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What is the average cost of a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese?

The price of a party at Chuck E. Cheese can really vary, depending on how many kids are at the party and which package you choose.Chuck E. Cheese offers 3 different party packages[1] - currently priced at: Star ($15.99 per child), Super Star ($20.99 per child), and Mega Super Star ($25.99). As you can see, that’s already a $10 per child difference between choosing the basic package and the deluxe package.All packages come with pizza, unlimited drink refills, a party host, email invites, and a ticket blast for the birthday boy or girl. Upgraded packages come with perks like extra tickets, Dippin’ Dots ice cream, and a pinata full of tokens and tickets.Let’s say you’re hosting a party for 10 children and you opt for the middle package, Super Star. Before tax, you’d be looking at $209.90. The same package for 5 children would run you $104.95.Feeling thrifty? Choose the Star package and host 5 children. Your total would be about $79.95. Feeling extravagant? Take your child’s whole class of 30 children out for a Mega Super Star party, costing about $779.70.The point is, you can make a party at Chuck E. Cheese pretty darn pricey or have fun on a budget. For more inspiration and information, see how these moms hosted their own parties at Chuck E. Cheese:Secret to the Best Chuck E. Cheese's Birthday Party - About A MomTips for Planning a Chuck E. Cheese Birthday PartyFootnotes[1] What's Included

Is Dallas Texas a good place to live?

The Dallas-Fort Worth area is quite sprawled. If you are set on the Dallas area and its environs, I agree the northern 'burbs have better schools and better housing choices, however, if you are into "urban pioneering" there are some gentrifying places in Oak Cliff, in the Deep Ellum area (East Dallas). I also agree that you will likely want to minimize you driving commute. Like many large urban areas, traffic can be bad, however, despite its flaws, DFW has done a better job keeping up with growth than many places I have seen.

If you are willing to stretch a bit look over towards Fort Worth. Many people look up the city size of Dallas and say, "hmm, 1.3 million, big enough, but not too big" then they are shocked to find out the DFW area is about 6.7 million and growing. Some of the suburbs between Dallas and Fort Worth are nice older suburbs--older in Texas means more than 25 years old (Arlington, Mansfield, North Richland Hills, parts of Hurst, Euless, or Bedford) and the northern suburbs of Fort worth going towards Denton area also nice and newer. Schools in the suburbs are generally better. Arlington and Mansfield are middle and upper middle income, mostly, but are also quite diverse ethnically and culturally (Asian, Anglo, Latino, African American, etc). People are usually friendly and accepting of newcomers as many are transplants themselves from other parts of the US or the world. Summers often get over 100 degrees, but almost everything has air conditioning. Winter yo-yos with 60 degrees one day followed by a "blue norther" which can dive temperatures into the upper 20s only to warm up in a day or two to 60 again. It is warm and humid in the Spring when the warm moist air blows in off the Gulf of Mexico--and collides with the colder drier air off the Rockies and that's when we get tornadoes and major thunderstorms, then about May, it shifts to the southwest and you get the hot dry air off the Mexican plateaus (that's when it hits 100+).

Cost of living is comparable to Kansas City or Denver, not expensive, but its not Mississippi either. Kids vary and most are nice. You have the usual groups kids cluster into as you will find anywhere, not much on the gang front in the 'burbs. Hope that helps.

What area of Fort Worth Tx. is known for drugs and prostitution?

Whatever...then stay away from " Stop 6 ", Ramey, Miller and Berry St. If you need a place stay in the Ft. Worth area, I would suggest staying in the downtown area around Sundance Square or if you need something a little more economical try the outlying suburban areas like North Richland Hills, Hurst,or Bedford.