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List Of Examinee Of Result 2013

How many candidates appear for CSIR-NET exam on an average?

Around 6–7 lacs of students apply or register for this test for CSIR NET exam per year .The no of students are increasing every year and the competition is also risingCheck out the CSIR NET 2018 Exam Dateyou must take some help from the following contents-Check out the Data on the nET Exam from past year and get the ideaIf you are preparing for UGC / CSIRNET Exam you can get the free study material from here and boost up the preparations

Without my roll number, can I check my matric result?

Yes you can check your matric result if you have forgot your roll number many sites in Pakistan like give students choice to search their Matric result 2018 with their name and school wise also.

Where can I find the official NCAE RESULTS 2011?

the government agency that takes care of this will provide your school with the result of the NCAE. If your school does not give you your test result, you can check the DepEd website. The DepEd will be posting the result of the test, only for a couple of months. so you need to constantly check DepEd's website. this website may be of help...

What is the Total number of intake students in VIT every year?

Actually the number of intakes has been increasing constantly every year. Let me give you a glimpse of counselling for the batch of 2013For 2013 BatchVIT Vellore = 3600 seatsVIT Chennai = 1120 seatsBut after 2014 onward vit had increased the number of intakes by two folds. Moreover differentiating the branches into two groups namely, Group A and Group B.GROUP AGROUP B These Groups are self explanatory as the "Group B" is having the branches which are the first preferences of the students to get into VIT. So, VIT is simply charging an extra amount of money over Group A. The no. of intakes for the batch of 2015 were about-VIT Vellore = 5000 seats (approx.)VIT Chennai = 2000 seats (approx.)It is quite clear that the number of intakes are almost double which was about 650 seats in ECE during my counselling time in the year of 2012.So, you can expect the total number of seats to be about 8K during the counselling in the coming month for the batch of 2016. Moreover, not all of the seats will be opened for the first phase of counselling. Since there have been three phase of counselling for the last couple of years.                        Ist Phase = 1 - 20K Rank                           IInd Phase = 20K - 50K Rank                             IIIrd Phase =  50K - 1 lakh RankAlso not to mention that the academic fees for the 2nd and 3rd phase are more as compared to 1st phase.Hope it Helped. !!

How important is the final interview of the IAS exam? Are the marks of "4 papers of GS, 2 papers of optional and an essay" combined with the interview marks?

A UPSC interview generally lasts for ~30 minutes and it may turn out to be the most important half an hour of your career.Sample this, even if you perform exceedingly well in your GS papers your marks in GS - 1,2 & 3 will hover around an average of 100 marks. So we are looking at a score of around 200 out of 500 in GS.Whereas in interview one can get 200+ out of 275 which means one interview is equivalent to 2 GS papers. Similar calculation for optional yields a weight-age of 1.5.The difference in marks among toppers is very less. The difference in marks of Rank 50 & Rank 500 is only 60.Now a bad interview means a score of around 130–140 and an excellent interview will fetch 200+ which means massive fluctuation in the final rank.My marks in CSE 2014 mains were 757. So my rank based on mains exam was 216. I scored 209 in the interview which pushed my rank to 58.There were students who got 150–160 marks with similar mains score (759) and landed up at ~600+ rank and moreover there were several others who did not make it to the final list despite having more marks than me in the mains.So even if you may have performed poorly in mains (bottom of the list), you can still climb up the list and get at least Indian Revenue Service (with slightly better mains score, even IAS/IPS/IFS !)So those who have cleared mains, tighten your seat belt, crank up your brain and go full throttle towards your interview preparation.I have penned down my preparation strategy and experience in the book '71 to 51′. let me know how you like the book

How many students are expected to appear in IPM, IIM Indore 2017?

IPM - 2017 would admit 120 students, like every other year. In the past, the approximate numbers appearing have been as follows:2011 - 3500 appeared for test / 1000 interviewed2012 - 2500 / 7002013 - 7000 / 11002014 - 12000 / 11502015 - 16500 / 12002016 - 18000 / 1250Therefore, for 2017, a normal guess would be 22,000. However, I would put it on a higher side of 25,000. This is because of the rekindled hope of the passage of the IIM Bill by the parliament.EDIT: My hope was miscalculated. The actual number was close to 20,000.

Does ICAI revaluation really give positive results?

Well, I would like to share with you my personal experience. It was my NOVEMBER 2016 attempt and I scored 43 in accountancy which is less than what I expected.So I go for verification.For your reference, process of verification of marks covers the following:Checking:-• Whether the answer book(s) compilation is complete• Whether any question or part thereof has remained unvalued• Whether there is any totaling error in any question or total marks on the cover page • Whether there is any discrepancy between the marks for each question and or/part thereof and marks for each question indicated on the cover page of the answer book• Whether the handwriting of the candidate in all the answer books is the same.It is a time consuming process and generally it’s outcome/result may take some time. As in my case result come just 10days before the next attempt and my marks increased in accounts by 11 number and i passed in group 1 of ipcc.So there is a chance but u have to be confident about it. In my opinion you go for revaluation and also study for next attempt so you have enough time to prepare for it because as i mentioned you earlier verification is a time consuming process and if in case it is not positive you have less time to prepare.Best of luck

Approximately how many students take up the CMI entrance every year ? Out of that, how many get selected?

For BSc Math/CS :At most 10000 students either sit for the exam or apply via their eligibility of INMO/IMO/IOI etc.Among them every year CMI Authority brings out the final list of approximately 80–90 students both Direct Admission and Interview Candidate combined.For example:In 2015 , ~30+ people were directly selected and after interview the final list consisted of ~70+ students.Among them 44 students actually enrolled themselves.Whereas in 2016, 90 students have been selected and there’s no interview this year.NOTE : Result of 2016 available on: Chennai Mathematical InstituteFor MSc :(I don’t know about MSc cause I’m a BSc student)A good amount of students from CMI BSc, at least 10+, (which is increasing this year as I know) get admission in MSc (Math+CS+ App.Math) due their academic performance in BSc course. Rest are outside students, admitted via exam+Interview.As I can see, in 2016 a total of 18 students are taken for MSc Maths, 27 for MSc App.Math, 11 for MSc CS are called for interview/screening test.The total students enrolled in MSc in 2015 were ~ 30 .