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Less Expensive Automotive Products Piece Of Emi

A question for all of you auto techs out there.?

Just generally speaking. Craftsmen are usually for just general work, anything around the house, I use my Craftsmen set for auto mostly. However; that being said, I would recommend Snap-On or Mac tools. They're built stronger and are better quality so they'll last you a while longer. And yes, get back ups. Tools get lost very easily if you're careless in any way, accidents happen and poof, there goes your 1/2" forever. Don't necessarily need to get em right away, but when you have some spare money and if you use your tools a lot, might be a smart idea for some back up pieces. It just depends on what you're doing to determine what sizes you need.

To my knowledge, that tactic was used on older manual transmissions and/or rear-drive differentials…if anywhere. Sawdust is readily available and free, and as an additive to gear oil, it substantially increases “viscosity” and quiets the noises (rattles and whines) a badly worn gearbox makes…for a short time. This is much less trouble and expense than simply draining the gear oil and adding heavier weight gear oil.Sawdust or similar would just clog up an automatic. Given the fact that most cars today have automatics, few transmissions could be doctored in this way. And in a world dominated by front-drive cars - with transaxles rather than rear difs - and automatic transaxle generally rules out the possibility of messing with the dif.As for dishonesty in used auto sales, that’s unlikely to ever change. There are many tricks to make a piece of junk appear to be serviceable. Any number of additives will serve as short-term band-aids on otherwise expensive problems. A reputable dealer won’t risk it’s reputation to move a junker, but the dealer may very well wholesale/auction a questionable used vehicle and turn it loose on the “independent dealer” market or into the hands of private resellers (backyard auto dealers who move 2 or 3 cars at a time). And who knows what a real private seller might do to move a car in a one-on-one sale?Rather than concerning yourself with the very long list of fakery could be inflicted on you as a buyer, spend $100 or so to bring any used vehicle prospect to “your” repair shop for an inspection by a decent mechanic. Any vehicle that has been neglected won’t be neglected in just one area. While the mechanic may not find every issue, the mechanic will find enough evidence of neglect or proper maintenance to give you a thumbs up or down on the vehicle. That doesn’t mean something can’t go wrong soon after purchase, but it does mean that, overall, the vehicle is in poor or decent condition. “Would you buy this car?…” is a single question that will tell you all you really need to know.

Ford F-150 and Expedition parts compatibility?

It relies upon what's rather leaking. If the axle shafts are leaking then that's probable on the boot. There are 2 axles on the front of your explorer and at the two end of the two shafts there are boots. those boots conceal a widely used joint. under the boot different than the joint, is a collection of grease to lubricate the joint and the axle is in action. a good sort of the time the boots rip and sling the grease everywhere. that's what he could recommend if the axle is leaking. you will get a boot restoration equipment and replace in simple terms the boots, yet with the overtime and less expensive fee of a clean axle, it could not be low-value to flow that course (boot restoration). If the housing that the axles slide into, observed as the front differential, is leaking then only the seals on the holes that the axles flow into could desire to get replaced. It relies upon what is going on. i've got seen axle shafts observed as axle assemblies till now. commonly i don't see the differential observed as an axle assembly. i've got faith they are one interior a similar in this occasion. If the assembly is being observed because of the fact the diff, then the main possibly reason may be the seals. even nevertheless I easily have seen differentials destroy and crack down the middle, subsequently inflicting a severe leak and facilitate a clean differential.

Transmission Tune up?

ive always been told that changing your transmission fluid in an auto trans maay not be a "tune up" if its a maual trans.. do it. its all good
a real auto trans tune up is more or less a rebuild kit.
if you change the trans fluid you also take away pieces of grit that were used for clutch plates. your taking away friction material that still got inbetween the plates even though it looks like your doing a good thing by taking all that crap out you are still taking away a friction material. a trans flush towards the end of the life of your car may more than likely make your transmission start to slip. and be the death of your transmission
the rule of thumb with auto transmissions is dont fix it unless its broke

How much money does it cost to fix a broken window?

Single strength plate glass will run about $2 per square foot. Double strength will run about $2.75 to $3.00 per square foot.

You'll also need to add delivery costs (depends upon distance) and installation costs (varies on complexity). Don't try to transport or install a pane of glass that large yourself! It's very dangerous without the proper tools and training.

Before replacing it, check local ordinances. Some locales require tempered safety glass or plastic (Lexan, etc.) in new or replacement installations of larger panes. Tempered glass is much more expensive and normally has to be custom ordered. Lexan is less expensive than tempered glass and can be safely installed by anyone. Any local glass supplier can advise on local ordinances and quote prices and explain how to measure properly.

Why are American cars such a piece of crap?

Where in the heck do YOU live? I agree that domestic automobiles are boring and unspired (just try spotting your Chevy Malibu in a crowded parking lot) but for the most part they are very reliable and get decent fuel mileage considering the size and driving habits we Americans have. Domestics hit their low point in 1975 when all their cars were heavy, slow, ugly and fell apart on the showroom floor. Thank the Japanese for their well built, inexpensive cars that Americans bought up by the millions -- something the heads at Ford, GM and Chrysler never thought would happen. This was the free market system in it's full glory because the domestics learned, (the hard way), that even though Americans maybe patriotic, they're NOT stupid. It's been a long climb out of the sewer but after 32 years our cars are once again solid, well engineered and will all go over 100K miles without major breakdowns if maintained. Styling --- ehh, maybe next decade. As for Toyota, yes they build one hell of a car but they also had a major problem with Camrys blowing engines in the late nineties because oil capacity was too low. The worst part was Toyota refused to replace the engines (thousands of complaints were filed) and it took the threat of a class action suit to change Toyota's mind. European cars? Get real -- they have ALL become so high strung that they spend as much time in the service depts. as they do in your driveway. For some unknown reason Euros are much more tolerant of a vehicle that has constant bugs and quirks in the electrical systems, leaking sunroofs, and bizillion dollar repair costs.