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Life Is Ruined Need Answers And Advice.

I need as much advice as i can get my life is ruined?

the story goes
last year in yr 7 i was good i cared about my education i had good friends
then i started wagging then drinking,smoking and doing drugs
then my best friend told me what i was doing is wrong so i decided to change.
the first term this year was all going good except i flashed my best friends boyfriend she found out and told everyone we became friends again then i gave the guy she liked msn sex she told everyone.
i was talked about for a while.
then a few weeks later i told my friend my best friend called her a junkie my friend went down to bash her lucky it never happened
but me and my best friend were in fight again i started wagging and smoking again i my report is bad everything is bad
were friends again but she wants me to change again but i don't think i can its so hard
my attendance at school is bad my grades are bad everything is bad
i have cut myself in the pass
i feel like my life's not worth living
what should i do
im 14 years old in year 8 now

i don't want websites
i want your advice

Life ruined by DMCA, need advice?

Before answering your question, you need to answer some questions yourself:

1. What will you be using your Internet connection for? Chatting? E-mailing? Online games? Bittorrent?

2. How often are you on the Internet?

3. How much are you willing to spend?

You may have difficulty finding Internet service if you were busted using Bittorrent to download illegal content -- that's the ONLY way you would receive a DMCA complaint.

There are plenty of other ways to receive content such as movies and warez that is anonymous. Bittorrent is NOT anonymous -- even the latest versions that don't use a centralized server.

Satellite may be expensive and slow, but for a majority of high-speed Internet downloading needs, it's fine. It is NOT good for online gaming and Bittorrent because of its high latency.

You may be locked into a business-class Internet solution if you cannot get cable, dialup is too slow, and satellite is too slow and expensive. A T1 line isn't cheap, but will give you 1.5 megabits (not megabytes!) up and down. This is likely slower than your cable connection and will be a LOT more expensive, probably around $500 per month.

The DMCA is not a group that monitors your Internet use. It is a law called the "Digital Millennium Copyright Act" which allows your ISP to monitor your traffic for DMCA violations. The DMCA didn't bust you -- your own ISP did. You have no legal recourse.

Many ISPs don't want you using Bittorrent because it takes a LOT of bandwidth for the data transferred and the sheer number of packets transferred. It is in their best interests for you not to use Bittorrent, so that's probably why they were monitoring your connection.

Your note keeps saying "this is unfair". What were you Torrenting? Legal stuff such as Linux ISOs or illegal stuff such as movies or warez?

The link I've attached to this reply will allow you to locate all available ISPs in your area.

I need advice, do you think my lifes ruined?

Well, you could move; that's one solution, yes. But it's a bit drastic to uproot yourself from everyone you know and have to start over in a place where you know no one.

No, I don't think you have ruined your life at all. In fact, if you have managed to kick the drugs and have stopped drinking, far from ruining your life, you've saved it and should congratulate yourself!

But if you are still having trouble with them, I would suggest you get some help, as those are much more serious problems than what happened with the cell phone. We all make fools of ourselves at times, and people may talk, but the gossip soon gets on to someone else and our mistakes are yesterday's news. You've just been unfortunate in that these people told your new best friend what happened.

Then again, don't you think that your best friend maybe wasn't such a good best friend after all, if she let this incident put her off you without even giving you a chance to tell her your side?

We all do wrong things at times, stupid things, things we may be ashamed of later. A best friend should understand that and not expect you to be 100% perfect all the time. A best friend's job is to support you through bad times and help you get back on track if you slip off the straight and narrow. If this best friend scarpered that fast at what she heard from others, you need to find a real best friend who will stay the course.

Once again, if you have got your problems with drink and drugs under control, you should be proud of yourself. Even if you are trying, that's something to be proud of too.

So don't let this setback knock you back. Stick your head in the air and walk proud. Nobody else controls the moves you make. You control you now.

Ruined my life? Need advice?

So nearly 2 years ago I lost my virginity to a girl(I trusted this girl alot). We were both young and virgins(too my knowledge) and I guess we were in 'love', we were together for 10 months, but now 2 years on I have started noticing red bumps on my penis, I also have a sort of rash on my hips and it is dry like crusty, I'm 16 and I'm scared I may have herpes. I've been to the doctors a few weeks ago they said it was maybe a yeast infection or even acne as they are pimple like, anyways I am just worried because they went but have come back and gotten worse (crusted over on my hip/leg/buttocks and that's usually a sign of herpes). My dad is dead so I only live with my mom.I tell my mom when I go to the doctors and I know if she see's me come back with medication she will check it and know I have herpes, I'm scared of telling anyone what I think I have, I haven't been tested yet but I'm sure it is herpes, I'm not bothered about the outbreaks or the physical pain, it's the fact that I will have to tell future partners, and they may react badly, I also may not be able to preform sex safe enough, even though that isn't what I would want from a relationship. It's just that I feel that I've been spoilt, I'm young and Ive already wrecked my life. I would just like to have some advice, I think I'm going to the doctors soon, so I will find out within the next couple of weeks, also should I tell my mom or keep it a secret and also how? Can I keep it a secret? Thank you

My life is ruined? Need advice to get life back together?

This story is pretty elaborate so I don't really think you made it up. I don't understand how you were able to drop out at 5th grade and I don't know why the state (or whoever) didn't check on you to make sure you were being home schooled (where I live, you have to send papers and other things in when you're home schooled.)
Regardless of the reason behind everything, your main goal needs to be getting that GED. If you don't get your GED, there's a strong possibility that you won't be able to get a professional job later on in life. As of now, I'm sure you could work at a restaurant or store or somewhere a high school education or GED isn't required. For a long time I thought I'd never be able to pass an interview but the truth is, if they think you have the potential to be a good worker, they'll higher you. So don't worry about that. If one job doesn't higher you, it's no big deal, try somewhere else. But like I said before, IF you don't need to get a job right now and you REALLY want to get a GED, then YOU CAN DO IT. I don't want to sound cheesy right now but the following statements are 100% true for you.
2) If you believe in yourself & believe that God can help you through it, you can do anything.
3) You're NOT a failure and life ISN'T ruined just because you're not educated.

A lack of education doesn't mean you can't & won't have wonderful family, learn to drive, & be successful.
Life is still good! BEST WISHES! :)

(Plus, you're ONLY 17! You're still a kid as far as I'm concerned. you have PLENTY of time to learn and do anything you set your mind to.)

Its ruining my life and I need advice?

ok. #1 it is a misconception that people have that makes them think that you have to be overweight to have heart problems. That totally sucks that your 18 and having all these problems. When i was 16 I was diagnosed with a spinal disease. At the time, I was just happy someone finally found what was causing all of my pain. Now, I am 22 and wish someone would actually fix the problem. I went to so many doctors, it was crazy. People always trust doctors, but they are just human like the rest of us. They make mistakes! If you don't feel happy with your diagnosis, see another doctor. See as many as you need until it makes sense to YOU. You know your body better than anyone. Nomatter how many degrees that doctor has, those degrees are not from studying you. It is so hard to just live a normal life when you have a health problem. I am on so many meds that I cant even go out and party like a normal college student, because they give me drug tests. I have to watch my alcohol intake, because it makes the meds worse. My point is, that you have a long bumpy road ahead of you. Noone is going to take it easy on you because of your heart. They just expect me to do just as much as the next girl. I though someone would see that It is s struggle just to get dressed in the morning, and they would say its ok if shes 5 minutes late. But NO! The world is awful. Anyways. Its your life, you have to fight for it. If you dont think your meds are working the way they should say something to your doctor. If he doesnt want to help, find someone who will. There are tons of medicines out there. Try them all if you have to. You deserve to be as happy as possible. Ask about surgeries, is there anything that they can do to fix it? Tell them that you dont want to stay this way forever. Your best bet may be a teaching hospital. We have one here, it is Vanderbuilt in Nashville TN. They do experiements, and new diffrent things. That way if nothing works that everyone else is trying, then those hospitals will give you experimental drugs. I am not trying to freak you out. Its just I know what your going through. I have wasted years just taking meds to cover up the pain. Im tired. I want to be fixed.I dont want you to make the same mistakes I did. Dont settle for this life you have now. Find a doctor that is intrested in quality of life.

I really need advice, my life is ruined, seriously?

I'm probably going to get abuse off people, because stuff like this is asked a lot.

I'm an 18 year old girl, I'm intelligent and have plenty of friends. I've dated loads of guys, have a good social life etc.

I just have one problem, and that one problem is I can't forget my first love. You're thinking now, for god sake. But this is different, I've done everything I am supposed to do. I've dated other guys, surrounded myself with friends, I've done it all.

It's been 2 whole years, I have not seen him or been in contact with him since we split up. But I still cry at night about him, nobody knows I do this anymore apart from me. I feel stupid, but I'm so depressed, it's gone past the point of not letting it go on for months now.

I've read online, every single thing I can about how to get over someone, I've done EVERYTHING in my power, but my feelings haven't changed. I've liked guys since, but I haven't loved them. And seriously, because this is said too often and is thrown around a lot I feel like people fail to understand how I'm actually feeling. I'm so unhappy and have been for the past two years, if time heals all why is it taking so long? I can't cope much longer.. Any advice and I'd be so grateful, honestly. I'm finding it hard to function properly.

My life is ruined, any advice??

I've been on and off with my bf for over a year, i care about him but things aren't so well. he is a lazy deadbeat who lives with his mom and can't keep a job for more than a month. I really have fear about being alone and that's the main reason I can't just walk away. I'm working on that. Well just when I decided to really walk away (he was living me at my house) I kicked him out and he went running back to his mom's he quit his job simply because I wouldn't pick him up. He's a baby. Well anyway, that's exactly when I found out I'm pregnant! I feel like my life is ruined. I have a good job, my car, my own place but he brings me down, and I feel I can't make it on my own with a baby! So he told me to move back in with him and his mom and I said no, but where I live they don't accept children, and I am also having a complicated pregnancy and I have no one to help me. I feel like I'm losing my mind! How can I fix this?? (not abortion of course, i don't believe in that) any advice?

I might be pregnant and I'm 17.. I need advice. is my life "ruined"?

Okay, so I had unprotected sex thinking I was safe because of the pullout method, but I accidentally did it when I was ovulating(which me and my boyfriend always avoid) because we just got too darn comfortable with the pull out method lately. So we didnt even notice I was in exact ovulation time! He ejaculated away frrom my vagina.. so.. we are still unsure, but I'm not due for my period for 2 weeks and I have time to wait. The only reason we think it is , is I've been noticing physical changes in me, like sore nipples, and stomach aches and I'm NOT pmsing! It is really scaring us. We both dont know what we would do if we got pregnant. I'll be 18 in about 5 months and he's gonna be 17 next month. We're really young.. but we have been together a while, and he says he would always stick by me no matter what. I told a couple friends and they all said get an abortion or your life will be ruined... Lots of people have told me having a baby young ruins your life,, How can they say that? It is sooo dooming and glum.. it just makes me want to cry.. I am so terrified now.. I dont want to regret any choice I make the rest of my life. and the worst part is all I have is my mom and she is very angry and depressed all the time, my dad and the rest of my family is out of the picture. I already feel depressed and alone. If I had a baby idk what i would do. she is unemployed and we already struggle with bills. My bf says a kid is so much responsibility and he will go with whatever i decide, abortion or keeping the baby. Adoption is out of the question. I dont know what to do. Will it really ruin my life to have a baby? Ugh.. I messed up huh? Please share your advice, kindly.

Yes, we need life advice.But you don't need to listen to chaff. Listen to the stalwarts. Listen to people who have gone through much in their lives. Their advice matters. The uniqueness of experience is a subjective. But the stages/experiences of life you will go though has happened to many. Experiences such as heartbreak, betrayal by friends, drama in life, divorce of parents, choosing the right career path, choosing your life-partner, etc are all major events and these are the events that you need advice on generally. You don't need advice on how to brush your teeth since that is fairly straightforward and doing it wrong doesn't cost you much.Many middle-age men will tell you that at their young age getting a girl-friend was a big deal and that's all they thought about. But later on at their current stage, their opinion is different now.Simply put :1] Yes ,your life is unique but the major events that will happen in your life have already happened to many.2] You generally need advice on handling major crisis and not trifle matters.3] Even though your life is unique but your life-experiences are not that different if you look at many people around you. They are struggling with the more or less same problems as you are.4] Moreover, getting advice doesn't cost a dime. Keep it with you. Use it if such a situation arises or give it to someone else who needs it along with the pros and cons.