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What is NEAT and how can it help me with my goal of losing weight?

Non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT) is one of the four factors that contribute to energy expenditure.NEAT refers to energy expended from walking to work, gardening, housework, undertaking agricultural tasks, typing and even fidgeting. NEAT excludes sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise.Agricultural and manual workers have high NEAT but many of us that work in offices have low NEAT. Reducing sedentary time e.g. walking instead of driving when possible is a good way of increasing NEAT.A calorie deficit is the key to losing weight. So increasing energy expenditure through NEAT can help weight loss.

Need help losing weight. Goal is going from 130-115?

I currently weight 130 and I would like to weigh 115.

What should I do to lose these 15 pounds fast? I know eat healthy and exercise but any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thankss

Can using a fitbit help you lose weight?

Yes, only if you actually use it. What I mean by that is that I had my fitbit charge hr for over a year. I wore it everday.  But I still walked how much I was walking before making only 2000-3000 on my busiest days and barely 500 steps on my off days. Just from January I have actively started using it. I have decided to walk 5 million steps in 2016. So I walk almost 14000 steps a day. On my off days, I go to park to walk more. At school, I take stairs instead of elevators to increase my step counts. I have not seen change in weight yet, but I do notice positive change in my health. I do not get out of breath while walking third flight of stairs. I do not feel bloated after each meal. I sleep so much better. I wake up early morning without feeling grumpy. In my opinion, I have not started losing weight yet is because I have not monitored my food yet. I still eat food at weird times and more than enough amount.  So fitbit does help you achieve your goal of being healthy and eventually losing weight if consumed healthy food and exercise regularly. It is all about calories in and calories out for losing weight.

Does drinking boost help you lose weight?

Heavens no! Boost is loaded with calories. My grandmother drank it to keep her weight up and for the vitamins because she wasn't eating like she should. If you don't want to gain weight don't drink it.

Will dancing help me lose weight?

So I want to lose weight. My goal is to lose about 25 pounds by the end of this year. If I can lose it all before, then that's even better.
I was wondering if dancing will help me lose weight. I danced last night for 30 minutes, and let me tell you that I was SWEATING. I'm not even fat. The number on the scale says that I am, but when you look at me, you'll be shocked.
Anyways, back to the question. Do you think that I can lose weight from dancing? Any suggestions on things I can do to help lose weight, but still keep my womanly figure and not lose my curves and look like a man?

Will weight lifting help me lose weight?

So I reached my goal of losing 45 lbs! I still am a little chubby on my belly. Im wondering if weight lifting well help me lose that? Working on chest, abs, arms, legs. I know I cant lose weight in one specific spot. Should I do more running? It did help me alot. But now Im at that point where its hard to lose more weight

Does counting calories help you lose weight?

Ive been seeing this app called tracker and it basically takes your gender, height, weight and age and it gives you a calorie number to consume daily and if you stick with the number of calories you will basically lose weight. i am 200 and my goal is to reach 150, my desire is to burn a pound every week so i count it and they said i have to consume like 1500 a day. does this make you lose weight by taking the enough calories just to function?????

I need to lose weight, help me please?

Hello there. I appreciate any suggestions you have. Is cardio the best way to lose fat in the thighs/hips? I have cleaned up my diet well. I am 5'5", 130 lbs, pear shaped. my goal is to slim down the thighs and bulk up my arms and shoulders. I have a very thin waist. my plan now is the plan's weight training 3 days with cardio the other 4 days. Usually do treadmill 20 min workout with 4 intervals of this: 2 min 15 inlcine/3.0 pace, 2 min running 5.0 pace, then walk for a min. Also I have read reviews on journals and the medical sites that this Naturalis thigh slimming treatment is a workable product . Does any one know where to buy this product from stores in New York ?