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Lg Optimus G Is A Better Mobile . Can It Be Worth Of Getting Or Suggest Some Mobiles In That

My NFC not working for LG Optimus G?

As you know, the Optimus G has NFC in it.
I tried sharing and receiving a picture from a friend of mine who has an S3. His looked like it was working, and when we touched phones my Optimus G somehow took me to the Google Play Store.

My NFC was definitely on and I was connected to a WiFi source.

My question is, is there any other app or setting I have to have on for it to work? I feel like it shouldn't be this complicated.

HTC One vs. Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. Sony Xperia Z vs. LG Optimus G Pro?

IMO the best phone depends on which facet you assign a higher priority to.1. Design Elements: HTC One.2. Performance and Hardware: Galaxy S43. Screen size(use as a phablet): LG optimus G pro.4. Protection against the elements( waterproofing and dust resistance): Xperia ZThe Galaxy S4, HTC One and the LG Optimus pro run on almost the same hardware with slight difference in clock speeds. The Xperia Z on the other hand runs on a slightly dated chipset(Snapdragon pro).Also to mention all these phones run on entirely different UI on top of android which can be a matter of personal choice.

Sprint LG optimus g or tmobile Nexus 4?

nexus 4 beats note 2 in terms of hardware and benchmark !
it'a a great phone i love to buy one ! worth the price in USA It cots 350 usd for 16gb version
while it costs 640 usd in ASIA
and the weakness point of the device is it only come with 8 or 16 gb !! no EXTERNAL SD !
over all the nexus 4 is amazing you always get the andriod UPDATES FIRST !

nexus 4 = 350 usd unlocked ! 16GB MAX
LG optimus 4 = 600 usd unlocked ! 32 MAX

Is selling old devices to professional buying websites like and recommended and which of the two is more preffered to sell my old tablet? What are the other such preffered websites?

I sent my LG Optimus G Pro to Atterobay. My phone had a cracked screen but was fully functional otherwise. I was practically using it before that.They took my device, saying they'll pay me around 7k INR, but that the price is subject to change. I thought it would fall to 6k INR, which was a good enough price.They inspected my phone and told me that my device is non working and they'd pay me 1000 INR. I told them to fuck off and send me my phone back.The same case happened with my brother, Vivek Karan. His working Galaxy Grand 2 that had a software problem was quoted at 4900 INR but they offered 549 INR. They are a fraudulent site, and I can tell you you'll get a much better value on sites like OLX or Quickr.

What are the reasons why people buy Samsung phones?

There are 3 categories that almost all people who buy Samsung phones are in. I'd say that I'm qualified to answer this, having owned and used a Galaxy S4, a Galaxy J3, and a Galaxy Note8 (currently).Best and most features available. The iPhone X has FaceID, which generally works better than Facial Recognition on the Galaxy 8 series. However, Samsung also has a more secure Iris Scanner, and still left the fingerprint sensor on the device. Best and brightest display. Best camera (in manual mode, auto mode is almost indifferent from competitors). High performance. Good battery life. Fast wireless charging. NFC + MSC support for payments and much more. Best front camera for video and almost as good for photo. Great build. Durable (for a glass phone, definitely better than the iPhone X.Cheap. They have fairly decent phones, even on a budget. Not the best, but still good.Brand name. Believe it or not, Samsung has a very large ecosystem, almost as much as Apple (excluding computers on Samsung's part). Your Note8 can connect with a Gear S3 watch, a Samsung refrigerator, a Samsung TV, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, other Samsung Galaxy phones, IconX earbuds, and much more. They are surprisingly more connected than most people know, like our galaxy. The Galaxy product line probably gets it's current name due to this.99% of Samsung people fall into one or two of these categories. Not sure about the other 1%.Hope this helps!

I am thinking of buying Nexus 5, now that it is available in India. However i just wanted to that since i am going to invest so much money in it, 32gb model for 33k, is it really going to be worth it? The reason i ask this is because from what i have gathered across  the internet forums is that the camera and battery performance is not up to the mark. What other options can i look forward to, if not nexus 5? (No S4 suggestions)

The best phone in your budget is LG Optimus G2. The phone costs 37000 on flipkart, so the market price will be around 33000-35000 rupees.The reason I don't prefer Nexus phones is the user interface they have. Fastest update to new versions of android is their biggest pro. But on the other hand they have a very very basic UI. Timescape (Sony), TouchWiz (Samsung) and Sense (HTC) provide far better user experience.Also Nexus 5 runs on LG's hardware and so does the G2. But the features of G2 beat Nexus 5 handsdown.

Can I watch 3D movies on Android smartphones?

It is definitely possible to watch a 3D video on your Android, or for that matter, any smartphone. The basic idea of 3D video is that each of your eyes should see a slightly different image (at a different angle). This technique of creating the illusion of depth in an image is called Stereoscopy. For 3D, this may be achieved by creating 2 views which may be side by side (horizontal and vertical) or over and under (top and bottom).There are 2 major commercial technologies in use. The Anaglyph 3D and the Polarized 3D. Anaglyph 3D, found in normal LCD TFT displays (PCs, tablets, mobiles) encodes images used by each eyes using filters of different  colors (red and cyan) while Polarized 3D, found in cinemas and high end TVs, uses filters that will allow  only images that have similar polarization.To view 3D video on our phones, we'd require a pair of Anaglyph glasses which come pretty cheap and a 3D video player, which are available in plenty on the Play Store. Remember that you'll need a 3D video which is in the side by side format. PavTube BDMagic is a great tool to convert 3D videos into the 3D SBS format, which is just a side by side playback of 2D video, but is perceived to be 3 dimensional by our eyes.If you want a better experience, go ahead and buy one of the multiple Virtual Reality headsets available, the cheapest of them being Google Cardboard (a DIY is available for around INR350). There's Oculus ($100), Sony's Morpheus (still not on sale) and a new one called Immerse which retails for around $45. Others are coming up like HTC Vive or Microsoft's HoloLens. Most of these have their companion apps and work well with 3rd party apps, games and videos. Hope this leads to at least try Google Cardboard and get an amazing VR experience!

Faster CPU or more RAM for a phone?

woah woah woah, these guys are wrong.
RAM is more important for multitasking. the reason it takes a while for you to get back to your app is because it probably gets killed off when the message pops up, so going back to the other app it has to start from the beginning and open it up from scratch...with more RAM, it keeps it in memory so no loading, just switching.

processing power isn't everything these days (it used to be) but seriously something that is running at 1Ghz vs something running at 1.2GHz isn't going to be that big of a difference.

try and get something with 2GB RAM and 1.5ghz dual core processor and you will be very happy. something like the LG optimus G, Galaxy S3, or nexus 4 would be good.

if you are buying on contract, spend the money on a high end the HTC One, LG G2, Galaxy S4

if you are buying off contract, i know it sucks since phones are more expensive, in this case, the nexus line is your best bet. you can try and find a nexs 4 (swappa or craigslist) for around $25-300 or you can wait a little bit for the nexus 5 which should ship at $350 for 16GB and either one of those will be an amazingly fast phone.

just dont expect your cheap *** phone to run like to big dogs. 1GB ram is a bare minimum these days and, IMO, isn't really worth it since you are going to have to have the phone for at least a couple years.

take my advice, go with something with 2GB of ram....anything.

i have been dealing with android for years and RAM is the key to a fast/smooth phone. and i have found that 2GB is extremely nice. i have a galaxy nexus...the most stripped down phone out there, and I can only multitask between 3 apps (max, usually its 2) without them having to load again. switch over to my nexus 7 with 2GB ram and i can multitast between about 10 apps before they start to re-load...its amazing.