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Looking For A Movie Can Someone Help

Can someone help me find a song from the movie, Kingdom of heaven???

I've not seen the movie however the IMDB link below may be able to help you. It lists the sound tracks in the movie. There appears to be 3 tracks at the bottom of the list that state "Directors Cut Only":

Composed by Guiot de Dijon
Performed by Estampie (from the album 'Crusaders: In Nomine Domini')
(director's cut only)

"Saa Magni"
Performed by Oumou Sangare
Courtesy of Nonesuch Records/World Circuit
(directors cut only)

"Nunc Gaudeant Materna"
Performed by Women's Voices of Sequentia
(directors cut only)

I'm looking for a movie. Could you help me find it?

There is not just one move like this, it is an entire genre of movies, told over and over.Most Popular "Gender Swap/Sex Change" Titles

I am looking for a movie but I don't remember it's name. Could you help me to find it?

When we are faced with such situation the best app to find out the name of the film is Quizambo because it has so many interesting questions from Bollywood that when you key in information you will get the answer.Quizambo | Facebook

Scary Movie 1 song???? can someone HELP ME???

Hi im looking for a song from scary movie 1. a lot of people might not recognize it. Its from that scene where Brenda is on top of Ray in his football jersey and the song comes on and she says "Everywhere I go, I see the same hoe". please can someone help me? i've been searching for this song for a while now.

Can someone help me remember the name of a movie?

I'm certain that one of the many people who frequent this site can, but slightly more detail is required before they are able to. For example, knowing the genre would help. If you know the director's name, even better! Listing some plot points - you virtually have it made.Answers to your current question I can give:Is it Welt am Draht by Rainer Werner Fassbinder? No? OK, then how about Dr. Strangelove, or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb by Stanley Kubrick? Not that either? Then it must be the insurpassable Kod Adi KOZ by Recep Erdogan(de facto) What, you haven't heard of that? OK, then Apocalypse Now! by Francis Ford Coppola?And so on for eternity.Be a sport and help us out here. Come on!

I am looking for the movie sunflower online for free?

try any of these sites!

I'm looking for a movie but I don't remember the name of the movie?

I am looking for a movie name. Watched it in netflix long back. Couldn't remember the name now.Plot goes like, there is a estate owner who has a handicapped son. He sends him to the towns for education. owner employs slaves in his plantation. (A sister and her brother included). Master keeps raping sister. He kills the brother because he played in a swing set.slave girl becomes pregnant. So Master's wife burn her calling her a witch.Years later the handicapped son comes back to the estate for a visit with his fiance. Fiance gets pregnant and doctor calls it unsafe for her to travel. She has to stay there till child birth. She is assisted by a mysterious girl (the slave girls ghost).By climax, Ghost kills the handicapped son, burns the then wheelchair ridden masters wife in a chapel.Fiance dies giving birth to a black baby.The masteris seen sitting with a black grandson in hand, all alone in his estate .Has anyone seen this movie? Can you give me the name please.

I'm looking for a movie that I can't remember the name of, the description of what I can remember will be in the main part of this question.

You’re talking about the British film “5 MILLION YEARS TO EARTH” (1967) — the original title in the UK was “QUATERMASS AND THE PIT” and “THE MIND-BENDERS”.According to IMDB.COM: “While digging a new subway line in London, a construction crew discovers first: a skeleton, then what they think is an old World War II German missile. Upon closer examination the "missile" appears to be not of this earth! This movie examines the age old question of how we came to be on this planet.”Here’s the trailer:It is a very good (and very frightening) movie for it’s time, and it’s available on Amazon in multiple

I am looking for a certain film . Can you help me?

beneath the Planet of the Apes?