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Lost My Receipt Somehow

Can you return something to Walmart without a receipt?

Yes. These are called no-receipt refunds. To process these you must present a valid ID. You can only process three no-receipts in six months. Many people attempt to go to a different Walmart to get around this but the systems are connected in that regard. There are many instances where customers will even bring in family members to skate around this process. It works temporarily until that family member has to do a legitimate return of their own.The best way to prevent this is to download the Walmart app. This app is amazing. It allows you to skip the line, send money, pick up prescriptions. pay for your selections and it records all of your receipts. You don’t have to worry about losing your receipt again. I still have some from 2015.Avoid the headache. Download the app. Thanks.

HELP. I lost my receipt for my order. What do I do?

I ordered a hat at Lids(store) and I lost the receipt (Somehow)! I got the gift card they gave me and I have the email they sent me. However, I lost the receipt. I am afraid that I'll not be able to get my order because it ships to the store. Then, they'll give me a call saying it has arrived and I go there to pick it up. Does it matter if I have it or not? Can I just print out the e-mail? What if they don't believe it's me or they can't give me the hat without the receipt? I already paid for it and everything too!

How do I get a lost Walmart receipt?

Visit to the Walmart store where you had a purchase your items.Go to customer service desk and speak with store manager. Only the manager will help you in reprinting your receipt.Explain the valid reason for wanting a copy of a receipt.You need to know exact date on which you had purchased your item. If you used a credit card to make the purchase, the manager can retrieve your receipt using the card owner's name and the last four digits of the card number.

I lost an in-store Walmart receipt. How do I get a copy?

It depends. If you paid in cash, they have no way of looking up the transaction number. However, if you paid with a debit or credit card, you might have better luck.If you are sure that you paid with a card, then the first thing you need to do is try your best to remember the date and time that you made the purchase. The more accurate you are, the easier it will be for them to find your info quickly. You’ll also need your credit/debit card number.Second step, go to the store that you made the purchase at. (Too often, customers go into any Walmart thinking that the employees can pull up information from another store’s database. That is not the case at all). Ask to speak to a CSM (customer service manager). They run the front-end of the store. Kindly explain that you need your receipt and ask them if they can take a few minutes to help you out. Remember, being polite and patient can do wonders in any retail situation.Third step, let them work their magic. If you’re lucky and the information you provided was accurate enough, you should shortly be the proud owner of a copy of your receipt. Thank the associate, and enjoy the rest of your day!(Helpful tip- if you download the Walmart app, you can scan the QR code at the bottom of your receipts and it will automatically save it for you in the app under “Purchase History”. It’s one of the most time-saving features of the app, in my opinion.)

What happens if you lose the receipt for a money order?

You're pretty much S.O.L.Most places only keep records by the numbers on the stubs -- you're the ONLY one who knows who you made them out to. Even if they were postal money orders, the post office has NO way to trace what happened to the money order without the numbers of the "stub".

This is why you should ALWAYS get a receipt FROM the landlord if you're not paying with a personal check.

P.S. It is EXTREMELY hard to understand how you could have gone an entire year without them saying they didn't get any rent from you at any time during that year. THREE MONTHS is the most amount of time most places start asking "where's the rent?" Something's weird here and I'd find a lawyer to start subpeoning bank records of that management company AND that building manager. You might be able to get legal aid in your area.

Returning something to macys but dont have receipt?

YES--But it depends. All Macy's merchandise is given a Customer Return Label (CRL) at checkout. Its a little bar code sticker that should be on your earrings. As long as you have that, you can return or exchange them for the purchase price for up to 180 days. You just cannot get cash back without an original receipt.

Hope this helps!

Does the post office keep a copy of my receipt?

An electronic copy of all the clerk’s transactions is kept for a period of time. It used to be 6 months, I am not sure how long now. A receipt search can be done, but it is time consuming, and a supervisor will probably not allow it, unless it is an important reason. You would have to know the day, amount of the transaction, clerk name and time of day to make it really easy.

I lost my learners permit but have receipt, can I use that to drive?

a receipt is not a license [or permit] go to dmv and get copy of permit

What do the Costco receipt checkers actually look for in your cart when you leave the store?

Costco is a “wholesale” retail shop. By selling in bulk, they are able to cut down on some operating costs - easier and faster restocking using forklifts, and minimal time per customer at the register - leading to fewer employees per sale dollars.Every single product is big enough and valuable enough, to the extent that counting products at the store exit makes sense economically. If a regular grocery store had people counting products at the exit, it would consume much more time per cart and yield much less value in identified thefts. At Costco, it actually makes sense because it takes about four seconds to verify a $200 worth of goods, opposed to (estimated) 20 seconds to verify $50 purchase at grocery stores.Costco receipts are designed for this job: receipt checkers look at a number on the receipt and then count items in the cart, verifying that they don’t exceed that number.At Costco, the damage of a single theft is higher on average because thieves would be able steal high-value items, many of which are “self-served” - unlike other stores that keep some high value items in locked boxes.When estimating the benefit of item counting at the exit, we shouldn’t look at the numbers of actual reported “shrink” (lost goods). It’s the amount of prevented shrink that is interesting here, and even former managers at Costco have no idea how much Costco would have lost through shoplifting if they didn’t have receipt checkers.One more angle here: counting items at the exit is the easiest way to hold cashiers accountable to items “lost” through their register. Without receipt verification, an employee would easily be able to plot (together with a partner) to steal high-value items from Costco by skipping a barcode scan. I bet that cashiers with higher loss rate get terminated one way or another.

Can the post office find my tracking number if I lost the receipt?

If you can provide some key information to the clerk and it's fairly recent, they may be able to get a duplicate receipt in the point of sale computer system. They would need the date and time you were at that location, along with how much you spent and who the clerk was that waited on you. Usually, with that information, the supervisor or lead clerk can look up the information. It can be quite time consuming and the employee is going above and beyond to try and help you. They are not obligated to do this so, depending on how busy the office is, you may have to wait a bit before they are able to help you. Being courteous and thankful for their time goes a long way. Making demands or telling the employee they HAVE to do this will surely get you nowhere, after all, it's the customer's responsibility to hold on to the receipt, which is given to every customer on every transaction.