Liberals Why Do You Think Black People Won

Why do liberals spaz out around poor black people?

l see liberals do a lot of things like this and then they just carry on as if nothing happened, while calling Trump racist or saying "conservatives are scared of black people".

Why were black people and liberals so happy when OJ got away with murder?

Man - right win pinheads must be running out of ammunition! The insults become very very thin.

Why do liberals love black people so much?

They literally love sucking so much big black cock. Liberals treat them like Gods on the media. When a black person is shot, or discriminated, especially by a white person, the liberals will make on the front page of the headlines. Yet, the liberals won't say anything when a black commits a crime towards a white person or any other non-black. The liberals love showering them with welfare money. The liberals love watching blacks in their "playgrounds" murdering and raping each other and saying nothing about it on the media. Do you think libs love sucking all that black cockzzz?

Liberals, what do you think about this video showing four black teenagers torturing a white guy for being a Trump supporter?

Sigh…..You’re really serious, aren’t you? You think that when ask for justice for all we don’t mean it, right? So you think you’d goad us, right? Or, you already know the answer, that this is sick and disturbing, and the only silver lining in this whole thing is that the perps recorded themselves doing it, and will have almost no chance of getting out of long prison sentences for this. But no, you need us to say it. Got it. This is wrong, this is sick, and things like this must be stopped. In fact, it reminds me a little bit of what happened to Philando Castile, who was left to bleed to death, when police are required to tend to even suspects who attempt to hurt them (he didn’t) after they are obviously incapable of harming anyone. But no, I don’t think you’ll agree on that one. I guess it’s whites vs. blacks in your mind, no matter what. But wait a minute, I’m white. And yet, I have black friends. One of them married a white man and had two children. They are mixed race so I gues they are both black and white. What are they supposed to do? Get up each morning and beat themselves up? Which side must win?Or perhaps, just maybe, it’s only about race when people make it about race, and for the rest of us, it’s about justice. But then that means I agree with you, that this is sick and wrong. And I’m a liberal Trump-opposer, and you’re conservative Trump-supporter, so now what? Next thing you know, we’ll both end up agreeing that oxygen is useful for survival, and that we’re glad for every medal the American teams won in the Olympics. Damn! This isn’t turning out to be a clear-cut fight, where are political opponents are 100% wrong on everything. I bet most of us even agree the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and that it sucks when we get sick. Oh dear God, what if we even end up liking the same music. The horror!!!But look on the bright side, I think it’s just as horrible when a white guy tortures a black guy, or a Latino guy tortures an Asian guy. It’s really the torture and the killing that bothers me. Can you claim that? Better you don’t. If you do, then we’ll end up agreeing with me on yet another thing. And that can’t be right.

Liberals: Do you think white people deserve punishment for racism in the past?

I'm not necessarily implying that any liberals believe that, I'm just curious.
Do you think that the white race (which has, undebatedly, done some wrong things like every other race) deserves punishment because of say, slavery or Jim Crow? Would you be happier if whites became a minority in this country? Just wondering.

Why do liberals think that just because someone has some pride in their race, that they are uneducated and violent?

Look, you don’t get a white pride movement.At no point in human history has it not been okay to be white. We are only 5 generations removed from slavery, where the term “black person” was an oxymoron and phrenology was a legitimate scientific discipline.(pictured: the 1850s version of Galileo’s dinner)We’re only 2 generations removed from when black people were second-class citizens. There are people still alive when Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were killed. The last living survivor of the Tuskegee experiments died in 2004. Ruby Bridges is still fucking alive.(She’s the black girl at the top trying to go to school, not the white woman at the bottom trying to close them down)Even in Africa where you would think black people would have some reprieve, they just got done with Apartheid where it wasn’t okay to be black in South Africa. Trevor Noah is a famous example of someone who has lived through being treated like a minority in his own country, the greatest fear of every white nationalist.So, fast forward to today, where the “blackest name in America” is “Washington”. A white man can trace his history and last name all the way back to some blacksmith in the year 1273, and we have last names like “Washington” and “Lincoln” because we have no idea where we came from. How many Lakeishas are CEOs? How many Jamals are billionaires? How many people thought of the ridiculousness of a CEO named Lakeisha Washington? How many black people scoffed at that idea?That last part is why we need a pride movement, because even black people today feel inferior because of their skin color. You will never know what it’s like to feel like a nigger. We are reminded everyday of our skin color everytime we have to change our voice and speech so that it sounds white during that interview, or to watch our attitude lest we become yet another angry black man, or to fix our hair a certain way because maybe they’ll forget that Lakeisha Washington is a black woman and she’ll have an equal chance against a Karen Smith. Notice I didn’t say an edge, but rather an equal shot.So, if you’re wondering why your pride movements end up looking like this:It’s because white people asking for a pride movement is like a rapist asking for a victim advocate. This isn’t to implicate all white people. You can’t help your own skin just as we can’t help ours. I don’t fault you for being white. Let us have this.

Do liberals think a rich black kid should get into college over a disabled poor white kid with equal achievements?

Well speaking as a former liberal, they believe that there should be equal opportunity to enter college whether you’re black or white, rich or poor. That is a freedom everyone should enjoy and it shouldn’t be hindered by their own class or status in society.Unfortunately, this is why I turned away from liberalism and moved to socialism. Unless you remove class, class antagonism will always be there. It is a symptom of Capitalism emphasised by ‘scarcity’ and driven by individual desire.Both are equally deserving of college but when there is class there is always people who are ‘more deserving’ and people who are ‘less deserving’. When you make college universal and free however and available to anyone with the qualification, you remove that needless class antagonism.

Why can't liberals admit the truth about black on white crime?

● 320, 082 white people were victims of black on white crime.

● While only 62, 593 black people were victims of white on black crime.

Admit it liberals, just admit it.