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Little Shop Of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors Theme?

I think that he is a guy that just wants to live the perfect dream with the perfect family but life is a blood sucking, life draining world that takes everything he has, and at the end of the day he has nothing left to give. She is a beautiful woman who also wants to live the perfect dream with the perfect family but is trapped in this world of men who continually use her and she feels like there is no way out. They both need someone who saves them from their day. Someone who, at the end of the day will make all of their problems melt away. When they meet, they both accept each other so quickly that things don't seem so impossible anymore and they start working their way out of this horrible world and into a new life. As far as a theme, I don't know what you call that. Google it and reads some reviews and see what you can come up with.

Who is SNIP in little shop of horrors? HELP.?

Skip Snip is a reporter from the William Morris Agency. Skip's partially featured in one song toward the end, but does not have a ton of stage time nor lines. Normally on Broadway the role is played by the same person who plays Orin, but it's common in high schools to get more people involved by casting all roles separately.

Im auditioning for "Little Shop Of Horrors"?

Well, all four of the main women from Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey, Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon) are pretty sexual women, so I'd say something sort of sensual:
Bring on the Men from Jekyll and Hyde would work good.
When You've Got It, Flaunt It from the Producers would be great!
Roxie from Chicago, Special from Avenue Q, or Mein Herr from Cabaret would work as well.
If you want to show off your higher notes, On My Own from Les Miserables would work great, as would Once Upon a Dream from Jekyll and Hyde, and On the Steps of the Palace from Into the Woods.
But in my opinion, if you wanted the part of Audrey, the best song for you to use would be There's a Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q, since the parts of Audrey and Kate are both usually nasally and high.
Break a leg!

How to talk like audrey from the little shop of horrors??

I've seen the movie. It's one of my favorites. I dream of playing Audrey someday, so I've kinda looked into what the role is about.

Ellen Greene in the movie invented the voice. DON'T COPY. Just make up your own voice. When you're alone, try out different funny voices until you come up with something you're comfortable with.

Unless of course, the director wants you to do the voice like in the movie. Then, basically talk higher than normal, somewhat breathy.

To project your voice, practice talking to the BACK of the theatre. You're trying to make it so the people sitting in the last row can hear you. When you project your voice correctly, your throat shouldn't hurt. The key is to TALK LOUD, not SCREAM. In other words, make your voice more powerful. It's hard to describe without being able to demonstrate it to you, but you need to use your abdominal muscles to make your voice louder. Because this will be harder while doing Audrey's voice, you should probably be given a microphone.

Tips before audtioning: understand Audrey's character. Who is she? What are her circumstances? Etc...

This website has some good acting tips:

Hope this helps! Break a leg! =)

Which was better - the original b&w Little Shop of Horrors or the remake(s)?

It depends on what you want out of the film:The original is a morality play-about a sympathetic wretch who turns ruthless and gets his tragic comeuppance for his crimes.The remake is a comedy musical-Seymour is more sympathetic, more reluctant to kill (Audrey II the plant is more proactive) and in the film manages to redeem himself and destroy the plant.

Kiss in Little Shop of Horrors stage version?

I just saw the film version of Little Shop of Horrors, and Seymour and Audrey kiss. I haven't actually seen the play performed, but I am auditioning for the role of Audrey next week, and was wondering if she and Seymour have a kiss in the play?

What is a short summary of the musical Little shop of Horrors?

Act 1Mr. Mushnik has a florist shop on Skid Row. Seymour works for Mr.Mushnik. Also working for Mr.Mushnik is Seymour’s crush Audrey. After a bizarre solar eclipse, Seymour finds a bloodthirsty and very unhealthy Venus Fly Trap and names it Audrey 2. After learning that Audrey 2 is a possible commercial success, Mushnik puts Audrey 2 in the shops front window. We see the shop getting more successful after Seymour gives Audrey 2 his own blood. We find out that Audrey has a sadistict boyfriend, Orin, who is the local dentist. After learning that Audrey 2 can talk, Seymour gets persuaded to kill Orin by Audrey 2. Seymour meets Orin for an appointment at Orin’s dentist clinic and attempts to kill Orin, before Orin goes and gases himself to death. Act 1 finishes with Audrey 2 eating Orin.Act 2Seymour and Audrey are seen taking phone calls from customers, until 6pm strikes and Audrey complains that she is tired. Seymour seizing the opportunity, shows Audrey a jacket that belonged to none other than Orin. Seymour disgusted at his idiocy bins the jacket and breaks into a love song. After the song, Audrey and Seymour start kissing until, Mushnik discovers them. Mushnik tells Audrey to run along and tells Seymour that he knows that Seymour killed Orin. When trying to avoid the police, Seymour tells Mushnik that he forgot to lock the receipts in the safe and tells Mushnik that he put the receipts in Audrey 2. Mushnik moves inside Audrey 2 to try get the receipts and is killed by Audrey 2. Seymour gets bombarded by media moguls to get him to work for them. He reluctantly agrees to work for them and in doing so, he realises that he has shook hands with the devil. After this, he slowly starts to lose his sanity. Seymour leaves the shop for a while to get something to eat, but in that time, Audrey learns that Audrey 2 can talk and Audrey 2 manipulates Audrey to get her in the plant’s mouth. Seymour comes back with the food to find that Audrey 2 is killing Audrey. Seymour drags Audrey away from the plant, but Audrey then dies in his arms after telling Seymour to feed her to Audrey 2. Seymour does this and is met by another businessman. This time the businessman wants to sell Audrey 2’s. Seymour, wanting to end Audrey 2, has his final stand. Seymour shoots Audrey 2, feeds Audrey 2 rat poison before deciding to kill Audrey 2 with a machete. Seymour jumps inside Audrey 2 and is killed. End of Act 2End of Show

Good male audition song for Little Shop of Horrors?

Hi, I have been killing myself over finding a good song to audition for Little Shop of horrors with. I'm auditioning for seymour and Audrey 2, I have a range from a low D to a high Bb. My tone tends to match however I first heard the song, unless I don't like it then I generally have a brighter tone. I like to avoid mainstream songs (chicago,rent, Disney etc.) And I have a wide knowledge of Broadway shows from the 50s to today. The song can't be from the show, and I'm not necessarily looking for something that works for both characters, one or the other is fine, and whichever I feel I sound best with and I'm happy about using for the role is how I will decide what to use.
Thank you.

P.s. if you're wondering why I'm so specific it's because I've had issues with getting generic lists In the past and apparently the only way to avoid it is to give as much information as possible