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Lil P Nut Vs Lil Poopy

Cute names go call your boyfriend, besides honey, babe, and baby?

This website has hundredssssss of cute names, good luck !

Please help me!! easy way to get points i really need guiny pig names!!!!!!!?

we've in common terms one piggy. His call is Gizmo, and regrettably, he's loss of life. we've been instructed that everyone we are able to do for him impressive now's to maintain him mushy until eventually it happens, in all possibility later on the instant or this night. he's getting vulnerable, yet i did no longer have the nerve to have him placed down. he's only previous and not something would nicely be completed for him, so we've been giving him water with a dropper to make constructive he gets adequate! He won't drink on his very own, and could no longer consume in any respect, so my enjoyed ones is amazingly unhappy. honestly all of us has been taking turns retaining and comforting him so he won't be on my own. I only wanted to share his call whilst he remains alive because of the fact I won't sense like it whilst he's long previous!

Like drinking your own pee, eating your own poop is perfectly safe. Unlike pee, your poo isn't sterile, it's full of bacteria. But the bacteria is all your own stuff. It lives inside your intestines and helps you digest your food. If you eat some of your own poo that is reasonably fresh, you'll just bring the bacteria back where it came from.However, eating someone else's poo or licking someone else's butt can introduce new bacteria into your system. If the person is unhealthy, then eating their poo could transmit any bad bacteria into your intestines, or other things like various sorts of worms, and your health might become compromised as well.However, if the person has good bacteria in their intestines, there could be a health benefit to eating their poo. In fact, fecal transplants are a real thing, though when taken orally they are given in the form of a capsule rather than eating the poo directly.Coprophilia is also a thing - it's a sexual fetish for poo. I've heard it more often called a 'scat fetish'. Men seem to have this fetish more than women, but it does cross gender lines. As with most fetishes, the specifics vary from person to person. Some like to eat poo; others like to have it thrown at them; some like to play with it like clay; others like the smell; some like to lose control in embarrassing situations; others like to watch other people go to the bathroom; and so on. As with other fetishes, each variation is intensely personal, each element having its own profound significance, and often with an origin that is mysterious to the person themselves.

Cute girl and boy names for a hamster and 2 turtles?

Jack and Jill Jack and Jackie Lucy and Ricky Fred and Ethel JLO and Marc Anthony Brad and Angelina Fred and Wilma Betty and Barney Homer and Marge Bart and Lisa Popeye and Olive Oil Tom and Katey Monica and Chandler Please DO NOT keep the hamsters in the same cage they will fight each other and one will end up dead. Also they will have babies if you keep them together and if you don't move the babies the Mother will eat them.

I need some hamster names please!

When the rugrats was big I got a pair of gerbils
It was Chucky and Angelica
they had some babies, i named them
Phil, Lil, Tommy, Susie and Curly(no relation to the rugrats she has a curl in her tail)

as a kid I also had minnie and mickey

Chesck these out.Lil pumpLil dickyLil yatchyLil poopyLil bow wowLil’ scrappyLil dibbieLil BSoulja boy tell ‘emFlo ridaBig pun69 boysVanilla iceIce burgundyWaka foka flame50 CentPeanut butter wolfOl’ dirty bustardThe gameBirdmanShorty shitstainSlim jesusLil uzi vertBaby bashFat joeIce cubeJa ruleGorilla iceB tightJungle p**syPapooseGudda guddaPeeWee LongwayPeace! No offence to their fans!

What should I name my hamster?

I have a gerbil named Gaylord Focker.

Its hilarious caus i'm always talking to him in a high pitched tone saying, "Hello Mr Focker"
But I call him Gay for short.

You could share the name.

But....otherwise think of some movies you like and the names of the characters. Or a hot guy actor you like. I ALWAYS do that. lol.

I'm naming my next parakeet either:
Zac Efron or Link(character zac plays in hairspray)

I also had a fish named Chaz Michael Michaels(blades of glory)

Yes it is normal! The cleanest and most beautiful gal I’ve ever been with (my current girlfriend) gets stains in her underwear. They’re usually from an unexpected period so they have kind of a red tint. It only happens occasionally but you don’t throw away 10 dollar victoria’s secret logo-print boy shorts because of a small stain, you start a “period panty” drawer.Sometimes after a long work day she may get a whitish discharge type stain that smells pretty funky but that’s normal too. The vagina has all kinds of bacteria on it that keep it healthy. These bacteria proliferate throughout the day and they’re going to smell and secrete stuff. That’s just nature.I’ve never seen brown stains but my girl takes these really tiny, hard poops where she doesn’t even have to wipe but maybe once. I poop 2 times a day and I don’t get brown stains though, so if she has brown stains she may have a hygiene problem. If that is the case, you should probably notice some nasty poop smells during intimacy.If it’s a yellowish pale stain it could be discharge from a recurring infection (UTI, STD) but that comes with a lot of other things you or she should notice, like a consistent unpleasant odor or burning sensations during urination.On a final note, my girlfriend and I are very comfortable with each other so these kinds of things aren’t a big deal, nor are they embarrassing, but they do have the potential to be! If you notice other things that point to an actual health problem, you may want to bring it up but otherwise don’t worry about it.

SAHM'S seriously, how often do you take a shower / brush your teeth keep? keep clean house? hubby helps?

I have a shower every single day, and brush my teeth 3-4 times a day. I make these things a prioirity, as much as eating breakfast or going to the bathroom. They are essentials for me. I clean the house once a week, hubby helps. I vaccuum the floors and clean the bathrooms on Thursday morning and my hubby vaccuums the carpets on Friday afternoon after work. My house is not immaculate though, by ANY stretch of the imagination. It looks like a tornado went through it and is cluttered so bad I don't know where to start. And I only dust very occasinally.

My oldest daughter will be 3 in march and my baby is 7.5 months, also still breastfed. I am 37.

Edit - since some people seem to be trying to make this into a contest, I also make homecooked meals every single day, take my daughter to gymnastics and skating lessons and swimming lessons and music (baby in tow), the baby also does swimming lessons, I sweep the floor every day, run 4 times a week, go to the gym once a week, empty the litter box every day and feed the animals every day, play with my children, make my own baby food, pay all the bills, do at least one or two loads of laundry every day, including my baby's cloth diapers which I wash every 2 or 3 days, and have no family closer than 5 hours so have no help and no babysitter. I am not feeling sorry for myself or complaining, nor do I think I deserve any sort of medal as ALL moms do these things, whether they work or not. It's simply part of life.