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List Of Well Known Time Periods/civilizations In History

List of Well Known Time Periods/Civilizations in History?

Trying to make a game that covers history (at least the important part) in 6 levels. I'm going to start the first level off in the time of dinosaurs but after that I'm open for suggestions. Please list as many as you can think of and thanks :)

What are the scariest time periods in the history of human civilization?

More than both the world wars, Black Death gave a filthy, painful departure to 200 million people, 30–60% of then world population. The horror took birth around 1341–42, beginning somewhere down Central Asia, may be around the borders of modern day Afghanistan. It traveled through Silk road and reached Crimea in the year 1343 from where it exploded to swallow all the western world and gradually spread to Russia.It continued as a shadow of a dark wizard prevailing everywhere. Unlike wars it involved capturing all inhabited areas.The plague created a series of religious, social, and economic upheavals, which had profound effects on the course of European history. After all, imagine half the people of Europe dying within a span of 10 years. The population had not recovered to its earlier number till 17th century.It was the scariest time world has faced.

Help on a history project I have on Ancient Civilizations!?!?!?

I need to list 10 major facts on Ancent Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, and Ancient India. In total I will have 60 facts. But I repeat, I need 10 facts for each civilization. Thank u so much! ^_^

Opinions on greatest/most influential countries in history?

Hmm... interesting question. Mine is similar to yours, except I don't know enough about Sumerian civilisation to include it. Ottoman Empire was very close to making the list, but the Vatican took its place, as I think controlling so much of the world through religion is a powerful position to be in.

1. Roman Empire (for its enormous expansion and influence across Europe)
2. China throughout history (ancient and modern powerhouse)
3. United Kingdom
4. Spain (colonization)
5. Japan (technological/industrial influence)
6. Soviet Union (changed so much of Eastern Europe & the Middle East, scientific advancements)
7. United States
8. France (colonisation in Africa, UN, art influences)
9. Germany
10. Vatican City (for controlling the world's predominant religion)

Mongolia was definitely a close call, but they weren't exactly a country at the time they were so powerful, just a people. Also, I considered Iran for its regional power and its potential destructive power, and the Netherlands for major social and scientific breakthroughs. The Soviet Union would be higher, but Russia before Peter the Great was pitiful, the Mongols had enormous control over them. I had to consider how long countries were influential, as well.

What time period are we in?

Our moment in time is known as "contemporary". Every moment in time, fresh enough that it is not actually history, is considered contemporary. It does not become part of a historical time period until is has slipped enough that it is not immediately relevant to present time.The proposed term for the historical period we are creating just behind us is the Information Age. (From this Wikipedia article: List of time periods). It is the age in which industries and public awareness shifts from manufacturing goods to computer services and information.