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Is marijuana legal in BC (canada)?

If I had a nickel for everytime this question gets asked............

No. Pot is illegal across the board in Canada. It has, however, been decriminalized. That means, if you are caught with under a certain amount, an amount that can be deemed "personal use" not for purposes of trafficking, there will be no criminal charges laid. That certain amount must be less than 28.35 grams or 1 ounce. If a cop does happen to catch you with that amount, they will confiscate it and dispose of it. They will not charge you with anything. IF you have over the 28.35 grams/1 oz, then you will be charged with either simple possession, or intent to traffic. But these offences in Canada hold no where near the ridiculous penalties imposed in the US. Thats why our jails are not over crowded with people who really do not need to be there. There are also prescriptions available for medicinal marijuana, for those who qualify.

Of course, every so often a "pot cafe" will open. Not a place that sells it, but where you may go to smoke. But, seeing as how there are smoking bans in most provinces, these places don't last long.

Poll: Should marijuana be legal?

It's still addictive.
It impairs your judgment (to a certain extent).
It still causes deaths.
I agree, so and alcohol. One would say, if alcohol is legal, marijuana should be, too. Then what next? People would want to legalize crack cocaine, meth, heroin etc. Is legalizing more stuff the best way?

Marijuana: Legal or Illegal?

Marijuana is illegal primarily because of propaganda and racism. It has remained illegal because of money, and the government's inability to tax it thus far. The government refuses to admit that marijuana is not anywhere near as dangerous as they say, or even that's its less dangerous than cigarettes. Tobacco has remained legal because of money, the government makes huge profits off of the taxes from tobacco, and if it were to push to make it illegal the tobacco industry would make a huge fuss, which would cost the government even more money. Interestingly, tobacco isn't as bad for you as you think. What's really bad for you is all the chemicals they put in the cigarettes, but the government can't even get tobacco companies to admit what they put in their cigarettes. Natural tobacco is not only safer, but without the ammonia in the reconstituted tobacco its also LESS ADDICTIVE. On top of that, studies done on second hand smoke has proven that it's harmless, yet the government has insisted that its a public safety hazard. Almost as if the government wants you to think that smoking anything is going to lead to the deaths of thousands of people, yet they won't admit that they have mishandled the tobacco industry and that its this poor management of a company that they can no longer control that leads to thousands of preventable deaths a year.

What is the legal status of Marijuana?

it has a conflicting legal status. it's legal at the state level, in some states, while still being illegal at the federal level. this means it's sold openly, and the state police are fine with it. but then federal agents raid these "legal" places, to prove they have the biggest swinging *****. kind of a messed up situation.

Legal help, manufacturing of marijuana.?

okay so im living in my dad s house in the back room sleeping on a military cot, and he was growing pot now im getting 19 charges toatle 1 conspiracy to manufacture, one possession (i had no weed on me), one use/poss of drug paraphanilia( i had a bowl in my room), 1 int to posses a contraban substance by per not reg(not sure), one poss of instrument of crim with intent(idk what that even could be)and 15 of them are for manufacture,delivery,or possession with intent to manufacture or deliver. i just dont see how im getting charged with all that when none of my roomates did and they said they where charging me because "it was in a common area"....everything was under lock and key i didnt even know that **** was up there! so i guess my question is what is my best move?..

Marijuana Consequences/ Legal Status!!?! help!?

Alcohol is extra with no trouble regulated by means of the federal government, as a consequence they may be able to make a benefit off of it. Meaning such a lot humans is not going to take some time to make their possess hooch. Weed, good is a weed lol. Can be with no trouble grown and dried by means of almost someone who has two mind cells. It could be subsequent to inconceivable for the federal government to keep watch over and make a benefit. If they ever conceive of some way to do that, then weed might be legalized. The lengthy and wanting it's, weed is a LOT much less damaging. It is simplest the ones humans who have already got an underlying intellectual wellbeing quandary that may POSSIBLY (in a small percent of this institution) expand into anything worse. However with this equal institution of contributors, alcohol can and does have the equal uncomfortable side effects...exacerbating underlying signs. In many different constructed nations weed is authorized. It is regulated and regulated. Don't you consider if it made humans cross all intellectual and sh*t, inflicting intellectual sickness in which none beforehand existed, they could have outlawed it? Common experience eludes many humans. Donna ______EDIT______ Mary....LOVED the hyperlink you supplied.

Marijuana alternative smoke, legal buds... HELP!?

Whatever you do don't listen to Dr. Nick. Nicotine is much worse than marijuana, however, there are certainly both short and long term consequences of marijuana as well.

Like someone has already stated there is no legal substitute for marijuana. Salvia is legal but is a hallucinogen and can not even be compared with marijuana.

I understand your situation and my advice is not to do it cold turkey. I know its difficult but cut back on the amount of times you use,more like a casual drinker, just smoke on the weekends for instance. Not only is this better for your health and your lifestyle but you will actually get a better high. Best of luck.

Do you think marijuana should be legal in the US to save the economy from rotting?

Today in class students had a debate on wether or not marijuana should be legal as a strategy to save the economy. The conclusion was half and half. The students who thought marijuana should be legal stated that if marijuana were to be purchased, there should be strict laws on when, where, and how you can use it. But the students who thought marijuana should be illegal stated that it can be harmful to children. Many argued though that marijuana is MUCH safer then alcohol, which is legal at the age of 21 in the US; in fact, most teenage deaths are caused by driving under the influence. So yahoo, I ask you, should marijuana be legal in the United States to save the economy in an incredible speed? Or should we look at other options that possibly might take many years.

NOTE: This is not a homework assignment or an essay I need to write. I am curious to see what the yahoo community will say about this idea, since the debate in the classroom was extremely interesting.


Legal advice/help marijuana possession and court?

last week my sister's friend said she would pay me $5 dollars to pick up two of her friends and drop them off at her house. i agreed and picked them up and dropped them off. they wanted me to wait outside of the house but after 15 min i left. they later called and said they left marijuana under my seats. i told them i would give it back to them later because i didnt have time. after i left i went to a bonfire to pick up some freinds to get some food and then we would come back. we were parked and deciding where to go when a police officer flashed her lights. i told the friend in the front that there was weed under his seat and he picked it up and put it inbetween his belt and stomach. the officer got suspicious and asked me step out of the car and patted me down and asked if there was anything in my car and i told her if there was, it wasnt mine. everyone in the car was then searched and they found the marijuana on my friend and under my seat, but my friend took the blame for all of it. now my friend wants me to go to court and say it was mine even though he was the one charged with it. i got no ticket, just a "huge warning." could i get in trouble if i tell the judge it was mine? we are all 17 years old and i have no previous record.

Yes, of course.It is a drug that was criminalized for it's potential to affect the profits of established and powerful industries under the guise of being "bad for society"... namely Logging, Cotton, Pharmaceutical, Food oils, etc.Also the fiat "War on Drugs" MASSIVELY increases the profits of violent criminal cartels... and as an added "benefit" to the government, gives them an "identified" common enemy to struggle against so that We The People are too distracted to notice that "our" government is, in point of fact, actively working AGAINST our best interests!Bottom Line: