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Life Is Very Impossible

Why is life so hard/impossible?

That's the mystery of it. I, even in my young age, find it hard to deal with life. I even once shared to my class that my struggle is to be happy at least in the end of the day. But behind it is a frustration with my father & grandmother, debts due to my schooling, uncertain decisions (regrets), frustration of wanting things but seems impossible to reach & lack of life motivation. See? Everyone has their own problem. However the difference is that I truly find reasons to be happy in the end of the day. I just base my happiness to the simple things around me and the reasons i have to be happy. So now it's not hard to be happy.

Don't worry of making mistakes. At least you are taking responsibility to your own life and that's what life is. A choice. You won't suffer loneliness and depression if you choose not to be. Find a lot of reasons to live, be happy & to do better especially when you fail. It's maybe just something about rearranging things, scheduling or planning things better & being optimistic with everything. Never give up. You are very lucky to ungergo these trials because God loves you so much, and he just wants you closer to Him and grow up to better deal with these.

"Be glad for all God is planning for you. Be patient in trouble and always be prayerful." Romans 12:12

Life is worse than impossible. In the end, everyone dies.The Buddha was known for his Four Noble Truths, which I think make sense:Life is struggle/suffering.Look, life sucks, and then you die. We know this. We don’t have to like it, but we need to accept that this is true. You can spend a long time trying to argue with this basic truth, but in the end, that only adds to your struggle.The cause of suffering is craving, or thinking of the self.Struggle wouldn’t matter to us so much if someone else did it for us, but there’s no way out of that. Because we have to actually do the hard stuff, the suffering, the struggle, the dying, we become uncomfortable with this fact.Suffering stops when you stop craving or thinking of yourself.Have you ever stayed up so late that you didn’t even feel tired, even though your body was exhausted? Have you ever resigned yourself to just doing something that was really hard? It kind of makes it ok, right? Once you let go of the idea that you can get out of it, you just resign yourself to it. The work doesn’t get easier, but it somehow sucks less.There is a way to stop craving and thinking about yourself.(and it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with nicotine gum)If you can work towards betterment, you will find yourself with a purpose, and a reason to struggle. If someone threw heavy rocks on you every day that you had to climb out from under, it might be hard, but if you asked them to because you were working out your muscles, it becomes worthwhile.Similarly, Buddha offered an eight-fold path for moving away from suffering. It doesn’t change the fact that life is a thing that nobody leaves alive, but it can make it worthwhile and even enjoyable to pursue higher truths and virtues that give its struggles meaning.

I think it would be impossible to overthrow our own government and replace them all with honest people who would do what is best for the people, instead of what is best for them and their friends. Who would govern with transparency, end our debt, focus on alternative energies and relieve tax burden by shrinking our military. Only having what we need to protect us, saving trillions of dollars to be used on rebuilding our roads and infrastructure. They hold large businesses accountable for fraud or other illegal actions toward us. They would follow the constitution with no exceptions like the Patriot Act.

Very few things are impossible, but if by "afterlife" you mean the belief that you continue to exist as a conscious person after the death and dissolution of your physical body and brain, the possibility of an afterlife is extremely slim.  From medical science we know that a person's mind is strongly and predictably affected by changes to their physical brains.  A person who awakes from a coma in which they sustained substantial loss of brain function does not report that for the past year (or however long) they were sitting in the dark and bored as hell.  They generally report remembering little or nothing.  A person with Alzheimer's disease doesn't just lose control of their body.  They also lose proper mental functioning.  A person with a stroke that wipes out a large portion of their brain doesn't just lose their brain.  Their mind is also affected.Based on these and countless other examples the weight of evidence strongly suggests that when the brain is destroyed the mind is also gone.  Yes, it is possible that the mind, soul, or whatever somehow survives dissolution of the brain, but such a possibility is supported by no evidence and has much evidence against it.

In high school I wanted to be a star football player. Maybe play in college. Who knows maybe the NFL.I was too light for the line, too short for end, too slow for running back. And threw wobbly spirals.I wanted to be Magnum P.I. I even looked a little like Tom Selleck. Well at least I had a mustache.I’m 5′10″, no acting ability and don’t own a Ferrari.I started as a financial adviser and wanted to build a new kind of practice.Was told, “You’ll fail, it’s impossible.”20 years later I’ve built a large practice and the naysayers are all gone.See of course there are things for each of us that are impossible.I just see people call things impossible that aren’t.Too many give up on their dreams way too easily. Because our best dreams come wrapped in packages that make them seem impossible.So take time to analyze yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses?Think about your dreams. What are you passionate to accomplish?Then look at your opportunities. What steps can you honestly take right now?Finally, look through the lens of possibility not impossibility.Who knows what you might achieve.Hey maybe you can become Magnum PI.

Why is is so impossible for me to make friends?

I may not have the exact answer that you're looking for, but I can say that I have been through a lot of the same situations as you have. I've never really had many friends, and the ones that I have had weren't really good friends. I've also suffered depression and went through therapy for attempting suicide. But enough about me, there's nothing wrong with you, if people don't want to accept you for who you are, that's their problem. You don't need to worry about other people, just yourself. But a way that I've learned to make friends is just go out to a bar or club and start talking to people. The ones that you seem to like, and that seem to like you, you may become friends with. And if that fails, you may ask one of your therapists if you can join a group therapy for people like you? I'm sure that there are therapy groups for people with bipolar disorder- you could make friends with people who know what you're going through. And you could make friends through friends once you make them.

Good luck. I hope all goes well for you.

P.S. I'm going to the artRave in Atlanta May 6th too!!!

Why is life not possible on mercury?

Reasons for no life on Mercury:

1.) Mercury has no viable atmosphere. Therefore there is no filtration or blockage of the massive gamma and ultraviolet rays which bombard the surface of mercury. Anything placed upon its surface would be cooked by these rays and radiation in a very short time. The lack of an atmosphere also means that there is no air to breathe.

2.) Surface temperatures of 354 Degrees F preclude most all forms of life that we are familiar with.
That temperature is very close to the temperature we cook foods at in our ovens at home.

3.) Minimal water if any exists upon the planet Mercury. The surface temperature of 354 Degrees F. means that water would have boiled off (water boils at roughly 212 Degrees F on Earth). At the poles, however, there are certain deep craters whose walls form extensive shadows over some areas of the surface which might remain cool enough to retain some liquids - type unknown.

Let me start by referring to a true story which was published in newspapers. There was (or rather is) a boy from a very poor family background who was very passionate about archery. He sold his property to buy good quality of bow and arrows and thought of practicing in the only place available around his locality. He even won state level championships before(without much practice). So, we can say that the boy was talented, was extremely passionate and hard working and in spite of his poor background, was supported by his family members for achieving his dreams.But still, this guy failed, as the ground authorities (where he thought of practicing) made changes in their rules (due to some political issues) and decided that only students who belong to a certain age group, will be allowed to practice. He was not in this age group so he had to drop off. Now he has no source of income and thus he will have to drop his dreams of archery and look for some other source of income for supporting his family.This is just one of the failing stories of daily life. We can conclude,from this incident, that it is not only passion, talent and hard work(which people try to portrait as the key to success), which decides the end results. These are just the qualities of a successful people, which definitely one should develop for achieving something. As we know that man is a social animal and thus his whole life revolves around the society in which he lives. This society plays a vital role in the development of a man and his dreams. Do not take my answer as discouraging one. I am writing this with respect to the Indian society, where lots of dreams are lost just because there was a risk in going for the dreams and if one failed, there was no cushion for supporting them.So in short I would say that the answer to your question is "NO". There are still exceptions, but I think that one should look for realistic options which are applicable for the mass. One cannot achieve success without doing things which will benefit a huge community.I hope that this condition will change in future and we Indians could proudly say that "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE".I know this question is not specific to India, but again , a person thinks with respect to the society in which he/she is born and brought up, and so my answer may be specific to my country.

Not a traditional problem, but visualization of Mandelbrot and Julia sets. While Julia sets were discovered in 1918, their structure could only very roughly be guessed at (and even that with a lot of mathematical analysis). Seeing the amazing complex beauty in those relationships wouldn't happen until at least 60 years later.Perhaps closer to the spirit of the question is searching for specific books in a library card index. That's if the data sought was even contained on the cards at all. And the cards were sorted with a single sort key, so looking for a non key field like books published in a specific year would have been exceedingly difficult. You would need to examine every card in the library's index. A sort of arbitrary complexity can now be done in milliseconds by querying a database.Another example that comes to mind is civil design. I'm sure designing a large building or a bridge is difficult with or without computers. But having computers to compute loads and stresses, smoke flow patterns and escape routes, elevator predictive use, raw materials, weight tolerances, etc for a skyscraper must be infinitely easier today.

"It is mathematically impossible for life to originate spontaneously," is a baseless assertion. If I asserted the mathematical impossibility of soap bubbles forming spontaneously, you'd laugh. Even if you know very little about chemistry, you'd have no trouble seeing that soap bubbles are inevitable under the right conditions because they arise necessarily from the chemical properties of water and soap.But Jack Shoztak's lab has shown that simple, single-layer, self-replicating microspheres do exactly the same thing. In fact, they can be created in any good high school chemistry lab and will replicate until they run out of raw materials--or run into something alive that eats them. Stanley Fox found something similar with different chemistry as far back at the '50s.Shoztak has hypothesized that on a sterile planet, such microspheres could go on replicating by the quintillions, constantly being torn apart by weather and reformed by chemistry until a few--by chance--pick up molecules that increase their chemical stability and that tend to survive replication. These would then quickly come do dominate.Ad to this, recent research on self catalysing RNA, RNA viruses, RNA formed in hyper-saline environments as a result of freeze thaw cycles, etc., and it begins to become clear that life is just what carbon chemistry does when given time and opportunity.Of course, such non-living chemical evolution would be very slow and uncertain. Precursors to life would be formed and destroyed by the trillions until eventually, simple, but truly living things emerged. That fits, of course, at it appears to have taken two billion years here for the first complex life to appear, and another billion for it to convert our atmosphere to an oxygen rich one, and half a billion to stumble upon sexual reproduction--then BAM! Half a billion more and we're eating chocolate and orange juice on the sea of tranquillity.This is not "mathematically impossible." Indeed, it seems mathematically inevitable given conducive conditions and enough time.                                            Dig Science? Get Stuart's  Free Scifi Sampler .