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Loneliness Help How To Deal With Being Lonely And Not Having Any Friends

How to deal with loneliness/ How to not feel so lonely?

i'm 16, shy, quiet, sensitive, awkward and have low self esteem. i don't know what to do with myself. i dont think i have any real friends. the people that i do consider friends, i feel like all they want to do is talk about themselves. they think that since im quiet, all im capable of is listening to them talk and making me listen to THEIR problems and when i try to talk they never want to listen or just basically ignore me. this is the same problem with the person i consider a best friend also. since im shy i dont really talk to people alot, i only talk to people that talk to me first. i can never be so outgoing and confident and i can never hold a conversation. im really awkward. At school is when i feel the most lonely. i dont know how to act in social situations so when the teacher says we can talk, i just sit by myself while everyone is on the other side of the room talking to each other. in every single class i end up sitting alone. and when we have assignments with a partner, the teachers allow us to choose, i end up the person that doesnt have one. the worst part about school is that i dont have any friends in any of my classes. i rarely even see them in the hallway anymore. i feel like im loosing the ones i have. i dont think anyone can fathom the loneliness im feeling. PLEASE...i beg of you, help me. what can i do? how can i not feel this way? whats wrong with me?

I have no friends and I'm extremely lonely, I feel very depressed. I need help, please, help me?

Hi I met my real friends after a very long time. So most of the time , I used to feel very lonely and depressed. One of reasons you feel depressed can also be that you dont know yourself better. You don't enjoy your own company and that you have low self esteem.Trust me when I say cuz I am experienced in this area that you will find friends. True and real friends but first you have to be your own friend. You need to figure out what makes you happy (like for me it is reading mystery or self-help novels and singing) .And sometimes you need to create happiness for yourself.To create happiness - go and have a walk in the park. See squirrels , dogs , lady birds , birds . Watch them closely. How they are in their own world , no worries. Just hanging and having fun.Turn up the music and dance like crazy .Read self help books . Trust me , you'll feel like the author is speaking to you and is trying to help you. Best ones which i like are - Tuesdays with Morrie , five people you meet in heaven .Try to engage yourself is things which will give you a boost up. If you play video games to escape the reality, it will not give you any accomplishment or any confidence or won't make you love yourself.And to make friends, join hobby classes like for music , drama , reading etc. You'll find people similar to you and then try to say hi first to them or good morning and then after few days , ask them to help you in a minor thing. And then thank them and compliment them. Or compliment them without asking for their help too. The key is to make them smile and make them feel comfortable with you. I found my best friend like this.I would also recommend you to read this 'my' answer ( which I don't know how to provide the link for )I'm 15 and I feel like dying because nobody cares about me. Loneliness has enveloped me in such a way that I've started talking to myself. I feel depressed. What should I do to overcome such a situation?I hope this helps !All the best ! :)

I feel so lonely, I don't have any friends, what should I do?

Learn how to enjoy the loneliness.You don’t need a best friend/partner always around you to be happy. You just need to learn how to enjoy the company of yourself. No one in this world can understand you better than yourself. You’re your best friend.You can spend time by doing the things you love. You can just go to a movie alone. If you like kids, you can visit an orphanage near your home and spend some time with them there. You can read books or listen to music.There are plenty of things out there in this world we are yet to learn/experience. Just being sad doesn’t make progress or take you anywhere.Explore yourself and the world.Thank You :)

I'm depressed, hopeless, feel lonely, have no friends?

ok first of you need to get off the pain killers. they are just gonna make it worse in the long run.
second, you need to learn how to love yourself before you start worrying about friends. i know its going to be hard but just start simple. find one thing that you like about yourself and build off of that. for instance you sound like a really genuine caring person. most people can't say that so that makes you special! when you start discovering that you actually are a great person then you will see why people want to be your friend and that will allow you to open up more. and nobody really has people to hang out with every night. finding a hobby is a great way to keep yourself busy and meet people with your same interests! as for those old friends, it sounds like you just had an unfortunate bunch. dont think that everyone will be like that. and have you tried dating someone? a significant other is always a good support system. just love yourself first. dont pay attention to little articles because half of them dont even know what they are talking about. block out all the negative thoughts and know that you are a great person and anyone would be lucky to be your friend! i hope everything turns around and starts going better for you soon!! and even if it doesnt feel like it, there are people who love you and worry about you so let them help!

Are you a older single mom, how do you deal with loneliness?

Don't you have friends/family? Hang out with them. Also, find some interests. Call a nanny/friend/relative to watch your child if it's not old enough to be alone and go and do something you like. Moreover you can do an activity along with your child. Good Luck. :)

Can loneliness cause someone to be insane?

I've been somewhat alone for quite some time. Ever since I was 14. I'm 18 now. It sucks. Didn't make much friends in high school and many times I sat alone at lunch. I do hang out with my cousin and his friends every 2-3 weeks, but I've never really had friends of my own since entering high school. Every weekend is me staying at home doing nothing. I've broken down crying at times because I think about how I've never had a girlfriend and how I did not make any memories in high school. Just finished my first year of community college and didn't make friends either. My self confidence and self esteem is completely gone. Can't gain confidence to talk to girls and I'm always looking at my flaws. I really have nothing to be confident about. Not intelligent, I'm ugly, and all I do is play video games and play guitar. I heard being lonely can cause someone to become a serial killer or something. I don't want to become crazy. Advice? I'm depressed or anything. More like just unsatisfied about my life and worried about my mental health and how my loneliness will affect me in the future.
People say put your self out their and make friends. Well yes I try! I leave the house whenever I can. But people just don't really care to befriend me.