 year old girl and just left school. I have no qualifications as i missed my exams and The reason i left school is because i was hardly ever there. I have a medical condition, and doctors aren't sure what the cause of this is. My medical condition makes me feel ill, i vomit, feel dizzy and shake whenever i walk or do any other exercise. And also for this reason i can't get a job. I have no money at all and i have tried to claim for DLA (disability living allowance) but they said i couldn't get it as i haven't been diagnosed with anything yet. I don't live with my parents due to some problems. I stay with my aunt who is struggling as she has 3 young kids. I can't afford to pay rent, i get no money and i can't work. I desperately need some advice please.

I'm 25 and left school with no highers, I want to go to college to gain the qualifications I didn't get but feel time is against me, is it too late?

Darlin, you can work until you are 70 or later by the time you get there. Surely, you can’t be loving what you are doing now or the options that are available to you now and in the future given your education and training. So figure out what you are good at naturally, what jobs look like they may be enjoyable to you over time, and talk to those people. I would spend some time talking to professionals in several areas of interest to find out exactly what they did to get to where they are. It may take a 2 or 4 or 1 year training program and then a lower job followed by another year……etc. but that will give you an idea of what that time and money in education will allow you to earn. I am not sure where you are from but your verbiage doesn’t sound American or I could you more advice on where to find out how much different jobs fetch for pay and what their qualifications they have. There probably is something under labor board and statistics in your country….. also write down a list of things you might want to do whether it be from tv shows or something you've seen in real life even if you don’t know the name of the job. Possibly list the industry you might want to be in like healthcare doing sonograms or MRIs for people in hospitals…. huge demand… nice salary…. can add more certifications for more credentials to be able to do more tests….. There are jobs you might not even know about as you haven’t ever been exposed to them.First, know that the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful person is one that makes a LIST and keeps up with it.Second, EDUCATION is the great divide in socioeconomic levels or how much money you will make in your lifetime…. there are stories out there to the contrary… but don’t play against the vast odds.Third, You have 65 years on average to live and 45 years to do something that will enjoy and will allow you to support you and your family for now and for those last 20 non-income making years of your life.45 YEARS is a long time but 44 years is less and 43 years is even less and each day and week and month is just an excuse. THE LISTS I spoke of. Shoot them by me. I’ll be happy to help!Climb!

I think school is wasting my time. Should I quit?

Realistically speaking, a university degree will help increase your chances of getting a better job. However, what I learned from life adviser Peter Kristiansen is this: Live the life that works for you! Choose what works for you, instead of following what is expected of you by your parents or peers. This doesn’t mean that you’ll live irresponsibly without any regard for others. You would still have your boundaries, BUT you will also acknowledge that you have your own passions and motivations. Let go of your social conditioning and discover what really drives you.

Do you 100% believe your education alone will get you where you want to be?

Success is a matter of being in the right place, at the right time, with the right skills.Education provides the third of these (the right skills).Perseverance (“hard work”) provides the first of these (the right place).The third component really comes down to luck.The bad news is there is nothing you can do about the third component. The good news is that the first two make up about 90% of your success.The biggest difference between the conservative and the liberal narratives on “success” is that the conservative narrative denies the importance of luck, while the liberal narrative doesn’t: “There, but for the grace of God, go I…” implicitly recognizes that success often depends on things totally beyond your control.