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Lumia 930 Successor Planned For Late 2014/early 2015

Whats better, IPhone 4s VS Nokia Lumia 930?

I have an Iphone 4S that I got maybe 2 years ago. It works fine, its a little slow, but I still enjoy it. I have a few apps like some Photo Editing apps, but mainly I use Instagram, Funny Pics, C&H, and Netflix. Are all these apps avaliable on the Windows phone? I also want a windows phone because I can easily hook up to my XB1 and PC, the better battery and camera, and also because I am sick of the over simplicifation of IOS. Sorry if this is to long, and I will give the best answer to the person with the most points as to why I should stick with my Iphone or get a Nokia Lumia 930. Thanks,


What age range is early 20's, mid 20's and late 20's?

I would say:
Early 20s is 20-24
Mid is 25(that's the center, duh...possibly extending to 26)
late 20s 27-29....same for the 30s

Is age 34 considered "early 30s" or "mid 30s"?

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I have never viewed cocktails in that way. It seems a stunted and intolerant view of drinking and perhaps life. Although I may have similar views on beer. I feel anybody that can only drink heavy beers has a weak palate for not being able to taste and enjoy the subtle qualities of lighter styles, but that's me. "Actually, drinking whatever the hell you want and not caring what others think is more manly than avoiding something you like because you're scared of being judged by others." Perfectly put. It may be that only *certain* cocktails are considered feminine because more women drink them then do men.

The causes of urbanization in the late 19th and early 20th did american cities change the period

the non-immigrants began to move out of the downtown, central city due to the influx of immigrants. this is how suburbs began, well not as we know them now, because they did not want the black, italians, polish, asians, etc way of life to become compromised individual "american family values", and well there is racism also. The cities changed in a way that outer lying areas were living areas, whereas the innercity was both little cities and work was there. the ppl who lived in the "suburan areas" would commute to the city for work. eventually there had to be a mass transit system because cities grew so large, both inner and outer, that a massive strain was put on each individual to get to work downtown.........hence business began to pop up in the outer area of the city.

Vale a pena comprar o nokia lumia 930?


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Sucesso e boa sorte!

LG G3 or Lumia Icon/930?

So, I've been given an opportunity to trade my LG G3 for a new Nokia Lumia Icon (930 here in Europe). The reason why I'm strongly considering to trade my LG G3 is because I haven't been perfectly happy with the phone despite the high-end specs, capabilities and so on, yet I'm not quite convinced I should give up on it so easily.

I've been using the G3 for the last couple of days now and I can't really say that my expectations have been met. The only positive thing coming to my mind right now is the Quad-HD resolution which admittedly is great in its own way, but thanks to lack of proper brightness and slightly yellow-ish color reproduction, the screen is far from optimal, let alone perfect. Moreover, given the G3s flagship status, the performance leaves much to be desired, as it produces lag and frequent hiccups performing any tasks, really. Fluidity and responsiveness are a big thing to me, yet unfortunately the G3 just doesn't seem to be able to deliver in that area as well, at least compared to my two last phones, the 5S and the Note 3. The G3 also tends to overheat and its battery life is mediocre, at best.

But is it a smart move to trade it for a Lumia Icon? I've watched countless reviews on both phones, yet I still can't be able to make up my mind. I just need that one deciding argument, the fatal blow - so to say - as to why is one phone better than the other.

What is your opinion on the subject? Would you trade the G3 for an Icon, and why/why not?

Thank you!

Nokia Lumia 920 won't turn on?

Do you know how many answers I wrote to this ALL rejected by "Legal"

What is worse is there is a lot of laughter coming from that department.

OK 1st thing 1st NOKIA phones occasionally if the % gets too low will CHARGE but the phone won't register the charge (ie 4 hours is enough time for the 920 to be FULLY charged****

You are NOT doing a soft reset if I had nits and was picking at them

A SOFT RESET [SR] is a battery pull you physically remove the battery for the phone for say two minutes return it and turn the phone on

That is the ONLY SR that works and if battery charge % is too low, 98.7654321% success

The too low % is whatever it is

As the 920 does NOT have a user replaceable battery you have to go to the Nokia centre for them to do it, and when done your phone may actually register a FULL charge

You can go a year without it happening then that fluke it happens, a reason why many always buy phones with a replaceable battery

If you charge at say 30% it never happens

RE "i don't always ask questions in yahoo but when i do it's impossible to answer."

NO I guess you will be happy when your phone is fixed but next time give me material I can work with!

How do you find the retained earnings for December 31, 2014?

These items are taken from the financial statements of Donavan Co. at December 31, 2014.

Buildings $121,141
Accounts receivable 14,427
Prepaid insurance 3,664
Cash 13,557
Equipment 94,348
Land 70,074
Insurance expense 893
Depreciation expense 6,069
Interest expense 2,977
Common stock 68,700
Retained earnings (January 1, 2014) 45,800
Accumulated depreciation—buildings 52,212
Accounts payable 10,878
Notes payable 107,172
Accumulated depreciation—equipment 21,434
Interest payable 4,122
Service revenue 16,832

Prepare a classified balance sheet. Assume that $15,572 of the note payable will be paid in 2015. (List current assets in order of liquidity and property plant and equipment in order of land, buildings and equipment.)

Balance Sheet
December 31, 2014

Balance Sheet
December 31, 2014

I'm trying to prepare a balance sheet and i don't know what number to plug in for retained earnings for December 31, 2014 when they give you the retained earnings on January 1 , 2014?